Industry 4.0 full-blown! In 2020 3C electronics, automotive, medical …… which is the trend?

Great Change of the industrial age – VS Chi-made manufactured from the mid 1760s to 20 since the 1940s and 1950s, China has experienced mechanization, electrification and automation of the three technology revolution, these three technology revolution has made our industry has been rapid development, further It achieved a major breakthrough in atomic energy, computer, microelectronics, aerospace technology, molecular biology and genetic engineering. Now, with the influx of intelligent plant, intelligent production, human-computer interaction, cloud computing, big data revolution, mobile Internet, networking and other new words, China is gradually from manufacturing toward intelligent automation of production, from the traditional “manufacturing “to” wisdom made “transformation and upgrading, the establishment of the world’s most complete industrial system, greatly enhance the production capacity, output of major products leapt to the forefront of the world, continue to enhance the international competitiveness of the export trade for many years to create the world’s first scale, industrial structure gradually optimization, technology and innovation capacity steadily to become the world’s largest industrial countries. 2019 Central Economic Work Conference of the seven key tasks to promote the development of high quality ranked first in the manufacturing sector. At the same time, the government work report also suggested that the development of high quality around the manufacturing sector, strengthen the industrial base and technological innovation capacity, accelerate the construction of manufacturing power. Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei also in the “Seeking Truth” wrote that the manufacturing industry is the main body of the real economy, the development of high-quality manufacturing relationship to the global high-quality economic development [123 ], it must be placed in a more prominent position. Changes in the industrial age, marking the technology and economy of the Great Leap Forward. Traditional manufacturing, far from the truth! Intelligent Manufacturing is a general trend, it will become the mainstream trend! Industry Trends VS laser [Business reported net]: the laser is the core component of the laser equipment, and downstream applications of laser equipment is very extensive, involving electronic information, equipment manufacturing, communications, transportation equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, oil pipeline , additive manufacturing, and many other important industries. Laser technology is a key technology to support the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, therefore the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the development of laser industry. At present, China’s laser industry has been formed to Beijing, Jiangsu, Hubei, Guangdong, Shanghai and other economically developed provinces as the main central China, the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta and the four laser industries. Domestic market are used in industrial laser processing and optical communications market, both of which accounted for nearlySeventy percent of the market space. Moreover, since the laser field with seven strategic emerging industries closely related, is itself an important emerging industries of strategic high-end equipment manufacturing industry, policy support industries. [Metal Working Network: With the development of laser technology, market applications continue to broaden, the global market size in the past two years to maintain rapid growth to market size in 2017 reached $ 11.33 billion, an increase of 8.9%. Laser driving force of growth in demand in 2017 the market size of laser material processing and mainly from the field of communications sustained release. [World] concept of research: In terms of industry, the semiconductor laser market in 2017 with the industry reached 6.9 billion, accounting for only about 19% of all semiconductor laser market, although the proportion is not high, but in 2017 its growth contribution incremental industrial lasers. [China Lighting Network]: the central processor is similar to the core of the computer industry, the laser is the core of the laser industry. In recent years, due to the rapid expansion of maturing and application of advanced laser, the laser especially an industrial fiber laser market is rapidly growing. From the global market in 2011, the global laser market size of $ 7.57 billion, growth of about 7%; industry about $ 2.5 billion with a laser scale, growth of about 12%. Fiber laser market size of about $ 600 million, mainly for industrial areas, growth of nearly 50%, far higher than the growth rate of other lasers. According to Reddy Anse predicts that over the next 10 fine only for the ultrashort pulse laser micromachining equipment and related services to more than $ 100 billion market. [China] Industry Information: 2017, global industrial laser market size of over 40 billion US dollars, an increase of 25 percent, the market size of fiber lasers reach 20 billion US dollars, an increase of over 20%, high-power laser equipment usher in rapid development stage. LFWC point of view: the Central Economic Work Conference clearly pointed out that China’s economic development has entered a new normal, new normal understanding, to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal is the current and future development of China’s great economic logic period. Industry is the main foundation of our economy, but also to promote the main battlefield of China’s economic development system efficiency upgrades. Laser technology is widely used in high-end manufacturing, information and communications, biotechnology and healthcare industries and military industry, national defense and security, is one of the key strategic areas of the world of high-tech competition. OneQuality, brand, innovation capacity of the national manufacturing sector, often concentrated expression of national core competitiveness of the manufacturing sector. Progress of Manufacturing in laser technology can not do without assistance, development of laser technology makes the overall strength of the country has achieved rapid rise. Who will become the mainstream in 2020? 4.0 full-blown industry, and promote the rapid development of laser-related industries. Laser technology as a core area of ​​manufacture of an industrial drive power, will drive the manufacturing sector toward “faster, higher, better, faster” direction. [China] Industry Information: According to the data, laser materials processing worldwide revenue in 2017 was $ 5.166 billion related, accounting for 42% of the global laser revenues, beyond the field of communications as the largest laser applications. 2017, metal cutting and welding high-power laser technology applications accounted for 51% of the industrial laser applications market share. Due to long-term stable material processing demand, so the market size of high-power lasers still has more room to grow. From “traditional manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing” in recent years, China’s traditional manufacturing industry is in a transition phase to accelerate the outstanding advantages, the state vigorously promote the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, while the state-owned laser processing technology matures, laser processing in the industry gradually reflect, laser processing equipment industry to maintain rapid growth in market demand. Laser application in 3C electronics, medical, automotive, machinery manufacturing and other fields everywhere, then what will be the highlight of which applications for 2020 do? First look at a set of data: 01) 3C electronic information industry [China]: 2018 global technical consumer goods market, 3C products the fastest growing, a major contributor to global technical consumer goods market sales accounted for the overall technical consumer market 59.0 %. Among them, the highest sales of communications products, accounting for 44%, followed by large home appliances and consumer products, accounting for 17% and 15%. With the continuous expansion of China’s electricity supplier market size, China’s 3C products electricity supplier industry is constantly evolving electricity business turnover in 2013 was only 1.9 trillion yuan by 2018 to reach 9 trillion yuan, the cumulative increase of 373.9%. After ten years of rapid growth, China’s 3C industry now has a huge stock market. 2016 3C products market size of about 2.3 trillion yuan, the industry growth rate of about 7.1% in 2018, the market size has also been some increase. According to Chi Institute Consulting Group released”2016 – 2022 operational situation and development prospects of China 3C market analysis report,” 2020 China 3C products industry will reach about 4.21 trillion yuan, an annual growth rate between 11-14%, to 2022 3C products industry is expected to reach 5.47 trillion yuan, the growth rate is lower than the past five years. 02) medical and cosmetic [Network] International Metalworking: 2017, the global laser industry applications in laser material processing related market size reached 4.68 billion US dollars, accounting for 41.3% of global laser revenues, compared with 2016, an increase of 9.3 percentage points beyond the field of communications as the largest laser applications; beauty-related medical laser market size of $ 840 million
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , accounting for 7.4% of the global laser market; the development and use of relevant military laser the market size of $ 700 million, accounting for 6.2% of the global laser market; the size of other applications of $ 410 million. 03) Automotive recent years, although the pace of the global economic slowdown, but the world’s car production and sales still maintain steady growth, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. From the global market structure point of view, North America and the European Union is a major global automotive growth; Asia-Pacific, including the huge potential of China, India, ASEAN and other countries and regions, the future of the global auto increment will contribute 60% share. It is predicted that the next 5-10 years, the world’s automobile production and sales volume is expected to continue to grow, but the growth rate will gradually slow down. According to the World Metal Bulletin data show that in 2018, China’s automobile industry is facing a variety of internal and external pressures, including economic growth rate down, the domestic investment slowdown, rising house prices, lower consumer confidence, tightening environmental management, emission standards ahead of the implementation, the stock market downturn , rising oil prices, Sino-US trade friction. Conventional cars to maintain steady growth, but the growth rate decreased; and new energy vehicles are maintained rapid growth. According to the research results of the State Council Development Research Center, will experience low growth in demand for cars, high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed process, its growth stage is closely related to thousands of car ownership and per capita GDP. 2015 of per capita GDP 1990 the International Year of dollars to 16,284 yuan, has more than 16,000 yuan, currently thousands of car ownership of about 160, a comprehensive two indicators, China’s auto industry into the development of the low-speed range, the growth rateBetween 1-12%. 04) Machinery Manufacturing Business reported Reuters: According to the China Machinery Industry Federation statistics show that the first half of China’s industrial development machinery steadily, but the problem still exists and pressure. Preliminary estimated annual economic operation will be relatively stable, the industrial added value and strive to achieve around 6%, operating income, gross profit and import and export trade maintained moderate growth. This year CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , mechanical industrial added value growth rate fluctuations, by the beginning of 1 – 2% in February rose to 6.3% in the first quarter, fell back to 4.2% in the first half. Not only lower than the same period of last year 4.2 percentage points lower than the national average level of industrial and manufacturing over the same period. 2019 production machinery industry continued to weaken the main product, from January to June 120 kinds of products mainly focus on monitoring the machinery industry, production increased only 48 kinds of products, accounting for 40%; decline of production up 72 kinds of products, accounting for 60%. From the trend, the number of mechanical product output growth continued to decline since the first half, the proportion fell from 44% at the beginning of the year to 40 per cent; and to achieve the growth rate of output growth products also showed the trend of decline. By comparison 3C electronic data growth: in 2022 the growth rate of less than 3C products in the past five years. Health & Beauty: laser market size of $ 840 million CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , accounting for 7.4% of the global laser market. Automotive: Global car production and sales still maintained steady growth slowdown, but the rapid growth of new energy vehicles. Machinery manufacturing: production machinery industry in 2019 major products continued to weaken, the trend, the yield achieved since the first half growth in the number of mechanical products continued to decrease, the proportion fell from 44% at the beginning of the year to 40%; and the yield achieved the growth rate of the growth products also showed the trend of decline. …… .. So, in 2020 exactly what kind of applications will be the main market develop? Conclusion According to the “Laser World” magazine relevant market report shows that in 2018, material processing and laser lithography market continues to dominate the sales , communications and data storage markets followed, then It is the instrumentation, medical display market and the market. Material processing byFrom external threats to tariffs and macroeconomic challenges, the needs of the communications market, along with the continued demand for bandwidth and the surge. In materials processing and lithography market, industrial laser market size in 2018 of about $ 5.0 billion, a slight increase of 2% compared with 2017 to $ 4.9 billion. 2019 ILS expect industrial lasers as a whole will exhibit digit growth, high-power laser applications macro-processing field, as well as marking applications of moderate growth will offset flat panel processing anticipation of downsizing caused by microscopic market increase. In communication with the optical storage market, the use of communications and optical storage sales dropped by laser in 2018 to $ 3.82 billion , and in 2017 was increased to a peak of $ 4.15 million. This part of the market in 2019 is expected to be a modest recovery to $ 3.98 billion, but assuming that the impact of these factors have been alleviated, comprehensive trade war will not break out, the new opportunities for quantum communication will be further commercialized. In the research the military market, according to “Laser Focus World,” the data show, laser total revenue of scientific research and military markets, from 2017 to $ 922 million increase to 2018 to $ 1.279 billion, is expected in 2019 will be moderate growth to $ 1.331 billion. In medical and beauty market in 2017 than the 2016 Asian cosmetic laser market grew 20 percent year after year, in parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa (regions not previously accepted beauty), laser beauty market grew by 16%. Instrumentation and sensors on the market, the market revenue in 2018 laser instrumentation and sensors, from 2017’s $ 802 billion in 2018 to $ 1.019 billion, 2019 revenues are expected to reach $ 1.282 billion. In entertainment, display and printing on the market, laser entertainment industry in 2018 experienced exponential growth; 2018 include printers, copiers and multifunction products, the overall market grew by only 0.4%; in 2018 the North American box office revenue of $ 6.18 billion , an increase of 9.6% over the same period in 2017, the North American box office accounted for 28% of total global box office revenues. How do you see, exactly which application will become in 2020 the highlight of it?

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