Industrial robots in the world’s major economies policies

US industrial robots, the US focus on the dexterous operation, key technical model of integration, unstructured environment awareness, education and training, based on man-machine collaboration. In the special robots, as the world’s military power, the United States attaches great importance to national defense and military fields, and vigorously promote the development of national defense and military robotics special robots. In addition, health care, space robotics is also a major US research. 2011: “National Robotics Initiative” aims to establish the United States in the next generation of robot technology and application development leadership that side, help US manufacturing return. 2013: “The US Robotics Roadmap: from the Internet to the robot,” stressed the important role of robotics in the US manufacturing sector and the health care field, depicting the robot technology in the creation of new markets, new jobs and improve the potential of people’s lives. 2017: “National Robotics Initiative 2.0” The goal of the program is to support basic research, the United States to speed up the process in a collaborative robot development and practical applications. EU EU industrial robot development level, starting with the Industrial Revolution, has been a global leader. From the early pipeline operations-oriented, such as automobile manufacturing and parts manufacturing processing and other fields, to develop flexibility and customization direction. In 2014, the EU launched the world’s largest civilian robot project, 2020 will invest 2.8 billion euros , to promote industrial robot development of key technologies, which will help enhance the competitiveness of European industry intelligence. By 2016, the EU “Horizon 2020” project announced in the field of robotics will fund 21 new projects, mainly related to the field of medical care, transportation, logistics, construction, enhance competitiveness and leading position in robotics. 2014: “Civil robot project” The plan is currently the world’s largest civilian robot research and development program to 2020 will invest 2.8 billion euros , and plug in the new order to enhance the competitiveness of European industry wings. 2016: “” Horizon 2020 “robot project” in the field of robotics will fund 21 new projects for the development and application of major industrial robots and service robots , a total investment of nearly 100 million euro implementation period 2-5 years.Japan is known as the Kingdom of the robot, either from industrial or civil point of view, the Japanese are on the robot, there is a frenzy even blind worship , its industrial robot industry with the European and American industry robot keep pace. Japan’s electronics industry highly developed country, robotics equally bad, key components such as field sensors, numerical control systems. But Japanese robots are still not widely applications, lack of innovation capacity and other issues. Therefore, Control Engineering Copyright , Japan issued a “White Paper Robot”, “robot new strategy” and other policies, robot and IT technology, big data and artificial intelligence technology for deep integration, promoting the manufacture of robots integration in the field of industry, services, health care, public construction innovation. 2014: “Robot White Paper” summarizes the robot developed foreword science and technology, discussed the future use of robots, popular. To solve the major issue of aging society, the government will vigorously promote the use of robotics. 2015: “Robot new strategy,” the three core objectives, namely: to create the world robot innovation base, a five-year strategic goal of a world’s first robotic applications countries, into the world’s leading new era of robots, and. Overall, South Korea, South Korean robot technology there is a big gap with the United States, Japan and other leading countries. Late due to early development, the South Korean government is now vigorously promoting the hope that make up a little regret. South Korea currently robotics industry is mainly concentrated in the 3C industry, especially in the field of electronic components. 2014: “second intelligent robot action plan” clearly requires 2018 GDP Korea robot to reach 20 trillion won, exports of $ 7 billion, accounting for 20% of global market share in advance, “the three ranks of world powers robot” . 2017: “Robot Basic Act” aims to identify robot-related ethics and responsibility principles, to deal with social changes brought about robots and robotics technology development, promote the establishment of robots and robotics systems. China attaches great importance to the robotics industry has been our government’s CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , China promulgated a number of national policy to support the development of the field. Intelligent upgrading China’s manufacturing industry demand, market space for the development of industrial robotsGreat, now the world’s largest industrial robot application market, but our level in this area is much lower than the US and European countries, thus maintaining the rapid growth of the industrial robot is an important development goal of China’s robot industry. 2013: “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the industrial development of industrial robots” to break a number of key parts and components manufacturing technology and core technology to enhance the reliability and stability index mainstream products, and promote large-scale demonstration and application of industrial robots in the important areas of industrial manufacturing 2020, to form a relatively complete industrial system of industrial robots. 2016: “Robot Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)” and strive to five years, a relatively sound industrial robot system, technological innovation capability and international competitiveness significantly enhanced product performance and quality has reached international level, key components made significant breakthrough, basically meet the market demand.

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