Internet industry and into the outlet? Mature development can not rely on “flying”!

Internet industry, is to achieve new network infrastructure, human, machine, material fully interconnected. Industrial development of the Internet, can provide important support for the intelligence, digital transformation of the manufacturing sector and the economy of the entity. In recent years, industrial automation, intelligent development continues to accelerate, the Internet industry has gradually become an important driving force of China’s industrial area of ​​transformational change. And artificial intelligence, like its development is increasingly widespread concern both the government and enterprises of our country. From the beginning of 2017, the Chinese government will have promulgated the “industrial development of the Internet Action Plan (2018-2020 years)”, “Industrial Internet Special Working Group 2018 work plan” and other policies for industrial development of the Internet and application directions, escort . Meanwhile, hundreds of companies are accelerated in an incoming industry, through a variety of platforms for the industry to create a positive enabling, not only to promote the speed development of the industry, it has also spawned a vast blue ocean market. According to the “Industrial Internet Platform White Paper (2019)” shows that as of last year, the number of existing industrial internet platform has reached hundreds, of which more than half have a significant influence. Including Ali, Tencent and other Internet companies; Haier, Prudential and other traditional industrial enterprises; Foxconn, Zoomlion and other large manufacturing companies; and the Black Lake and science and technology innovation enterprise account, they work together to build a super-massive 500 billion yuan market, the results are very gratifying. According to industry forecasts, 2020 is the end of the year, the market size of the domestic Internet industry will exceed 70 billion yuan. At the same time the Ministry also said that CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , in 2020 China’s industrial internet platform system will be initially formed, will be expected to achieve cultivate 300,000 industry-specific, industry APP specific scene, pushing 300,000 enterprises internet application platform to carry out industrial R & D, manufacturing, operations management and other services. The development of further escalation! However, despite the domestic development of the Internet industry in good shape Control Engineering Copyright , market applications are rising, but in the fierce global competition , China’s industrial Internet development compared with Western countries, there is still not a small gap. From basic theory to key technology and then to the industrial chain, China has basically just in its infancy. While industry has great potential but not enough maturity! In this context, domestic market development of the industry is also faced with no small obstacle pain points and issues. Based on this, the current general view is that the industry: Our industry is in a stage of Internet development, major policy role in promoting market-oriented relative lack of future industries and enterprises need to accumulate more products and explore solutions, and business models. And this year, no doubt to the pneumonia outbreak in the enterprise to accelerate their opportunities to explore and promote the comprehensive application of the Internet industry. Since the outbreak of the companies return to work by the need to resume production, industrial Internet has brought to “vent.” In the case of persons suffering from restrictions during the epidemic, capital and other business their prevention and return to work are all facing serious challenges. The industrial application of the Internet, not only can help the epidemic monitoring, temperature monitoring, forecasting and early warning of large data such as epidemic prevention work, but also through remote real-time monitoring, operation, operation and maintenance to help businesses resumed production. It was with the help of the Internet industry, manufacturing companies are able to meet the urgent needs of epidemic prevention and control Phytophthora return to work the complex production. Thanks to this, many manufacturing companies during the epidemic is beginning to accelerate construction and industrial application of the Internet. At the same time the existing industry Internet companies also began using a variety of live online, to explain the propaganda knowledge. In short, the entire industry are beginning to take this opportunity to “take the initiative to explore the” Industrial Internet. And riding this outlet, it seems that the Internet industry from the completion of the 2020 target and mature application getting closer. So the real development if really the case? Experts say the epidemic spawned a new industry of Internet outlet is not false, but the Internet industry outlet Can direct blow “cooked” in doubt. As far reflect the actual development, many companies currently belong to suit the application, the extent of their knowledge and applications for the Internet industry is not high, the overall development of the Internet industry is not pushing. At the same time limited by the commercial development of key technologies 5G, the Internet industry in order to climb up, you also need to wait for some time. In addition, the Internet has been restricted industrial development of the “third kind” difficulties still exist. For example, network security remains a constraint for the biggest hidden dangers of the Internet industry applications. In the case of highly intelligent, network-linked, information security can not be guaranteed if the Internet industry, will make the entire plant, companies and even countries placed in an open environment, relevant data, information and privacy once the invasion will bring fatal blow, so security must be mentioned. Meanwhile, the shortage of talent is still another factor restricting the development of the Internet industry.As the industrial integration of the Internet industry, and many other information technology, the application process for professionals needs and requirements are extremely high. But the , China’s market-related talent is scarce, and the high cost of the introduction of talent, personnel training system also has not established a sound, solve the manpower problem is not optimistic. Do not cross this barrier, the development of the Internet industry can be difficult to achieve a breakthrough. Finally, Control Engineering Copyright , lack of standards is still blocking of the Internet industry entered a mature gates. The development of industry Internet data collection is the foundation. However, due to the current domestic manufacturing categories are many and complex, and all kinds of technical equipment standards are different, so that data collection, integration very difficult. At the same time, no unified platform provider in the service and standards, but also to the industry there are some problem of convergence applications. Standard issue is not resolved, hinder development of the industry will inevitably suffer. All in all, the lack of development of China’s Internet industry is not at this stage outlet, but turned “security, human resources, the standard” three big mountains of ability and perseverance. Only turn the mountain to see smooth sailing ahead. Otherwise, even if Cheng Zhaofeng rising, eventually it will fall badly!

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