Innovation, contrarian breakthrough CHINAPLAS 2020 to help the plastics industry in transition seek new machine

At present, the global economic and political uncertainty still exists. Affected by trade friction, slowing economic growth, slowdown in Chinese demand and other factors, growth in the manufacturing sector suffered varying degrees of resistance, some industries into a “winter.” While the global economy continues to face many challenges, China is committed to promoting the manufacturing sector through a series of measures towards the development of high quality, promote the formation of a strong domestic market, and further expand encourage foreign investment. When the economic downturn, there are always the strength of the strong counter-attack. As an important industry benchmark , the world’s leading plastics and rubber exhibition – “CHINAPLAS 2020 Chinaplas” closely monitoring global economic pulse of the industry, the social hot and buyers demand, to build cohesion Rubber Technology innovation, fit the market trend of high-tech, high-quality, high-value platform, and actively help the industry face the challenges in the changing environment, new opportunities to tap new era, a strong breakthrough in transition. Eye look for business opportunities, contrarian growth of the automobile market extension plight bred a new direction. After experiencing rapid growth for 28 consecutive years, China’s auto market for the first time since 2018 began to decline, the stock market from entering the incremental market, industry and enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure. Although the auto market cooling trend, major car firms but even more determined commitment to transformation and change. Under environmental protection and sustainable development trends, potential new energy vehicles and lightweight highlights; intelligent driving and driving under the Internet technology, the automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented change, car prices on new materials, new equipment, advanced technology and automation and intelligent demand more urgent. Automobile market “winter”, cost efficiency is a lot of vehicles and auto parts companies to start self-help is the preferred way. In addition to the common “enterprise structure optimization” process improvements through technological innovation, improve production efficiency but also reducing cost and increasing the desirability of the road. 5G will welcome large-scale commercial, broke out soon. Currently, the world regarded as a national strategy to speed up information technology development priorities. June 6, 2019, Chinese State Ministry of Industry issued 5G commercial license, caused widespread concern. As a core infrastructure technology landing big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other large-scale outbreak of the CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 5G, and will form a powerful driving force to promote intelligent. 5G has a high rate due to, low latency and a great capacity and other characteristics, from the base end to end application, mention materialHigher quality requirements. Not only is 5G communications, networking, autopilot, new applications of telemedicine, smart factories, smart city and other disruptive changes will be detonated, open innovative materials, production process of an imaginative and vast space.

5G new application will set off disruptive changes, open innovative materials, an imaginative and broad space for development of the production process. Modified plastics of high / low dielectric constant, heat conductive material, a shielding material or the like to cater 5G new materials emerge.
garbage in full swing, circular economy into a new “outlet.” Under high pressure of environmental protection, proper treatment and re-use plastic ushered challenges. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other Chinese cities to comprehensively promote garbage classification. EU, Sweden, Canada, Peru and other countries and regions, have put forward plans to ban disposable plastic products. China’s “no waste to make” further escalation, after following the end of 2017 banned the import of domestic sources of waste plastics, industrial sources of waste plastic a total ban at the end of 2018; India, Thailand and Malaysia announced the beginning or about to ban the import of solid plastic waste. To this end, strengthen reuse and recycling, planning ahead following the end product recycling pathway, through biodegradable plastics and other environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics can be recycled and innovative solutions for plastic products manufacturing enterprises to become “compulsory.”

at environmental protection and sustainable development trends, potential new energy vehicles and lightweight highlights; intelligent driving and driving under the Internet technology, car prices on new materials, new equipment, advanced technology, automation, intelligence and other needs more urgent.
enhance independent innovation, practicing internal strength to meet the challenges. The emergence and escalation of unilateralism, globalization of trade protectionism and reverse the trend of global trade and the rubber and plastics industry had a negative impact. Strength for layout, innovation to help the transition. Relying on technological innovation, enhance the capability of independent innovation, improve product value and market competitiveness, adjust strategy and layout, and actively explore the domestic market and emerging markets, thereby enhancing the ability to resist risks, for rubber and plastics businesses, contribute actively to solve outstanding Ex.

under environmental pressure, proper treatment and re-use plastic ushered challenges. Strengthen re-use and recycling, planning ahead following the end product recycling pathway, through biodegradable plastics and other environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics can be recycled and innovative solutions become plastic productsEnterprise “compulsory.”
hand in the storm closely aligned with industry Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold, cold in the winter dormant often with new vitality. Severe situation, Forced enterprises to accelerate the transformation to high-quality development. Technological innovation is a strong momentum of high-quality development. “CHINAPLAS 2020 Chinaplas” will continue to technological innovation-led , around the “Intelligent Manufacturing and Advanced Materials Environmental protection and recyclable solutions” break the industry pain points CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to help temper the downstream rubber industry on its own fighting adversity to find a breakthrough. Ms. Liang Yaqi show organizers, general manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd said: “Despite the challenging current market environment, but also tend to be contrarian rise of strong corporate good time .’CHINAPLAS 2020 Chinaplas’ booth reservation continuation of previous years hot, visible rubber supplier more than innovation, winning the confidence in the future. in the past more than three decades, the exhibition close to the pulse of economic development of China, witnessed a big leap, the great development of rubber industry, also after 1998 the Asian financial crisis, the 2008 global financial crisis, constantly writing contrarian legend. grow under the sun, wind and rain counterparts, we always adapt quickly to changes in internal and external environment, adapt to the technological revolution, the industrial revolution, the trend of consumption upgrade, strengthen global rubber manufacturers, downstream users and long-term close exchanges and cooperation in trade associations, the pick of the first-hand information into the latest market demand, and upstream and downstream enterprises jointly act as common progress. “” CHINAPLAS Chinaplas “2018 Shanghai Hongqiao the first show that is to create dazzling success. 2020 April 21 – 24 Control Engineering Copyright , the exhibition will gather once again in Shanghai Hongqiao • National Convention Center. The exhibition is expected to 340,000 square meters of exhibition area, join the world’s 3900+ high-quality exhibitors and more than 18 million viewers, upstream, to overcome difficulties, to meet the changing times, ‘plastic’ made a better future!

“CHINALAS 2020 Chinaplas” will be held April 21, 2020 – on the 24th to return to Shanghai, to meet the more than 180,000 visitors!
“CHINAPLAS countryInter Rubber Exhibition “team will debut in October 2019 16 – K Show in Dusseldorf, Germany 23, a live demonstration of” CHINAPLAS 2020 Chinaplas “bright spots, with buyers and industry experts AC industry new trend team also prepared a beautiful colorful gifts, sincerely look forward to the audience for taking the time to visit CHINAPLAS K show booth. (booth No: EN1-02) participate in an interactive site can also pre-register for free visit “CHINAPLAS 2020 Chinaplas exhibition. “Dusseldorf see! For more show information, please visit the exhibition website or www. China Chinaplas .com.

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