Internet industry Threefold

Industrial Internet platform is already hot at the moment, the formal entry into the government work report. Internet industry has also become part of the new infrastructure. Enabling the industry, the Internet industry has become an important platform for mission. However, these are also looked one direction will of governments and industry Internet platform builder: Maybe it needs more time to prove his independence enabling value. When participating in Japan Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Manufacturing Internet before meeting the author of three months of quiet Japan, the two sides attended contrast, quite interesting. Japanese companies attended, mainly Mitsubishi, NEC, Omron, Toshiba. This is not surprising, they are mainly from information technology and automation solutions team. They tradition of service to the industry CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , long time. However, the Chinese team to attend the composition is more complicated, both ICT vendors, but also machinery manufacturers and appliance manufacturers. Needless to say, they are all one thing in common: Industrial Internet platform provider. Against this situation, so that the Japanese delegation was very confused. Deal with China for so many years, in the intelligent manufacturing industry and the Internet Speedway, China suddenly feel for a group of new characters to keep up, which they could not get. In Japan, the provider of Internet services industry, enterprise user is bound very tight, often a family business is to do things inside of reform. For example Fuji machinery, this production of electronic surface SMT placement machine business, accounted for almost 30% of the global market; and its modular combination of machine tools, accounting for 70% market share in the supply of similar products in the Toyota. It is building its own industrial careful cloud NEXIM, based on data on the one hand, the formation of a global insight into the manufacturing process; on the other hand to provide users with more data services around the machine.
Fig. 1 Fuji Machinery industrial cloud platform
I visited the factory in October last year, when the twin-depth digital modeling technology for their Control Engineering Copyright , are very Shock. And whether its suppliers Toshiba, Fuji Machine or myself, never thought with industry-enabled. Both honestly do as a project. It can be said that this is only based on things, an upgrade based on the data value. Nothing more. If in China, similar to this two, perhapsAll sing the “Song of the industrial platform of the Internet”, enabling the industry. In Japan, they are really hard at doing such a “machine + IoT” thing. This phenomenon, the author calls “quiet in Japan.” Equivalent to China chattering away vigorously “intelligent manufacturing industry and the Internet,” China’s neighbor Japan will not feel “too noisy.” Those Japanese machinery equipment manufacturers, either Fanuc Robotics, or Okuma, Mazak machine tools and other top manufacturers, has emerged as the value of mining machinery products more focused. Internet industry, the machine is only a means to play a greater efficiency. Japanese manufacturers give the impression that add value to our machines around, far better than to do a platform for the industry, the Internet industry. Triple realm of the Internet industry Internet industry is a good means of promoting enterprise digital. It combines networking, data analysis and IT value, so the machine can ever become efficient and value data also able to bloom. From a historical perspective of the development of industrial use of IT technology, the process of upgrading information technology and digitized, can be divided into three phases: open up within enterprise business processes, to achieve the integration of manufacturing services outside the stage, as well as for the industry enabling platform plug-in stage.
Three of the Phase 2 process of digital map
The earliest road of enterprise information. Internalization is the internal needs of the enterprise business-oriented communicating, connecting business processes through IT. Emergence of the world’s first financial system, it is in the US General Electric Company. Subsequently, various information systems, are widely used in various parts of the enterprise. Also produced a large number of islands during this period, but the information is essentially a matter of course in the industrialization process results. In China, industrialization development is not sufficient, information was forcibly grafted on industrialization, which is known to everyone, “integration of the two.” After a decade of training, integration of the two has been widely used, popular, also formed its own management standards. But these pending in-depth work, currently it looks like the rhythm, the Internet industry is being disrupted engulfed. Outside of the enterprise value chain around the product, the process of expansion to the client. It includes expansion of the supply chain, including manufacturing to services, to achieve “goods and services integration.” For complex production systems CoPS (Complex Product System), high-value services, often moreAs applicable. This model was first founded the British Rolls-Royce engines. In the last century the late 1990s, this approach also part of the new secret weapon. This is a new model-based remote services CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , so that GE and Pratt & Whitney engine is very passive. “Highest War: The Battle of Boeing and Airbus,” a book once described this dramatic scene. 1997 Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft when the procurement, Pratt & Whitney lost this hardcore SIA customers, who insisted on using Rolls-Royce engines – airlines often decide to choose what kind of engine, rather than the aircraft manufacturing company. Pratt & Whitney engine Rolls-Royce concluded that discount may be given 100%, because even though Pratt & Whitney offers a 85% discount failed to back to Singapore Airlines. GE is also the same Boeing 787 lost all-important customer JAL so loyal. This “externalization strategy” to strengthen the application of IT technology for the enterprise, making the service value chain greatly stretched. The plug-in, it is a digital process for the entire industry, especially SMEs, extensive support. This requires a versatile enabling platform, it requires a modular, standardized and versatile technology. This is a great challenge to the traditional system project, an entirely different character. Sharp divide the industry, changing business processes, in terms of platform, it is stretched. Most importantly, its business logic will be a significant change. An industrial enterprise, the need for a role as operator appears. Sometimes it’s hard to understand, a cross-industry platform, is really what value can bring to companies in other industries? A construction machinery industry Internet platform, connecting many of the sewing machine, the value in the end how much? Many domestic companies manufacturing excellence, are bored on this road. However, the use of big data analytics, crunching their own good factory machines, but may not be able to optimize someone’s home factory. In different factories, even if the same machine, because of the different techniques, processes, and showing different results. Platform, it is difficult to take care of this change personalization. The internalization, externalization and plug, confuse one thing to do, it will be disastrous. Japanese out of, spent a lot of effort, but it has been reluctant to come up with a “plug.” Hitachi, NEC, Toshiba solutions in the manufacturing industry and actively explore the application, but few people will mention “for the industry, enabling” Thisthing. As the old industrial prudent driver, the Japanese will not use PPT to do business. In fact, the Internet industry is also an eclectic choice of technology, companies can selectively be doing internalization, externalization and plug triple different realm. GE Industrial development ideas is the Internet, GE for GE, GE for Customer, GE for World, also presents three different stages, which can be seen as “internalization, externalization, plug-in.” The first and second stage is relatively easy to control, but for the third stage, each too enthusiastic companies need to do more thinking and careful consideration. A path to learn German Industry 4.0 is a German company with a new law to reform the national brands pushing into opportunities. From a practical point of view while Germany, the German manufacturing sector also did not intend to seriously distinguish the difference, and Industry 4.0 Industrial Internet. Everything revolves around the ultimate efficiency of the machine, the value of the data extracted from. The development of industry Internet platform, as well. Undoubtedly the most representative of the German ADMOS Union. This is for machinery manufacturers and plant engineering sectors of industry Things platform that provides adaptive Open Manufacturing Solutions (ADAptive Manufacturing Open Solutions). ADAMOS initiator is a Softeware AG led unites de Giessen Seiki machine tool manufacturers, car painting equipment Toure, optoelectronic devices manufacturer Zeiss, as well as placement machine supplier ASM total of four manufacturing and mechanical engineering technology company [ 123] control Engineering Copyright , the establishment of mechanical engineering and information technology strategic alliances, ADAMOS will be bundled mechanical engineering, knowledge production and information technology, and to build a global industry standard. De Giessen Seiki machines provide CELOS applications, to provide users with ongoing management, document viewing and task orders, processing and display of machine data. CELOS the workshop together with senior organizations to provide services for the continuous production of digital and paperless. It can be on ADAMOS this platform, at the same time, the machine manufacturer itself can provide services for business users. Figure 3 APP industrial plants alliance
The same coating manufacturers giant Dole and partners Schenck developed LOXEO industry APP, woodworking machinery setGermany Hammer HOMAG Group’s timber processing industry digital platforms Tapio, are also placed on the platform. For ADAMOS terms, each machine manufacturer has IT data and ownership, they can obtain machine-oriented industry of Internet hardware and software solutions from the same source. This implies that relies on fifty years of Software AG’s underlying IT experience. This is a European supplier of sophisticated software systems. It has many different business process management software, including the prestigious flow analysis platform Apama system
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , can provide complex event processing engine, capable of supporting interactive digital transition from the workshop to the customer. Even so, in order to obtain industry Internet platform provider qualifications, Software or purchased from Nokia Siemens Networks IoT manufacturers Cumulocity, as well as machine learning and data science startups Zementis and so on. With this foundation, Software only emboldened with open arms, introduced the concept of “APP factories Alliance”, in cooperation with other machinery manufacturers. German fashion group, which is China today is the most worth learning approach. Of course, this may be the most difficult. Weak can hold together a strong ten, ten joint Baotuan almost impossible. However, with the electronic business platform, “Ali, a single large, businesses are all little brother” of different rules, industry needs Internet platform is a hero qualifying, there are seating. Only join brothers, all with their strongest weapon, this platform in order to present a solid value. This means that, in the course platform plug-in requires a strong and horizontal co-polymerization of service capabilities. Center Stage has a name and a crowded classroom of seating, I am afraid that is the business logic of industrial internet platform. Small note: no way to confirm the meaning of magic in China, intelligent manufacturing can never be widely recognized; Internet industry, with the industry Internet platform, these ambiguous meaning, it is difficult to identify clearly. However, various great battle has already begun. This is China a unique “no consensus radical” way forward. Threefold Internet industry recognition, might be regarded as a piece of advice given to self-examine their strategy.

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