Jiangsu Nantong Rugao Port imported foreign stone for the first time

On August 15, the shipment of more than 10,000 tons of granite blocks from the port of Kakinada, India, was held at the No. 2 berth of Jiangsu Rugao Port Group, the first granite trade to reach Rugao Port. Bulk carrier.

Granite is widely used in high-grade construction projects because of its high hardness, wear resistance, weather resistance, beautiful color and long-lasting color. It can also be used as an open-air engraving. Granite is widely distributed and has many types. The type of imported materials is “British brown”.

As a major support project in Jiangsu Province in 2015, Rugao City will gradually build a large-scale international stone industrial city that can accommodate 1,500 various types of stone processing and supporting operations in Rugao Port. Strive to build one of the three major stone distribution centers in the country. In the future, more foreign imported stone freighters will enter Rugao Port from Brazil, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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