Interroll Group, a global management team personnel changes

A world leader in material handling solutions provider, today announced Interroll Control Engineering Copyright , its Chief Financial Officer, Interroll Group management team member Daniel B ä ttig will at the end of November 2019 departure. Since joining the Interroll Group in March 2013, B ä ttig has served as Group Chief Financial Officer. Global CEO Paul Zumbühl Interroll Group, said: “Daniel B ä ttig its operational excellence strategy successfully managing the Group’s financial preparations for his play in recent years, Interroll acquisition projects. a key role. in addition CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , he also completed a number of areas of co-regulation and corporate social responsibility of the Group’s strategic projects , for example, Interroll support for the UN global Compact, and help deepen the trust of institutional investors Interroll for B ä ttig excellent work and outstanding achievements during his tenure www.cechina. cn , I personally express my sincere thanks. “Daniel B ä ttig successor will be announced later.
Daniel B ä ttig

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