In the future, artificial intelligence, industrial robots instead of doing it really

We now shop workers feel less and less, the huge workshop a glance in the past, can not see a person, but many devices, this is not meant substitutions came the era of robots? In fact, recruitment difficulties, a number of objective reasons for higher pay, many companies are slowly restructuring, automation equipment on the attempt, not only saving labor problems, improve efficiency, improve product quality in the automation robot stamping, welding, palletizing, handling , spray paint instead of doing so can do a lot of work. As early as 2014, China’s home appliance industry robot to replace the manual program is significantly accelerated. At last count, the United States and the six major air conditioner production base to start automated manufacturing upgrade the next five years will invest 5 billion yuan for the robot to replace the manual. Substitution effect robots have begun to appear. The United States is still an example: In 2011, the air-conditioned revenue of about 50 billion yuan, the amount of labor in more than 50,000 people; to 2014, air-conditioned revenue over 70 billion yuan, the amount of labor became 26,000 people. According to the US plan, air-conditioned 2018 revenue will reach 100 billion yuan, but the number of employees will be reduced to twenty thousand people. Inversely proportional to the amount of labor and revenue growth. In fact Control Engineering Copyright , mainstream Chinese home appliance enterprises have started robots alternative plan, but the intensity of some small progress fast or slow it. Chinese enterprises robots alternative plan under increased dramatically occurred in the context of labor costs. Farther back in 2007, the National Federation that is clearly requires employees to be simultaneously increased wages and business benefits; 2008, the Guangdong Provincial Labor and Social Security Department provides front-line workers the average wage level is not growing business operators shall not wage growth. In subsequent years, Chinese enterprises have a large area of ​​continued salary increase tide, to 2010 employees an average wage increase of nearly 100% compared to 2005. Not long ago, Li CPPCC Standing Committee, the Ministry of Information Industry and the former minister said in a speech Control Engineering Copyright , China’s manufacturing costs are significantly increased in recent years, not only higher than in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and other regions, has even reached 90% of the cost of US manufacturing, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta is 95% of the cost of US manufacturing, “there have been individual textile enterprises to set up factories in the United States, because the cost is lower than at home.” Chinese companies has long been proud of “low labor cost” advantage is lopsided. Quick mention labor costsLiter direct business to bring increased pressure to bear so many labor-intensive enterprises, have relocated or even bankruptcy. Only “world factory” in Dongguan, for example, in 2014 there are no less than 4,000 companies closed, becoming in 2008 the first Chinese manufacturing history after the second large-scale enterprise closures. Those who because of low labor costs in China and into the enterprise, which has become the most aggressive round of fleeing Chinese enterprises tide, which even many of them well-known international companies, such as Panasonic, Daikin, Sharp, TDK, are interested in the manufacturing base to move back to Japan, and even Nike Foxconn, Clarion, Samsung and other world-renowned companies are interested in the withdrawal of China. China’s National Bureau of Statistics Ma Jiantang said CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 2012 is the turning point of China’s demographic dividend, in 2012 after working-age population showed a gradual downward trend. In 2012 China’s GDP growth for the first time since 10 years dropped to below 8%, have some relevance to the inflection point of the population. We need to look at the depth of robots replace affect plans for the Chinese enterprises and the Chinese manufacturing may bring. The starting point of the program is to deal with rising labor costs, but then the Chinese manufacturing had a profound influence among unexpectedly. We know, in China the gap with the developed countries, is an important embodiment of the gap between the quality of labor. In 2011, the Hope Group chairman Liu Yongxing, said in flour processing industry, the efficiency of Chinese enterprises in Korea only 1 / 6-1 / 10. In fact Control Engineering Copyright , the gap between Chinese enterprises not only in labor efficiency, but also in terms of employee engagement and fine work such as the ability to adapt, Chinese workers lack most, probably artisan spirit. In the past, we used to see cheap Chinese labor side, intentionally or unintentionally ignored Chinese labor inefficiencies side. If cheap labor can not bring high efficiency of production, so cheap in fact it does not make sense, because you get cheap labor while paying a low labor efficiency, labor costs do not increase quality. In my opinion, Made in China has not changed the “quality and low-price” image in the international market, China’s overall low quality of labor and a great relationship. A typical argument is: at least as a bunch of parts, Japanese car assembly workers assembled out of Chinese workers out of the car than a longer life 3 years. Therefore, improving the quality of Chinese industrial workers, toTo enhance the key made in China. Robot production, in addition to the workers can reduce repetitive manual labor, the biggest benefit is conducive to the production process standardization. Notice, standardized production is considered the factors affecting the quality of products is the most critical factor. Still the automotive assembly, for example, a screw in the end should tighten a few laps? Japan has strict rules; but in China, twist a few laps twist to what extent, depends on the worker’s own feeling, almost feel it. The robot is not the case, twist a few laps? All up to the pre-set program. If all production processes are by uniform standards, the quality of the products produced will not be uneven, which is standardized production. And robots do not disgruntled, the production process is not influenced by emotional factors, to ensure the stability of quality. Therefore, a lot of upgrading China’s manufacturing program, the robot alternatives are considered to be the most practical and most effective programs. In fact Control Engineering Copyright , made in China have come to the time of transition in the past that extensive management, extensive road made for China as a developing country, is not suitable to the developing countries developed across China, made in China can not have been hovering at a low level. In the past a very long period of time , China is known as “the world’s manufacturing center,” but the “Center” largely “low-end manufacturing,” synonymous with a huge manufacturing capacity China did not contribute to a truly international business, international brand. US group chairman Fang Hongbo said that the gap between China and developed countries are not manufactured in narrowing but widening. When we see progress made in China, when manufacturing we should see faster progress in developed countries. China wants to become a manufacturing country in the true sense, the manufacture of power must be carried out to complete the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, it is the internationally accepted standard implementation of the production, the production of products with international competitiveness. To achieve this goal, it must be manufactured in China for radical change, only to international standards of production, in order to produce international standard products. Robot alternative plan provides us with such an opportunity. Therefore, the implementation plan of the robot, will be important to enhance the Made in China. Currently, popular in the Chinese business community robotic alternative plan can be considered as the initial stage of “Made in China 2025”, production automation in the full sense is not limited to robots to replace the manual, there is a deeperCarved content, such as the introduction of intelligent technology, information technology and automation combined with a depth, from the manufacturing process to achieve a comprehensive upgrade to the product itself in transition. “German industry 4.0” is considered to be the best template. The factory mainly produces not only the future of intelligent robots, and the production of the product itself is intelligent, robot into the large-scale Chinese enterprises is occurring at a time of surging intelligence products should not accidental. Still appliances, for example, the current mainstream of Chinese companies such as Haier, Midea, Changhong, have been released intelligent development strategy. Robot alternative plan , should stand under observation manufacturing background Great Transformation China, rather than see it as a one isolated incident. Facts have proven that cheap labor can not afford to support Made in China. China wants to become a manufacturing power to create power, must take the “high-tech, high-cost, high-quality, high-priced” “four high” line, “affordable” has always been a false lie, the fact that Apple has with repeatedly proved this conclusion. China for decades failed to create an international business, international brand in the true sense, enough to prove that we stick to low-cost, low-cost strategy is a failure. Robot alternative plan will help China to the world. It should be noted, does not mean that Chinese enterprises to introduce robots from international companies to keep pace with the fact Control Engineering Copyright , the robot program is only partially broken through the Chinese enterprises short board in the manufacturing sector, another major bottleneck still exists, and that is technology development. At present, Chinese enterprises in this regard there is no significant difference. And manufacturing can be achieved by buying different robot, R & D and technology can not be bought with money, Chinese ideas “with the market for technology” has already failed. Core technology, original technology, lack of key technologies, to become the biggest bottleneck of Chinese enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Still home appliance industry, for example, we all know that the future must be OLED TV in the world, the most important feature of this technology is the monitor can be achieved curl, fold, but Chinese enterprises technological accumulation in this area is very weak, and the gap between South Korea and Japan business in more than 10 years, even though we will all monitors (including TV) for robot manufacturing production, could not break through the core technology OLED short board, the reason is that too many absences our R & D Well, this is not their finest hour . Therefore, no matter how much we pay attention to the introduction of robots, allDo not forget to research and development and technology is the fundamental business. As for the introduction of large-scale robot will not cause your machine to compete with workers in their jobs? I think that’s for sure, however, this can not be an excuse for us to refuse robot. Employment of workers must be handled separately addressed. In fact Control Engineering Copyright , even in developed countries, there are cases where machines and people competing for their jobs. We can be optimistic forecast, with the implementation of robots alternative plan, the next three to five years, made in China will achieve a qualitative leap, more and more Chinese enterprises will grow into an international enterprise, more and more Chinese brands will grow into a world brand.

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