Internet home improvement, a new generation is opening

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Internet The word “home” is being mentioned more and more people, Internet companies are beginning to turn their attention to Internet homes, and capital markets are beginning to inject more capital into Internet homes. The Internet company’s big ship carries Internet homes forward, and the capital market provides a constant source of power for the big ship. So why is Internet home improvement so much favored?

The youthfulness of the user community has given Internet homes a huge room for development

Currently, after 80s and 90s Already in the peak of marriage and love, housing demand is gradually increasing, coupled with their willingness to try new things, especially for Internet-related things.

According to statistics, as of December 2014, the number of Internet users in China reached 649 million, with a total of 31.17 million new netizens. The Internet penetration rate was 47.9%, an increase of 2.1 percentage points from the end of 2013. Chinese netizens are mainly in the 10-39 age group, with a total proportion of 78.1%. Among them, the netizens in the 20-29 age group accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 31.5%. The trend of rejuvenation of netizens in China is quite obvious. The huge demand of these netizens will provide a huge space for Internet users to develop. It is their huge demand that has prompted Internet homes to be so enthusiastically sought after.

The deep integration of the Internet and traditional industries provides a fertile growing soil for Internet homes.

Today, the Internet industry is evolving rapidly, and many industries are beginning to integrate deeply with the Internet industry. This kind of integration has brought many gratifying changes to these industries and has brought more development opportunities to these traditional industries. Traditional home improvement is no exception. Because of its own problems, many consumers suffer from it. They need some changes to boost consumers’ confidence and change their inherent impression in consumers’ minds. Internet homes as a derivative of the two, its appearance has shattered the shortcomings and shady of traditional home improvement, and will become a major direction of future home improvement development.

Internet homes provide a WYSIWYG experience for consumers

Many links and processes in traditional home improvement are carried out in a hidden process, and consumers are very It is difficult to pay attention to some decoration details. These hard-to-find decoration details seem to be insignificant for the whole decoration. In fact, it may affect the overall decoration effect, which will in turn affect consumers’ life after renovation.

Internet homes are not like this, it provides consumers with a WYSIWYG decoration experience, users can observe the design, construction, materials, acceptance and many other decoration links through the Internet terminal, new home The whole process of decoration is carried out under the supervision of consumers. Consumers can point out and order rectification for the first time in the process of dissatisfaction in the decoration process, ensuring that the problem is solved in the bud, ensuring the true effect of the decoration. The letter, control, so that consumers get a WYSIWYG decoration experience, from the visibility of the decoration process to change people’s inherent impression of the decoration. In addition, this is undoubtedly a very powerful attraction for consumers. This novel gameplay can also encourage consumers to try and experience.

The drawbacks of traditional home improvement have made it possible for Internet homes to develop further

The shady and painful points of traditional home decoration have made people in their lives complain, they are eager to find a breakthrough to change At present, this passive situation has brought a different choice to the decoration of the new home. Internet homes can abandon many of the problems in traditional home improvement: Internet homes can make the user’s decoration process more visible and controllable by providing real-time monitoring images; Internet homes can integrate many aspects of the decoration process, making the user’s decoration easier. Internet homes can make the decoration process more transparent, effective and scientific, ensuring that users have a good decoration experience ……

It is for these reasons that Internet homes will be so favored. As the development of the Internet becomes more intelligent and diversified, it is foreseeable that the future Internet homes will be more popular with more people, thus leading to more and better consumer excitement.

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