Is the color wall paint environmentally friendly? How to decorate the color wall paint?

Now everyone’s requirements for decoration are getting higher and higher, and all aspects are more concerned. For example, the wall paintings, everyone has a variety of ideas, so there are a variety of wall paints on the market, color wall paint is one of them. So, Color wall paint is not environmentally friendly? How to decorate the color wall paint? The following small series will introduce you.

Color wall paint is environmentally friendly

1. When painting the wall, the color wall paint should use environmentally friendly latex. Paint, if you use a color paste latex paint, then open the doors and windows after the wall construction, ventilation, ventilation, wait until the smell is completely distributed before you stay, so that it is safer. If the quality of the color wall paint itself is better, then its color usually does not affect the environmental protection effect, so be sure to choose a regular brand of products.

2, color wall paints, such as the common Dulux gold wall paint without adding 5-in-1 (waterproof) wall paint, gold-free non-addition full-effect wall paint, etc. These products have Waterproof, abrasion resistant, mildew resistant and other characteristics.

How to decorate the color wall paint

1, how to decorate the color wall paint – the color from life

Want to change the color of the room, then the first choice is to solve the problem of color matching, all along The reconciliation of a variety of colors is plaguing everyone. If the color is not well matched, it is necessary to repaint, which is not only time-consuming and laborious.

2, how to decorate the color wall paint – create a stylish color room

If you don’t know what color to use, you can match the different styles of living room environment according to your favorite living environment. Can also give full play to their own imagination, according to their own interests and hobbies, to match the walls of the home with different patterns and patterns.

3, how to decorate the color wall paint – personality room color master

If you choose personalized color, then you must be full-faced Consideration. For example, the functional requirements of a room are not only to consider the aesthetics, but also to consider the form of the space and the characteristics of the decorative material. Colored wall paints are generally used in bedrooms, restaurants, and dens. It is best to choose warm and soft colors in the bedroom, so that people can feel the peace and quiet when they are resting.

Article summary:About Color wall paintEnvironmental protection and color wall paint how to decorate Xiaobian is temporarily introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Remind everyone, at home The color should not be too bright, otherwise it will cause aesthetic fatigue, it is best to choose a refreshing and elegant color.


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