Industrial Development Outlook 2020 Internet

Looking to 2020, along with the industry tends to improve Internet platform, network, security and other supporting policies and industry policy system, dynamic platform Ecosystem is pregnant form, platform development will enter a more perfect environment for development, technological innovation and more active, platform more widely, enabling the industry effect is more prominent, regional collaboration more effective, more ecological environment quality new stage. But there are still no clear path to commercialization, promotion of large-scale difficulties of SMEs, industry information security weaknesses and other issues. In this situation, CCID think tank proposed focus on breakthroughs in core technology platform, platform solutions and foster typical application cases, systematic platform to promote the landing point to the surface, accelerate the construction of three suggestions prevention and control system and other security technology.
2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the effect of industrial policies to guide Internet platform emerge, and basically formed the central deployment, to promote local, all-round enterprise development pattern of response, application platform and innovation go go real deep “platform + new technology” innovation active application integration and accelerate the formation of the industry and the region enabling the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector increasingly prominent effect, vibrant industry ecosystem. Looking to 2020, the Internet platform to promote the construction of industrial applications and will continue to deepen, platform development will enter a more perfect environment for development, technological innovation is more active, more extensive application platform, enabling industry effect is more prominent, regional collaboration more effective, ecological environment more high-quality new stage. First, the basic judgment on the 2020 situation (a) From the development environment, the industrial development of the Internet platform will be policy-driven power steering voluntary corporate demand in 2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the Internet industry platform, network, security and other supporting policies and industry policy system, tend to improve the development of the Internet industry has become the consensus of leading enterprises reshape industrial competitiveness, promote the transformation and upgrading. Haier, Ali, for example, Haier COSMOPlat based platform to build more than 170 professional solutions including industrial networking solutions, big data solutions, edge layer solutions, intelligent manufacturing solutions, industrial solutions, including security, enabling agriculture, car, machinery, building ceramics and other industries ecology. Ali by creating “1 + N” IndustrialInternet platform system, relying on Ali’s brand value and service and technical advantages aggregation service more than 100 small and medium information technology service providers, large enterprises and data information innovation engineering services company to achieve industrial APP-stop cloud development, hosting, integration, operation and maintenance and transactions.
Looking to 2020, the company will “bottom-up” Internet platform to promote the construction and promotion of industrial, construction of regional, industry, business sub-platform, focusing protocol conversion for different clients, edge computing, industrial mechanistic models, digital production line twins and other key technology platform, forming a more valuable industry solutions, promote the industry to accelerate internet platform floor in place. (B) From a technical innovation of view, a new generation of information technology will accelerate the integration of 2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, block chain, a new generation of information technology and industrial technology platform for Internet matures, continuing to lead the development of manufacturing enterprises and enterprise information technology to develop new space, the emergence of more “new technology platform +” innovative solutions. Such as Foxconn, Commercial Aircraft, engines, etc. through purple clouds “platform + 5G” converged applications to achieve high reliability, low latency, high-throughput data integration, gave birth to a remote motion control, full-scene operational excellence, intelligent data logging modes. China Telecom, Hangzhou Steam Turbine and other exploration Combining the “Platform + 4K / 8K high-definition video,” high precision, isomerization, image and video data analysis, gave birth to intelligent product testing, equipment ROMS and other models; Commercial Aircraft Company, Huawei , ZTE, Haier through “platform + VR / AR” converged applications quickly generate three-dimensional images and analysis that gave birth to remote secondary diagnosis, industrial design, implement multiple types of collaboration modes.
Looking to 2020, the integration of information technology and industrial development of the next generation Internet platform from simple to complex, from a single focal point to all sorts of new models derive more new formats, to achieve the application of innovation, accelerate the integration of innovative applications floor, the depth of integration to promote a new generation of information technology and manufacturing. (C) the application from the platform of a settlement system for a specific scene program will accelerate the emergence of 2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the Internet platform industrial chain atlas more complete, industrial innovation platform continued to be active in each rowThe depth and breadth of industry applications has been increasing. In the electronics industry, China Electronics launched the “CLP cloud network” platform to create the SMT industry collaboration cloud, digital retail cloud, to develop new industrial electricity providers integrated solutions. In the machinery industry, Zoomlion focus on the cloud platform engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and other products, to create intelligent life cycle service model Cloud Valley industrial equipment based on the Internet. In the industrial sector Control Engineering Copyright , and build industrial HiaCloud Internet platform Belgium, the underlying protocol analysis and data conversion device based on the launch for chemical, textile, energy, home appliances and other industry solutions. In the automotive industry, Beiqi new energy to create a “Beiqi cloud” Beijing, Tianjin and industry collaboration platform for the Internet industry, the formation of car customization, quality big data analysis, vehicle networking solutions.
Looking to 2020, the overall development of the industry will be more pragmatic, more industry resources to accelerate the industry into the Internet field, the platform will focus on industry business pain point problem, technological breakthroughs, the actual model innovation and industrial demand combined with the emergence of form for more particular scene, the industry has a greater value solutions. (Iv) from industrial empowerment, the traditional industries based on the pace of the digital transformation of platform will further accelerate in 2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , with further promote the development strategy of the industrial Internet innovation platform enabling levels significantly upgrade, be an entry point to promote the digital transformation of enterprise, manufacturing ecosystem-based platforms are maturing. Since the industry of Internet innovation and development of the project implementation, the overall progress of the project well, with remarkable results, “to measure and Construction by belt construction” is expected to basically achieved, the platform core functionality, application level, ecological capacity improved significantly, focusing on platform average industrial equipment the number of connections reached 65 million units, industrial APP reaches 1950, the number of industrial breakthrough model 830, the number of active developers platform more than 3,800 people, spawned a number of new models in the petrochemical, machinery, steel, electronics, light industry and other fields of new formats , driven by significant industry restructuring and upgrading.
Looking to 2020, along with continued in-depth industry of Internet innovation and development project implementation, platform model innovation, industrial equipment cloud capabilities, digital management, testing testing capabilities and key areas of public service capacity will be increased dramatically , promote the formation of a multi-level platform development system to accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and new technologies and new industries to cultivate new format. (E) From the regional collaboration, application experience center will become an important carrier to lead the industrial layout of the Internet industry in 2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , government-enterprise cooperation in the field of industrial internet platform for regional collaboration, the deepening of industrial agglomeration , Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang and other areas to play a first-mover advantage, and strengthen collaboration between supply and demand, the first internet platform to cultivate industrial group with strong industry influence and social recognition of degrees. With the integrated development of the Internet industry demonstration zone Yangtze River Delta to accelerate the construction of inter-provincial city of industrial application mode of the cluster began to emerge, the formation of regional economic, industrial Internet platform to promote the landing path and under massive economic model. From the regional collaboration, it has been initially formed to gather solutions provider featuring Beijing, with industrial chain collaboration featuring Guangdong, convert kinetic energy to the old and the new features of Shandong to promote the use of massive economic features of the Yangtze River Delta regional development pattern to inject new impetus to regional economic development and industrial restructuring and upgrading.
Looking to 2020, along with promoting the construction of Beijing, Qingdao, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places of industrial application of innovative Internet platform experience center, the gathering will be the cross-cutting all kinds of cross-industry, industry-specific solutions for specific scenarios and other platforms supply and demand docking, the results of the promotion of public service platform, forming a synergistic interaction effect, stimulating regional clustering industries and key industry as a whole improved. (F) the ecological construction Look, Coe gold production service system for industrial internet platform will be further upgraded in 2019 to actively explore CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , industry, technology, finance and other parties and practicing Industry and Finance Cooperation. In terms of production and finance docking exchange, industry forums to promote the Internet industry and finance, the Combination Internet industry seminars were held in February and August, the general trend of economic development of the Internet industry faced with funding from political parties to research participants around, investment opportunities and the integration mode of production conducted in-depth exchanges and related platforms companies and investment institutions docking. In the industry, sending a cloud technology to complete a new round of financing, complete interconnected roots B round of financing 500 million yuan, the highest-Technology completion of ten million yuan A round of financingCapital, the value of the Internet in the field of industrial investment activity more active. Meanwhile, the platform enterprises to actively explore the Combination of new model to promote sustainable innovation platform business model, the new model features a subscription form, financial services, such as UF technology to provide platform, versatile functionality subscription to nearly 500,000 SMEs service and profit, Changzhou Tengen innovation “credit model of productivity,” lease-based financing platform, the risk of early warning, customer calibration and other services to help more than 2,000 enterprise customers get credit 3 billion, the actual lending more than 2.2 billion.
Looking to 2020, the department of industrial gold production environment for the Internet platform will continues to improve. With the arrival of the Combination implementation of the policy, financial docking platform to build more productive form, industrial development, technological innovation, financial services ecosystem even more perfect, the capital market for industrial internet platform as the representative of advanced manufacturing enterprises will be formed more long-term value investment, production and finance the formation of benign development pattern promoted by the junction. Second, several issues (a) need to focus on the commercialization of industrial internet platform current path is not clear, China’s industrial internet platform is still in its infancy, the higher the cost of R & D investment platform, the platform is still in the promotion of business applications and vertical industry the exploratory stage, complementary advantages, collaborative platform for the development of industrial ecology needs improvement. At the same time, industry statistical figures also reflect the lack of effective industrial value of the Internet economy era of innovative statistical methods can not accurately count the platform input and output efficiency, hindering the cultivation of innovative solutions, promotion and popularization. (B) solutions in scale compared with the traditional difficulties of SMEs to promote consumer Internet, the Internet industry platform solutions involving a large number of digital transformation in the process of landing, the secondary development and system integration work, promote enterprise difficulty and cost more than expected. Among digital pilot construction of industrial enterprises, for example, the entire construction period probably need to continue 1–2 years or more, and for a large number of small and medium enterprises can only achieve partial reform, comprehensive Internet solutions for industrial application and popularization of the task is arduous. (C) the information security industry is weak control platform applications with the rapid development of the Internet industry, manufacturing environments to open, cross-domain, the Internet CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , industry information security issues become increasingly prominent. Due to the current industrial internet platform is indeed in the data propertyRecognition, trading, protection, etc., cross-border transfer of standards or specifications are not perfect, industrial tools and information security mechanism is not perfect, leading companies generally for the industry after the loss of data in the cloud data assets, there is a risk of data security concerns urgent need to improve the relevant security system platform to ensure healthy and sustainable development. III Suggestions to be taken (a) consolidate the transition manufacturing base digitize and make breakthroughs in industrial internet platform of nuclear technology relies on industry of Internet innovation and development strategy, and make breakthroughs in industrial mechanistic models, algorithms, information about the physical systems and other key technology and core products, advanced digital twin layout, design and simulation of cloud operations management software, and support for the open source community building platform, lifting platform for the development of safe and reliable capacity. Play together with political research, strengthen the key core technology research breakthroughs. Promote industrial Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and manufacturing depth of integration and deepening aspects of production, management, marketing services and other digital applications, speed up the transformation of traditional industries digitization process. (B) to strengthen standards leading role model, platform solutions and foster a number of typical cases should strengthen the leading role model, the implementation of a larger, deeper platform demonstration, around the “platform + 5G”, “platform + block chain” and other new technology convergence trend, the selection of a number of innovative solutions and applications platform benchmark. Ongoing performance evaluation platform, and constantly improve the platform development index evaluation framework, and enhance value-oriented platform applications, enabling digital release economic platform. Continuing to promote the application of innovative Internet platform for building a number of industrial centers, and industry resources integration and innovation needs of local industry Internet platform, a platform for the supply and demand docking solutions, results of the promotion of public service platform to build industry platform enabling the development of eco-system. (C) focusing massive economic and ribbon regional economy, systemic promote industrial Internet platform from point to plane landing area to the overall development strategy is based on efforts to promote the Internet industry extends to more verticals city, actively promote the innovation and development of the Internet industry Beijing, Tianjin and integration strategy and co-ordinate the implementation of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay area, revitalizing northeast old industrial base, the western region development strategy, “along the way” cooperation initiative, to create a platform for internet applications industrial pilot demonstration area to accelerate the platform from the point and the line to the popularity of the application surface, driven by the development of regional industrial collaboration. Internet ecosystem to promote the establishment of industrial development fund to encourage social capital to participate in the construction of industrial internet platformTo promote the Combination of innovation and development. (D) build a strong information security industry base, accelerate development of national, local, three-level security technology companies to develop prevention and control system industry data security standards, the development of the Internet industry large data hierarchical classification, industry APP management, industrial internet platform evaluation and other key criteria, about the various aspects of platform data collection, storage, transmission, sharing, clearly differentiated security mechanisms and policies. Construction of industrial large Internet data centers, the establishment of central and local governments, industries and enterprises multi-level data management system, to break the silos and data infrastructure bundle. Strengthen safety monitoring and early warning capabilities of the platform, to build national, local, enterprise collaborative linkage situational multi-level network-aware to realize the important and critical platform access equipment, control systems, real-time monitoring operational risk data, perceived edge layer, IaaS layer, PaaS SaaS security status layer and layer, etc., and effectively enhance the security level of industrial internet platform.

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