Industry Fair Aspect: landing scenario shows and programs become the main theme of Robot Exhibition

The five-day Industry Fair recently concluded. As a 21-year continued to be organized event, China International Industry Fair is the benchmark of Chinese industry, every year a large number of new industrial products here meet with the public, to the market. 21th International Industry Fair, a total of nine professional exhibition, including CNC machine tools and metalworking exhibition, exhibition of industrial automation, robotics exhibition, the exhibition area of ​​280,000 square meters, attracted 2610 exhibitors, Chinese and foreign enterprises in this first episode push over 300 new technologies and products to attract domestic and foreign visitors 182,000 times, an increase of 4.5%. As ever, as a bridge manufacturing business owners and intelligent manufacturing service provider, while the Fair represents the highest level of China and the world of intelligent manufacturing technology. Instability in the international trade environment, the domestic economy downward pressure gradually re backdrop, these new technologies and new manufacturing technology will bring what kind of vitality, it is worth the wait. Landing scenario shows and programs become the main theme of the annual Robot Robot Exhibition Pavilion are the most popular, and last year, accounting for 7.1H and 8.1H two exhibition halls. China starting in 2013 to occupy the position as the world’s largest robot market. From the beginning of 2018, the industrial robot market environment, there has been downward pressure, collaborative robots entered a stage of rapid growth. The CIIF, each robot company also resorted to “all the stops” to introduce new products on the scene and, frequently highlights. ABB’s robot exhibits highlighting applications in different scenarios. Such as customized watch the production line, consumers can choose strap and dial on the screen, collaborative robots YuMi and flexible delivery system SuperTrak are responsible for the placement and delivery of parts; feeding on garbage classification scene, IRB 2000 is responsible, YuMi arms robot in charge of sorting. In addition to starting load of 120-300kg, the working range of 2700 – 3100mm of KR QUANTE – 2, KUKA (KUKA) is showcasing its intelligent solutions through a factory assembly line charge treasure. In the feeding phase, it is possible to direct mechanical grip by the above sensors to monitor cell. In addition, KUKA also demonstrated applications in the medical scenario, the robot LBR Med cooperation in remote ultrasonic testing. Collaboration robot pioneer proud gifted robot (Universal Robots) is released UR16e Heda payload of 16kg. Its working radius of up to 900mm, repeat accuracy of ± 0.05mm, to meet the high load of the man-machine cooperative scenarios. Robotics and foreign companies compared to post-hair domestic robot has been playing the role of catch-up. The CIIF, many companies release new products, can be seen from the comparison of technical parameters, the Chinese robot is constantly chasing the footsteps of pioneers. However, in the integrated solutions, domestic manufacturers compared to foreign giants gap is not small. Rich product line, integration of collaboration products and explore the overall solution scenarios landing, in addition to domestic manufacturers of other technologies to make up a short board. Luo stone seven-axis robot released xMate flexible cooperating robot equipped with a precision joint torque sensor, the sensitivity of the collision dynamics can be achieved within 1N; Aylett robot while the robot EC612 released collaboration and industrial robots EI67, wherein the robot main cooperative lightweight. Flexiv Xi is the first time in non-domestic release binding force sense control and adaptive AI technology Rizon dawn manipulator, the robot arm can be inserted and removed with the harness connector assembly of precision parts, surface treatment of the three flexible scenarios and artificial a higher low. Stop mobile robot solutions expert immortal robot is known to show a multi-floor wisdom logistics solutions, and lift the robot can achieve handshaking, so take the elevator self CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to achieve multi-floor logistics transport. Aylett male robot CEO Cao Yu in an interview billion euros of new manufacturing interview said that the current market downside robot factors mainly based products, lack of competitiveness of some products in the past by way of a price war to seize the market, and now into the phase-out period. With the intensification of the robot competition in the industry, various manufacturers in this Industry Fair will pay more attention to the scene to show and to provide solutions. Chinese manufacturing enterprises to upgrade and relies on more down to earth products and solutions. Intelligent Manufacturing: Automation from constantly moving to digital and intelligent representatives of heritage and innovation from automation to digital, intelligent, Industrial Automation Show. Robot and different backgrounds to participate in the industrial automation business is more complex, cut angles and aspects of intelligent manufacturing is also different. Participate in different industries bring different sectors of technology and the accumulation of knowledge, but also gives the possibility to create more intelligent. Brain chip device, the coreFilm makers often show with equipment and technology solutions equipped. As the chip industry leader, Intel (Intel) exhibition hall is more like an all-encompassing platform, products from different application areas equipped with the Intel chip or solutions, full Intel technical strength. In addition to Intel and AMD, have authorized X86 chip architecture as well as domestic manufacturers trillion core, the chip can already be used in industrial robots, ATM terminals and other scenes. Giant Schneider Electric booth at this year’s build a digital beverage production line, attracted a large audience to come to interact. Users scan the code into the selection page, determine the ratio of three kinds of juice, beverage finally receive a two-dimensional code received. For the production line manager, the highlight of the system is to realize scheduling, order management visualization, in order to improve operational efficiency of the production line. Internet giant have also accelerated the expansion of the road to the B-side. Jingdong first exhibition during the whole point will be massive interactive activities. In this CIIF, Jingdong posted intelligent industrial networking industry platform, which is mainly to achieve a unified the various production processes IoT serial port, but in the face of unexpected situations, it can achieve total data control. And enter Jingdong similar in good manufacturing supply chain, Ali 1688 to create the concept of “industrial brand”. By MixedReality technology, viewers through a combination of virtual reality and understand the form of industrial products, is very compelling. With this technology, Schneider sales staff can get rid of a heavy sample case when visiting clients. Continued iteration on the Internet platform industry this year will have to “calm” A lot of size manufacturers are still in data visualization and intelligent production progress. Haier addition to showcasing its COSMOPlat visualization used in the manufacture of washing machines in the 3C also exhibits highlighting their scenes in the medical, ceramics and other industries floor. Shanghai Electric is the integration of wind power industry’s Internet platform and power plant equipment, unified platform to the next name “Nebula Newell,” the. Have pointed out that competition in the Internet industry platform has been intensified. Most of the exhibitors have already run out of platforms in a single industry, to expand into the scene and industry stage. Functionally , the current Internet industry play a major or production status monitoring and adjustment, although the algorithm from data acquisition to have a number of links, but will eventually be in PaaS and SaaS layers exhibitionOpen competition. From the data acquisition point of view, the current data is not a unified standard Internet industry, competition and cooperation on data transmission protocol will continue for a long time. In the edge layer, edge computing capability is the core competitiveness. “Open” has been a major platform will be posted on the label, but how to achieve open, open to what extent the focus of the next competition will be realized. Want the platform across the industry barriers CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the platform must rely on different background knowledge enabling business, how to attract enabling providers Control Engineering Copyright , but also the focus of competition. In addition to technical aspects, the business model will also be the focus of future exploration. Whether it is through the sale of hardware model CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , or offer a subscription model platforms and services, are currently not mature enough, different service providers have different considerations and judgments business. With increasing pressure to survive manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading needs more urgent. This year obviously can feel, whether it is industrial equipment manufacturers and software service providers, are more attention to landing scenarios. From a technical maturity and price acceptance point of view, intelligent manufacturing still has a long way to go, hope these new products and technologies will soon into the industry.

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