Korean high school student was sentenced to 13 hours after corporal punishment, brain death, teacher was arrested

China Net February 23 According to South Korea’s “Korean Daily” website reported on February 22, high school students were corporal punishment for more than 13 hours of brain deaths, the police violent suspected students violent suspects filed.

The Shuntian Police Department of Jeollanam-do conducted a case investigation on a 22-year-old high school teacher A (59 years old) in a high school teacher on the 22nd to push the student’s head to the wall (violation of violence).

A was around 8:30 am on the 18th. In the classroom of the school, on the grounds of being late, he was suspected of slamming the head of B (18 years and 2nd grade) twice into the wall.

B was punished in the afternoon to walk in the hallway. After school, he returned home to have dinner. When he went to the usual Taekwondo field, he suddenly collapsed into a state of brain death.

The police believe that the relationship between corporal punishment and brain death is still unclear, but judging from the behavior of hitting the student’s head against the wall, the judgment exceeds the educational level and A is filed.

It is reported that A was in a police investigation on the 21st and said: “Although B’s head was slammed into the wall twice (like the claim of B’s family), but he grabbed him. He didn’t push the back of his head.

The police investigated A in the state of non-detention, and in the future, based on the investigation, judge whether to apply for a warrant.

The police will also thoroughly investigate whether corporal punishment has an impact on brain death based on the abnormal symptoms of corporal punishment after B and the doctor’s opinion of the National University Hospital of B.

I learned that “the high school student’s brain died after 13 hours of corporal punishment”, the netizens of the news said that “13 hours after the corporal punishment, the high school student’s brain died, I can’t believe it’s still so serious until now. Corporal punishment & rdquo;, & ldquo; 13 hours after corporal punishment, high school students brain death, corporal punishment and brain death status is related? & rdquo; ” 13 hours after corporal punishment, high school students brain death, because of a certain degree of corporal punishment” Wait.

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