Intelligent Manufacturing To reinforce the “data”, “Internet” foundation

Currently, the Intelligent Manufacturing has become the main direction of Chinese manufacturing power strategy , the country has emerged a group of intelligent manufacturing “business model.” What is the nature of what is intelligent manufacturing? Fourth industrial revolution seemed particularly stressed that the integration of digital and physical world. Intelligent Manufacturing is the fourth industrial revolution, mainly in the manufacturing field, then the convergence of digital and physical world is the essence of intelligent manufacturing it? No, but integration is a phenomenon only. After the second and third industrial revolution, people’s understanding and control engineering deterministic problem has grown up. Whether it is involved in manufacturing efficiency, quality, cost, or green, and other services, there is a lot of uncertainty. Also CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , there are many problems in producing a non-mode, such as energy conservation issues a factory or workshop, the mathematical model can not describe not only the , and there is no fixed pattern. For trying to control the manufacturing process as well as a clear understanding of humans, non-modal, uncertainty is the biggest problem. System in the end how many interrelated factors, but also influence each other and to what extent? Fortunately, big data and artificial intelligence technologies opening the way to better understanding and control of non-objective world model and the uncertainty of the door. Therefore, the nature and essence of intelligent manufacturing is the use of advanced technologies (such as digital, networking, big data and artificial intelligence) uncertainty understanding and control of manufacturing systems to achieve higher goals. Japan plans early Intelligent Manufacturing reason not achieved remarkable results, I am afraid that with the technology of the time (such as big data, artificial intelligence) about the lack of response to such problems. There are two types of uncertainty. One objective uncertainties, such as processing of uncertain quality, operating performance products exhibited uncertainty. The second is subjective uncertainty, uncertainty or say awareness, mainly referring to the original problem deterministic manufacturing system , which led to people unable to digitize the uncertainty of their knowledge, such as companies arrange various activities, processes, and has always been uncertain, but because too many people involved, and the time varies occurred, the absence of special means, in terms of people’s understanding of chaos such as hemp. Namely subjective uncertainty or recognize uncertainty. Why theSubjective uncertainty regarded as uncertain manufacturing system? Because the manufacturing system should also include the relevant people. What are the key enterprises to implement intelligent manufacturing is? The key question naturally a lot, only to draw attention to the most basic here, but it has not yet attracted widespread attention problems – data and Internet. Whether it is objective or subjective uncertainty uncertainty, with corresponding data will have a base understanding of uncertainty. Analysis of all aspects of data processing, it is possible to make clear that the factors affecting the processing quality of the original sense of invisible; master data of business activities, in order to reduce the uncertainty of knowledge, but also make the new activities more orderly, make the appropriate decisions more rational. As for non-scene mode, data analysis needs more help. To get the data you need to interconnect. First Internet refers to the collection of the physical manufacturing process (e.g., sensor device tops), analysis of these data may be more profound understanding of uncertainty, and it is possible to find some connection exists between the physical quantities of seemingly unrelated. Interconnected nature should also include relevant data between various activities determined by the connected person, provided that the relevant activity must be digitized. The concept of the Internet can not be limited to within the enterprise. Have a sense of “business ecosystem”, that is to say the concept of “system” can not be confined within the enterprise. Suppliers, customers and other components of enterprise ecosystem, enterprise ecosystem members there should be interconnected and share some of the data. Now there is the concept of the “digital supply chain”, namely supply and demand among enterprises is not only the material, there is supply and demand data. A good business ecosystem should be included in the “digital ecosystem”, or enterprise ecosystem to emphasize data interconnection. Awareness interconnected even prompted entrepreneurs and engineers redefine functional boundaries boundary industry products. As do the smart lights companies need to consider the data between the lamp and entertainment device is connected, the auto industry needs to consider the data interconnection between the car and the smart city. Intelligent human-computer era is coming, the future development of intelligent manufacturing How? Currently, relatively easy to speculate that the “knowledge engineering” will play an increasing role in most of the intellectual work of engineers may be replaced by intelligent systems; the boundaries of virtual space and real space will become increasingly blurred, augmented reality (AR ), mixed reality (MR) technology will be applied in more scenes. Is difficult to estimate , in the manufacturing system more “Smart “when people will be how to position and role to play. In this regard, we can only over time, search for answers in practice. What is the best path to intelligent manufacturing? It is the government, entrepreneurs and researchers pay special attention to and think about cloud on the moment in full swing “machine substitutions,” “a million industrial enterprises, the implementation of one million industrial APP” and so in the exploration and practice in this area. What is the ultimate answer is? still not with knowledge, but one thing is certain, intelligent manufacturing must rely on many basic intelligence techniques and tools, such as sensors, networking, intelligent control system, big data analysis tools, intelligent software, to achieve major breakthroughs in these areas, occupy the high ground is a prerequisite for building intelligent manufacturing powerhouse, and we should always clearly understand this.

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