Kitchen technology at Milan European Kitchen Show

Gatto Demonstrates a cooktop made of innovative materials that is ideal for kitchen preparation. Only small circles of the size indicate that this is a cooktop. A pot of water can boil quickly on it. A flat surface also makes cleaning easier.

Induction cooker with a more traditional look, like this from Asko Induction Cooker, which contains new features, such as an alcove burner, It allows you to cook in a wok and provide heat around the bowl-shaped pan. This is for those who like to cook at home.

You are no longer limited to the size of the burner. This cooktop model from Siemens provides flexibility and pot size through the sensing area. Regardless of whether you place a pot or pan of any size on the cooktop, its surface will detect the position and size of the pan.

This retractable induction cooktop surface can hold a small pot and a larger pan.

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