Instruments industry or will benefit from the outbreak of Things

The moment, things are to boundless potential, penetrated into all areas of production, management, life, digital China policy and 5G, networking, chain blocks, artificial intelligence, high technology and rapid development, China’s enterprises with wheel drive digital transformation and innovation, the networking industry ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development. It is foreseeable that there will be things in the industry will be more and more applications emerge and become a long-term trend over the next 10, 20 years, most attention. The advent of the Internet, has brought to our lives upside down. Former car, horse slow to a network technology age, time is not a problem, the distance is not a problem, the world becomes more closely, instrumentation industry also profit a lot. And now things more in-depth development of the Internet, to learn under the age of all things Internet, the instrumentation which in turn bring us pleasant surprise! The arrival of the Internet of Things, can promote the development of instrumentation industry. Progress needs of the times, technology is the driving force, and mastery of technology companies to better highlight. The network links all walks of life have to go through signal processing, and link signals, it is essential that chips and devices. In addition , Alibaba November 19, and Tencent, Baidu, Netease, Huawei five companies in association with the second “Soft Alliance Developers Conference,” talked about the science and technology the level of the problem, in the era of things, domestic chip industry should focus on the development of open-source chip RISC-V. And after the chip devices are to be detected by the instrument is capable of accurate production of high-tech. There are network connectivity tests, also requires precise instrumentation to detect the communications industry. These are the instrumentation industry an important opportunity for business development. Further, the development of such things can be applied to the measurement object become very diverse, such products fixed relative to the current measured temperature, pressure and flow several conventional physical, and functional requirements of the application range of the measurement will be greatly requires extension. E.g. online analysis, fiber optic sensors, etc. It really depends on the output end of the data , the data necessarily involves the transport network layer, which requires the output data can be manner smooth wireless communication products has become a necessary measurement function. With the continuous development of things, the technical requirements of the instrumentation industry are also increasing, demand is also growing. “Concentrated essence that is” This sentence also applies to the instrumentation,Low cost Control Engineering Copyright , which will help a lot of production and purchasing, small size and easy to carry CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , easy to use, low power consumption, is our direction. This is in a networked development was Control Engineering Copyright , instruments should pursue mainstream trend. Today, instrumentation industry is the rapid development of intelligent stage, and the birth of new things to bring a breakthrough for the development of the industry trend of the era of things, or instrumentation industry can usher in a huge opportunity for development.

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