Introduction to the architectural style of Expo 2008 in Spain

In the same building complex as the 2008 World Expo Auditorium and Conference Center in Spain, the complex is long and the multi-level canopy design makes the entire complex atmosphere and exquisite. The building was only used during construction. Short time, but with a combination of different types of architectural design with appropriate design, is defined as a combination, not just a concept or a point of composition, but also in the process of materials and construction. The project’s conference center affects its spatial, volume, form, structure, construction, and material definitions in succession from a combination of creative desires, from the basic unit: a skylight, structural grid, concrete panels, ceramic sheets, shell modules, and more. Linear skylights, these are the real protagonists of the project, and the entire building begins as a folded parallel plane that alternates between north and south, with individual repeats and dimensions that need to be appropriately varied depending on the height of the interior space that needs to be changed.

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