Internet Industry: Industrial raw coupled elements

What is the Internet industry, one hundred people have one hundred kinds of interpretation. Everyone has a Hamlet, everyone has a Internet industry, each organization are given a definition or connotation of the Internet industry’s own understanding. An industrial Internet: “connection – control – Optimize – benefit” definition of the Internet industry, GE given by the company:. “Through the global industrial systems and advanced computing, analysis, aware of the new low-cost Internet connection and the ability to bring the level of mutual integration and continue to occur. “Japan’s” Internet industry “is a highly approximate and Internet industry transformation and upgrading of industrial activity. Its meaning is achieved through interconnected material, machinery and equipment, businesses, people, data, and even production and consumption, by the coupling and create new value, to generate new technologies, new products and new service models. China Internet Industry Alliance to industry is defined as: the nature of the Internet industry are machinery, raw materials, control systems, network interconnection between information systems, products and people, based on the perception of depth through a comprehensive industry data, real-time transmission and exchange, Quick calculation processing and advanced modeling analysis, intelligent control, operational excellence and production organization change. Internet Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry said: Industrial Internet is the next generation of network information technology and manufacturing depth integration of the product Control Engineering Copyright , is to achieve industrial digital, networked, intelligent development of critical infrastructure, through a comprehensive interconnection human, machine, material, all elements of the whole industry chain, comprehensive link the whole value chain, promoting the formation of new industrial manufacturing and service system, to become the industrial economic transformation and upgrading of key basis, an important way, the new ecology. Other forms of elaborate definitions and there are many, not going to repeat them. Although the parties may not be exactly the same opinions, but in any case, where the consensus is: Join machinery and equipment, industrial systems join, join a variety of industrial components (industry “end”) is one of the basic content of the Internet industry. For the Internet industry, I also “how to promote the Internet industry manufacturing high-quality development,” a text, gives his own opinion: Today’s Internet industry, based on industrial Ethernet as the main body and continue using the Internet technology into industrial network. There is no doubt that the Internet industry is the first industrial coupling element is coupled to the factory equipment and industrial systems. The author proposed coupling by extensive equipment and industrial systems satisfies “in this context is coupled – control -Optimization – efficiency, “the five basic logic: a variety of equipment and enterprise supply chain because across time and space join the industrial equipment, so the real-time management and control large-scale distribution, and even control extends to the customer intelligence products; as fully and accurately good data collection, processing and traceability, it is possible to be accurate and reliable data for the product model, business model and market forecasts, and decision support enterprises of various types of computing; because automatic data flow “off the ground”, so you can make the correct data , at the right time, with the correct version, to the right people and machines, to get things right the first time, a so gifted; because the software has formed a closed-loop control, so you can let the machine autonomy, people leave the system loop, the machine can no do the people involved in the case of the same thing, even better; because you can optimize the allocation of resources in a wide range of manufacturing, it is possible to make large-scale enterprises fine, intensive management, complex system-level overall optimization. (see above point of view the author ” How Internet industry to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing, “the article) Therefore, the industrial benefits of the Internet to produce the starting point is the connection of industrial equipment and industrial systems, resulting in the end benefits, is generated in the cyberspace system control instructions fed into the machine controller device , precisely control the operation of equipment. Therefore, the primary task of the Internet industry is to achieve interoperability of various machinery and equipment and industrial systems! If someone is evasive, going around from cloud to fog, said a lot of tall on “advanced term” introduced a lot of connected computer, mobile phone (and the people behind), the classic manufacturing information software solutions, is talk about how to link various machinery and equipment and industrial systems, then he must be avoiding the most important issue, it must be unable to provide real solutions for the Internet industry. historical origins of the Internet industry, probably from the beginning of the last century equipment Speaking of things. II. five stages of development equipment IOT 1969 in the US digital equipment Corporation developed the world’s first programmable logic System device (PDP-14); 1971, the Japanese developed the first programmable logic controller (DCS-8), thus beginning the prelude to German definition of “third industrial revolution” programmable. English logic controller abbreviated as PLC (Programmable logic controller), is widely used in the second industrial revolutionRelay control means based on use, integration of computer technology and developed a digital computing operation. Having a certain number of its internal programmable memory, you may store a logical operation performed, in the sequence control memory, timing, counting and arithmetic operation instructions, etc., to control various types of mechanical devices or input and output analog or digital signals production process. Blue light Creative Zhu duo first chairman and co-author of “witty” mentioned in the book, DNC commonly known as machine network. DNC narrow concept refers to the procedures for the transmission of multiple machines with a computer, a broad DNC contains the program network transmission, program editing simulation, program management, equipment monitoring and data acquisition, large data analysis and reporting to show other content, is the numerical control device of an integrated network management system, a mechanical processing plant indispensable class information management system. MDC (Manufacturing Data Collection), the literal translation is to create data acquisition, due to the current market most of the MDC solutions are based on machine to collect objects, so a lot of people call machine monitoring system. MDC CNC equipment for real-time hardware and software acquisition through advanced technology, automatic, objective and accurate data collection, to achieve transparency in the management of the production process, and provides automatic feedback production data for the MES system. MDC alone system may be configured, DNC may be used in conjunction with other modules, it can be considered part of the wider DNC system. Networking equipment and data acquisition systems commonly called the DNC / MDC system or apparatus called system of things. Of course, device networking and DNC / MDC or differentiated, application breadth and depth of the equipment of things to be than DNC / MDC broader, deeper, things can assume that the device is DNC / MDC new stage of development. Now, DNC / MDC from simple CNC machine tools network management, evolved into various types of digital equipment network management systems, numerical control machine tools, robots, testing equipment, heat treatment equipment and other digital device networking and data acquisition, is CPS (Cyber in a specific application of the physical plant system). Figure 1 illustrates the five stages of equipment development of things.
FIG. 1 apparatus IOT five stages of development (from above Photo “” wit: to shop from the digitized Intelligent Manufacturing “”)
From this brief reviewIt found that equipment since 1969 Things started his own development, over the same period, the originator of the Internet “ARPANET” also began its own development. Equipment may be considered part of the same things with the Internet, the Internet big family, together constitute a large family of Internet applications. It is also a parallel device networking and Internet development in time, learn from each other technically, the formation of industrial Ethernet-based TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). In the application, Industrial Ethernet devices and the Internet of Things formation of industrial, consumer Internet form / social Internet. About the differences and relations between the two, Chen Yu, general manager of Tektronix Yin Jinguo this analogy: “From a technical point of view of development, I think the Internet industry and consumer Internet No one who early evening, who controlled the question of who, but two different flowers growing from the same piece of soil, which is two flowers are beautiful, all have their different fragrance, but they are two different species, but in the end development, two branches of flowers in the leaf fat when Mao intertwined together, intertwined space is user and market. “Since industrial Ethernet devices and connection of things for machinery and equipment and industrial systems, how the coupling equipment, so that became the Internet industry landing based foundation, the key in the key. In the process of connection equipment, there is a great deal of difficulty and pain points, is not around the past, must climb “Everest.” III. Difficulties machinery and equipment and industrial systems networked manufacturing development regardless of what mode / paradigms, advanced machinery and equipment development and to what extent, the coupling and data acquisition equipment are producing the most practical, the highest frequency of demand, but also the Internet industry “laying” a prerequisite. Even if the equipment were not on the connection, data can not be properly collected out, unable to do effective data analysis, those verbal shouting the Internet industry, in fact, does not really done networking equipment people, which basically went cool where to recover from it! Networking equipment and industrial systems, many industrial desired coupling elements, involving a large range. Generally, factories, municipal, oil and gas, power, mining, logistics, automobile, large equipment, buildings and other industrial systems, will be involved, in the context of the acquisition of the data. The author visited enterprises found that, in order to put the various elements of an effective industry coupled together, will encounter a variety of problems, there are more difficulties to be overcome: difficult one: the device itself does not “produce” dataSome older machines the physical equipment, or that it is designed for the digital module need to add the equipment, such as large industrial boilers, and other port, to small sewing machine, iron, etc., that neither the sensor nor compute kernel (chip). If you want to install sensors, digital chips and other modules, then there will be many difficulties unpredictable. Difficulties 2: Digital module does not open the device itself has certain industrial digitizing module, but the module does not open, but closing data, using hidden inside the device, without any physical interfaces can read internal data. Violent dismantling may damage the equipment. Difficulties 3: Digital module tricks certain industrial equipment itself digitizing module , there may be an internal interface to read the data, but rigged original equipment manufacturers (e.g., multiple devices set to the same URL), in fact foreclosed the possibility of multiple networked devices simultaneously, resulting in ineffective reading device data. Difficulties 4: Digital module is encrypted in some industrial devices digitizing module itself, but also read interface to the internal data, but the data is encrypted, a decryption module if no, can not recognize the format of the data. For example, a company purchased 600 sets of advanced horizontal loom, each machine is more than 90 million yuan, but to spend money to buy the equipment does not guarantee normal use, but also to pay an annual 600 million (10 000 / Taiwan) RMB “communication service fee” data decryption module fee! Difficulty 5: different bus protocols and even without the above difficulties, different bus protocols and networking equipment are still stumbling block. As we all know, since the reform and opening up, for historical reasons, China’s industrial equipment is a “universal card” all kinds abound stock of equipment, forms the basic national conditions and Europe, the United States, Japan distinct (their species concentrated in one device on two buses and several common protocol). International once formed the industrial Ethernet technology four camps Control Engineering Copyright , mainly for the discrete manufacturing control systems are: Modbus-IDA Industrial Ethernet; Ethernet / IP Industrial Ethernet; PROFInet Industrial Ethernet. Mainly used for process manufacturing control system are: Foundation Fieldbus HSE Industrial Ethernet. However, different companies in different countries, based on their own interests to consider, andReluctant to fully comply with some kind of industrial Ethernet protocol, but from the standpoint of their products in favor of starting some sort of improvement on the existing agreement, the formation of their respective fieldbus technology. So far, in industrial areas in the end how many kinds of field bus, no one can put it very accurately. One theory is that the current global industry presence about four dozen fieldbus, also said to be seventy kinds, but according to introduce technology companies in Beijing Asia Zheng Bing, general manager of the right, with his more than two decades of experience in networking equipment point of view, the global “universal card” equipment inventory in China have seen a variety of fieldbus variants has been close to two hundred , different device drivers encountered over protocol 5000 species. Although mainstream manufacturers nations also have been calling for a unified field bus protocols and device drivers, such as the German industrial equipment integrated OPC UA proposed agreement, while North America and Japan proposed MTConnect protocol, the road of reunification had already started to go, but in the interests of all parties under involved, this “unity” is destined to be a long road. So, faced with China’s national conditions, do not have on hand thousands of device drivers agreements “diamond” can not really embrace networked equipment “porcelain live.” 4. When networked data acquisition and analysis equipment after the networking pain points, just Long March just a few steps out the front. Then we must collect a lot of data, factory monitoring center (SCADA / HMI), Energy Management System (EMS), manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other digital business support systems provide the raw data. Collection, management, forwarding and sharing industry data, the manufacturing sector has been a problem. In actual operation, the face of machine tools, special equipment, robotics, subsystems, special modules, controllers, meters, boards and electricity, housing and so on, many industrial site has many kinds of data interfaces, protocols difficult to unity, the lack of universal of architectural design and other issues. Therefore, often encounter three major pain points in the networking and data collection: 1 pain points: data collection problems because they can not affect the field of industrial production schedule, usually the scene frequently encountered slow progress in research, development is difficult to verify the maintenance cycle is long, serious affect the progress of the development and implementation of data acquisition projects, in particular there are a lot of hidden costs in terms of maintenance and verification, will emerge in unexpected places problem. Problems of industrial field devices networked to be involved in Figure 2Fig.
Industrial field data acquisition apparatus 2 issues the network of FIG.
pain point 2: problem of the conventional hardware and software adapted DTU (Data TransferUnit) forwarding serial data can only be solved, and the lower frequency acquisition. Mainly used in water supply, heating and other low-frequency data acquisition scenarios, scenario acceptable delay 1-2s. Industrial Gateway can solve the serial port, an Ethernet data link forwarding, but limited the support agreement, and it is difficult to form a complete solution. Traditional SCADA software supports multi-drive, can begin forwarding a complete solution, but PC deployment costs are higher. Therefore, the industrial field devices in networking hardware and software adapted to a large number of problems still exist, as shown in FIG. 3.
Question 3 hardware and software adaptation of industrial field devices networked figure
pain point 3: how to face the existing data with good data, how data sharing device of things, distribution, analysis and collaboration? How to tap the value of massive real-time / historical data? How from the remote monitoring, remote configuration parameters, elevated to coordinate the allocation of resources in a wide range, improve manufacturing processes, optimization of production planning, improve quality traceability system, etc., and thereby create value for the enterprise? Pain points above three issues are seriously restricting the speed and quality of data collection and processing. V. make it easy Internet industry “laid” in order to overcome these difficulties and pain points, in order to better link various machinery and equipment, obviously there should be a called “industrial data platform” software, to achieve the following for the sake of business for enterprises to make money and let the internet industry “into the net” goal: ⑴ deployment flexibility: platform-independent scalable, flexible multi-site distribution; ⑵ data integrity: a variety of redundancy mechanisms, comprehensive data storage; ⑶ project extension : the upgrading project, scale freely scalable expansion; ⑷ Interface unity: diverse interfaces, data source standards. Such data platform software industry, both in-depth, on-site equipment to take root, production technology, but also the width, compatible with the various subsystems, providing total solutions, but also a high degree of devices capable of behavior-based data acquisition insight and prediction. The key is to make enterprise networking equipment is no longer a stumbling block, with easy-to-use solution. I found in a recent survey Control Engineering Copyright , such industrial data platform has been developed out withIn the machinery and equipment industry practice among Internet. The industrial data acquisition platform has the following characteristics: a wide range of device support with support for over 1500 manufacturers, over 5,000 device driver protocols; support PLC, DCS, intelligent modules, intelligent instruments, board, inverter and other equipment; support for COM, TCP, UDP, GPRS, programming port, USB and other links; support OPC, Modbus, Bacnet, Lonworks, IEC101, IEC104, DNP and other standard protocols; support third-party systems data collection; support for custom development of non-standard equipment data acquisition. Multiple redundant mechanisms to quickly switch: double IOServer, dual equipment, dual network redundancy; cross-regional, cross-data acquisition and transmission network; supports 50,000 points per second capture variable and long-term stable operation; the same computer You can run multiple projects simultaneously; as OPC UA client, third-party data collection. I think: support for more than 1,500 factories, more than 5000 kinds of device drivers Protocol (essentially domestic “universal card” stock of devices can join), supports all standard protocols and non-standard protocols, such as long-term stable operation, which are a good fit networking needs of the industry, the Internet industry for the floor cleared the technical obstacles. VI Summary of Industrial Internet “first-principles”, is to be coupled to a wide variety of industrial equipment and systems, thereby to achieve “coupled – control – Optimization – efficiency” basic logic: by the coupling and the data acquisition, implemented by the data acquisition and monitoring devices insight behavior, thus there is evidence, for producing fine be optimized allocation of resources. Coupling equipment requires a deep understanding of and deep technical precipitation industrial elements need to overcome difficulties on a variety of devices are linked. Numerous well-known field bus master device drivers and protocol is critical to join thousands of machinery and equipment. Hand thousands of device drivers do not have the agreement of the “diamond” can not really embrace networked equipment “porcelain live.” After coupling equipment, the data acquisition process to establish a stable and effective data analysis insight, the main points of the industrial implementation of the Internet. Industrial Internet concept better, it needs to be real parade ground through the coupling of various industrial equipment. Internet industry slogan bright again, to create value also needs to optimize resources through a wide range of industries. Internet industry, coupled born workersIndustry factors. Can not join any effective equipment and industrial systems “Industrial Internet”, it is “false Industrial Internet” or “pseudo-industrial internet.”

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