KKG Mall Goddess Festival to the goddess love letter ~

Festival Sources

International Women’s Day, established on March 8 of each year, full name “UN Women’s Rights and International Day of Peace or “United Nations Feminist and International Day of Peace” is also known in China as “March 8 Women’s Day”.

This festival was established to celebrate the important contributions and achievements of women in the economic, political and social fields.

However, nowadays, Women’s Day is more often referred to as the Goddess Festival, and its political significance has gradually faded, which more reflects the status of women and the improvement of women’s self-awareness.

Youth Goddess

Above the class, you are raising your sails and moving forward The girl; in the bedroom, you are a child who mobilizes playful and happy life; on the road of youth, you open the wings of wisdom and enjoy life. In the school, a beautiful flower, beautiful and charming, elegant and generous, and envious of natural beauty.

Goddess Day, may your youthful years be infinitely beautiful! May you collect happiness and enjoy the scenery!

Confident Goddess

Beautiful, happy and about a meeting; chic, touch a cup with good luck; dynamic point, let the health side accompany; smart point, take peace all the way With. Smile is the most beautiful style, temperament is the most beautiful dress, confidence is the biggest bright spot.

Goddess Day, I hope you have the most convincing confidence and enjoy the best years! May you bloom the most beautiful smile, embrace the most happiness!

Goddess of Happiness

You use your unique gentle smile on life, life is rewarding you with happiness; you treat life with beautiful purity and life. Reporting to you with happiness; you write youth with agile thinking, and youth reports you to grow. You have a bright smile and greet happiness; you have a sweet heart, telling the good; you have a smart pair of eyes, and enjoy the spring.

The goddess is here, may you live infinitely beautiful! May your life be full of sunshine! May you be so charming at all times!


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