Japan plans to recall the ambassador’s discussion and ask the international “voice” to not lose China.

China News Service, February 19, according to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported that on the evening of the 18th, local time, Japan’s territorial issue, when participating in the TV program, said that it would call the Japanese ambassadors in major countries to return to Tokyo. And so on the issue of sovereignty, explored in the international community “effectively convey information”, “do not lose to China”.

According to reports, on the Diaoyu Islands and Zhudao (the disputed islands of Japan and South Korea, South Korea called Dokdo), the Japanese government publicly publicized the video of its “receiving rights”, Yamamoto said around “land sovereignty & rdquo;, has evolved into a grim “information war”. He stressed the need to strengthen external communication (the ability to convey information), and to confront China and South Korea, will explore the time to convene the ambassadors back to Tokyo.

The Japanese government will share information and send letters with ambassadors in major countries. Yamamoto said that he will discuss in detail which country, what kind of evaluation, “should have the persuasive power not to lose to the Chinese ambassador”.

On the occasion of the Japanese government’s disclosure of the Diaoyu Islands and Zhudao video, the Chinese and South Korean countries opposed it. Yamamoto said the move conveyed the position of the Japanese government.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stressed that Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have been China’s inherent territory since ancient times. No matter how the Japanese side deliberately, racks its brains, and changes its methods to promote his wrong ideas, it is impossible to change the basic fact that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

China urges the Japanese side to respect historical facts, stop provocation, educate the younger generation with a correct view of history, and make tangible efforts to improve relations with neighboring countries through practical actions.

The Korean Foreign Ministry also stated that “Dokdo” is a Japanese victim of aggression’s “victims”, and South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Taiyong repeatedly stressed that “Dokdo” is South Korea’s territory.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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