Industry Analysis | Our reducer industry development and future prospects analysis

Matching speed reducer is played and transmitted torque acts between the prime mover and the working machine or the actuator member, the transmission equipment is essential in modern machinery is extensively used. According to preliminary statistics, reducer relatively large amount of industry are: food machinery, electrical machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery, chemical machinery, light machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, building materials machinery, cement machinery, rubber machinery, hydraulic machinery, machine oil, etc. , the number of these industries reducer products industries accounted for 60% of the country total reducer – 70% .
As a traditional manufacturing powerhouse, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries reducer products is an industry leader in material, design standards, quality control, precision, power density, reliability, and other aspects of life. International reducer industry market size is large CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , many market participants, industry competition Control Engineering Copyright , the overall low degree of concentration, the top ten manufacturing business market share in the international market, a total of approximately 20%. Two industry giants are SEW and Siemens , other well-known international companies, including gear Lenz, Brevini, Bonfiglioli, Sumitomo, Nord and so on. Worldwide, the main gear sales are to Europe, Asia and North America. Reducer industry is one of the basic industries of the national economy, it is widely used in various downstream areas, and the national economy is closely related to its development trend. In recent years, as China’s steady economic development, reducer size of the market continues to grow. And showed the following characteristics: 1, forming a large-scale, wide range, a solid foundation for our industry slowdown in the industry has been basically formed a complete range to meet the needs of downstream industries supporting the production system, the basic components of China’s machinery one of the largest industries, providing important support and guarantee for national economic development. 2, industry consolidation accelerated the number of small and medium domestic production reducer, small-scale, highly competitive. With the development of China’s national economy and improve the manufacturing level, the customer for the quality of gear products, after-sales service, brand influence and other increasinglyAttention, more customers tend to buy guaranteed quality and service of large enterprises produced products. SMEs margins decline, accelerated industry consolidation, large-scale reducer company’s market share rising. 3, the market entry threshold rising gear important driving member as a mechanical device, certain technical barriers in product design, process technology, for product design level, precision, running high stability requirements, the gear unit manufacturer proposed a higher demand. But there is still a wide gap between China and foreign reducer level, the more prominent problems with foreign trade outside reducer, the industry as a whole new product development capacity is weak, low technology and innovation management. With the rapid development in recent years, the domestic economy , heavy machinery industry increased exports, as an important basis for the development of the industry sector reducer extraordinarily rapid. Reducer Enterprise is toward expansion of production scale, processing capacity and technology continued to improve development. Reducer industry of the future still need to continuously upgrade technology processes, in order to secure competitiveness in international markets. Reducer future market prospects for the industry will be bright.

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