Intel completed encapsulated optical industry’s first integrated Ethernet switch, which can effectively reduce power consumption

The use of advanced packaging technology, Intel completed the first programmable integrated silicon light engine and the Ethernet switch. It is reported, Intel recently announced the integration of Inte programmable silicon optical technology sector and its Barefoot Networks Ethernet switch chip technology, it has successfully integrate 1.6Tbps silicon light engine and 12.8Tbps programmable Ethernet switches.
wherein, Barefoot Tofino 2 Ethernet switches have up to a certain 12.8Tbps support independent switch fabric protocol (the PISA), the user may use open-source programming language will P4; silicon optical interconnect the Intel platform 1.6 Tbps photon engine CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Intel designed and manufactured on a silicon optical platform, provides four interfaces 400GBase-DR4. With the extensive commercial large scale data centers CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , enterprise information transmission speed, bandwidth, etc. have higher power requirements, which makes the server chip design, manufacturing and packaging both need to change something, so the original server market also emerged many new opportunities. The Control Engineering Copyright , Intel to improve the integration of hardware through advanced packaging, can effectively reduce the energy consumption of large-scale data center switches, increase the transmission speed CONTROL ENGINEERING China All Rights Reserved , thereby helping the user to reduce costs. In this regard, Intel said integrated optical technology is the use of the first step in packaging silicon photovoltaic Optical I / O, and in the higher rate and 25Tbps switch CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , one optics package the power density advantages, will become the future network bandwidth expansion necessary supporting technologies.

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