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Korea KAA Live Platform? KAA Video Invitation Code? Block Chain Mining Model?

Korea KAA Project Profile

Under the Blockchain Ecology, the world’s first reward The mine live broadcast platform is the knowledge education of the blockchain industry popularization system, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the project, and creating a new platform for value sharing and value acquisition.

KAA platform integrates artist training, artist packaging, online live broadcast, token consumption, reward mining and exchanges, combined with current live hotspots and blockchains to reward mines Create a new blockchain token ecology.

Korean KAA Business Model

Platform Mechanism

KAA Token

Token: In addition to trading with mainstream currency, KAA also It can be used for mining awards, dividends, gift rewards, wealth management investments, commodity redemption, and currency voting.

Hosting Selection

The anchor submission data review is completed by —— completing the corresponding course tasks in the platform ——

Fans vote for the main broadcast, and the number of votes reached the top fifteen—— the anchor can successfully open the live broadcast room.

Anchor Broker and Earnings

Fans voted for the main broadcast and successfully opened the live room After that, become the anchor of the “broker,” brokers can enjoy 10% dividends on the rewards of the anchor.

Anchor revenue

After the anchor starts broadcasting, it will get 5%-10% of all rewards in the live broadcast (as the popularity increases, the reward will increase, the proportion will have Advanced promotion)

User invitation mechanism

KAA registration will send 200 KAA coins, and then each new user will receive 80KAA coins and get the invitees. 30% of the follow-up transaction fee is used as a reward, and it can also continue to receive a dividend of 3% of the total direct income.

KAA Tokens Release

KAA has a total circulation of 89.3 billion pieces, which will never be issued. It is mainly used for:

1. Buying feedback: Proportion 51 %, the number of KAA is 45.5 billion

2. Platform funds: 15%, KAA number is 13.4 billion

3. Founding team: 15%, KAA 1.34 billion pieces

4. Strategic partners: 9%, KAA number is 8 billion pieces

5. Share + heat reward: 10%, KAA number is 89.3 Billion

KAA Direct Video

Token’s Circulation Transaction

In addition to the mainstream exchanges, KAA will also conduct trading on the embedded exchanges launched by the platform. It can also be consumed in the mall inside the platform, including: physical goods, fan ecology, training courses, financial management strategies, etc.

Repurchase and sale

For a large number of rewards for mining, possible inflation may lead to depreciation of the KAA currency, and KAA has deployed an excellent solution. The KAA official will take out 15% of the platform’s profits and use it to regularly repurchase the KAA in circulation and destroy it, and increase the dividend of the user TOKEN to protect the interests of the holder. According to the KAA repurchase model, the difference in the price of the KAA will affect the proportion of the final repurchase in the cycle, which has played a positive role in the stability of the TOKEN price.

Profit Model

Membership Mechanism

Financial Plan

Voting Mechanism

1. After the fans voted for the main broadcast and successfully opened the live broadcast room, they became The anchor of the anchor, “ broker can enjoy a 10% dividend on the reward of the anchor.

2. Become a community partner: Select 10-20 best community partners and platform share revenue dividends on a quarterly basis, with a dividend ratio of 10% of the total platform revenue for the quarter. The selection criteria are determined by the number of KAAs held in each user’s hand and the voting ranking. The number of votes is ranked in the top 10 & mdash; 20 are successfully selected.

3. Credit voting: The KAA platform has its own exchange. When other project parties want to deposit money on the KAA platform, KAA does not charge any foreign currency fees, but decides by holding the currency voting. Whether to reach a cooperation intention.

Rewarding Bonus

Consumption Mechanism

A. Purchasing : Big coffee anchor multinational purchasing, international authentic, tax-free and low price; the latest product, best quality, best service, give you the best shopping experience.

B. Mall: The platform self-operated mall can exchange items through KAA tokens, including physical goods, fan peripherals, training courses, financial management strategies, etc.

C. Education and Training: There are two main sections: First, training for the digital token market, including professional knowledge explanation, K-line point analysis, market risk forecasting, investment strategy simulation, etc., a large number of industries Top elites face to face to teach youHow to become a blockchain big coffee; Second, about the training of anchor art literacy, including music, dance, physical, broadcast and other courses, a large number of South Korea’s top professional instructors full-training skills training.

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