Intelligent Manufacturing is to develop goals and methods, the Internet industry is a viable path to achieve goals

At present, the construction of the wave of the Internet industry, intelligent manufacturing sweeping the globe, the major industrial countries around the world have invested in new industrial revolution competition among. Well, the Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry is what to do with it? Overall, intelligent manufacturing is to develop goals and methods, the Internet industry is a viable path to achieve the goal. Demographic dividend subside industry spawned the Internet
At present, China demographic dividend has begun to subside. Future, labor will become increasingly scarce resources CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , high labor costs will change our entire industry, manufacturing and other ecological environment. The Internet industry is under this background born out of. Even when the demographic dividend waning, the Internet industry can still ensure that the manufacturing cost of the original agreement, or even lower. It is also because of this, a large number of countries to give them their support, and set up Internet Industry Industry Union (AII).
AII of the Internet industry made its own definition: industry is the Internet industry and the Internet and a new generation of Applied Ecology, Information Technology and Industrial Systems formed a full range of deep integration, integrated information infrastructure is the key to the development of intelligent industry. Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry in the definition of AII, we can very clearly see the close connection Industry Internet and intelligent manufacturing. Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry discussed from the surface to see different emphases, a focus on industrial services, a focus on industrial manufacturing, but their essence is the realization of smart manufacturing and smart services, concrete is the customization and extension of the service. Internet mainly for industrial enterprises by the industrial platform customized services to help businesses on the cloud, is intelligent manufacturing development model and realistic path. Intelligent Manufacturing is the ultimate goal of the global industry, so that the world can achieve intelligent factory automation. In recent years, under the impetus of the national supply-side reform policy, industrial demand continues to recover. The recovery in downstream industries will also continue to promote the ongoing new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. But in the people for material quality requirements continue to increase, rising labor costs and material costs to upgrade the upstream multiple factors, corporate earnings are rising more difficult than in the past. Therefore, this situation is also forcing companies continue to move closer to intelligent. Companies need industrial restructuring, intelligent manufacturing itThe outlet is the next industrial manufacturing.
and the Intelligent Manufacturing is committed to achieving intelligent entire value chain of manufacturing, and industrial infrastructure to realize the Internet is the key to intelligent manufacturing. The industrial market is huge, according to AII Internet data, 2017 China’s industrial direct Internet industry about $ 90.3 billion (about 570 billion yuan). During 2017 to 2019, is expected to scale of the industry will grow at a 18% average annual growth rate, by 2020, the industrial output value of the Internet as much as $ 225 billion (1.42 trillion yuan).
Source: Analysys “2019 China Internet Industry thematic analysis of digital development.”
In addition, according to incomplete statistics, in 2017 the entire industrial platform for Internet-related financing from more than 170 events, about the amount of financing 20 billion yuan. Research institutions generally agreed that the long-term development of the Internet industry is favorable. Back to the Internet industry itself, since it is closely related to intelligent manufacturing, so the focus also lies in the network, data, security of these three areas. Network is the foundation, is the core data security is guaranteed. AII think network to support basic industries and industrial systems interconnected to exchange data, data-driven industry as the core of intelligent , to ensure network security and data applications in industry. But note that the Internet industry is not the same intelligent manufacturing. Internet support intelligent manufacturing industry, and intelligent manufacturing help companies achieve business objectives. To promote the traditional business transformation stage, the Internet industry is still in its infancy applications, mostly in combination with any analysis or any analysis of business systems interconnection device object. Future, with the deepening of technology can be implemented on the basis of Things and platform interoperability on the whole complex analysis and optimization, so as to continuously promote the enterprise management processes, organization and business model innovation. From the current status of development, the Internet industry can allow enterprises to take advantage of this platform, intelligent production, achieved through networked collaborative enterprise connected, service extension is achieved by interconnection products and customized to meet the individual needs on the basis of precise docking. Intelligent goal is not just a single machine or a single production line intelligence, but the entire production process intelligent , by arranging the sensorDevice to support wireless communication technologies, building industry cloud platform, the whole process from production to achieve acquisition management, form a closed loop, the data analysis and scientific applications. As a result, promote the traditional manufacturing enterprises to achieve the transition to a service-oriented production. Today, the industry is already the beginning of the Internet revolution in the past decade, the Internet technology has been used in industrial production processes, and with the continuous development of the Internet industry, Internet industry-related industries will be rapid development. Thus, we can see that the Internet is the foundation of intelligent manufacturing industry realized, the Internet industry as the core of the industrial revolution is now the driving force , intelligent manufacturing industry needs the Internet to build a new industrial ecology system. The future, the intelligent transformation of the , priority conversion is completed, the company will be able to get more benefits. Intelligent unmanned factory in the future will no longer be science fiction movie virtual scene, while the combination of the Internet industry and intelligence will help companies more quickly toward that direction.

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