Labelexpo Asia 2019, before the show sounded Assembly

By the China Printing Equipment Industries Association (PEIAC, hereinafter referred to as: India Industry Association) supported the 9th Asian International Exhibition on Label Printing (English: Labelexpo Asia 2019) in the upcoming December 3-6 this year at the Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E1-E3 kicked off. As of the end of September, more than 300 domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers, raw materials manufacturers have been encouraged to register exhibitors, the exhibition scale to expand 25% over the previous show, for the most ever. And this is the show for two consecutive years over 20% growth. In order to better promote the show, to attract more visitors to visit the exhibition, but also for the show to create a good interactive development, cooperation and win-win atmosphere, the exhibition organizer Tarsus Group partners – China Printing Equipment Industries Association (PEIAC, hereinafter referred to as: India Industry Association) in support, on October 18 in Shanghai Hua Ting hotel held a high-profile “2019 Asian international Exhibition on label printing press conference and promotion”, the official blew the assembly before the show. China Printing Technology Association of flexo printing branch Shi Jianping Secretary-General was invited to introduce Chinese printing industry and the status of the flexographic printing industry. He pointed out: in foreign developed regions, currently the most commonly used flexo label printing technology. In China , the data show that the flexo process about 12% -15% of China’s total output value of the printing industry. According to “2019 China Development Report flexographic printing”: 2017 China flexographic printing output of about 144 billion -1800 billion yuan. In particular, he pointed out, flexo able to achieve such success in the Chinese market Control Engineering Copyright , in addition to being driven by the national environmental protection policy but also on the continuous improvement of flexo related technology and equipment localization process equipment . For example, to participate in the Asian International Exhibition on Label Printing flexo machine manufacturers: Wei Gang, in special, the sun machinery, Hongsheng, Olger, source of iron, the three Zhe Hai Yi Chun and other flexo equipment control Engineering Copyright , whether it is product quality, precision and performance, or processing technology has improved to a great extent. Undeniably, however, the combination of performance flexo machine-made, intelligent design, and other aspects of the small employers drop loss compared with the imported machines are still the poor relation, part of the high-end label printing choice for business or imported equipment. The exhibition Omet, Mark Andy, MPS, Bobst will bring the latest technology, is particularly worth as well as a 7-color printing presses domino N610IM mixed with Shi Pande joint development of attention, this device incorporates Domino’s industry-leading N610i digital UV inkjet label printing the new high-speed intelligent machine with Shi Pande S7 flexographic system, as well as cloud silk digital press, the exhibition will provide us with a good opportunity to learn, but also to label the enterprise more choices. He also said to the rapid rise of Lucky Wah Kwong, Dongguan plum home, Shanghai strong state and other domestic flexographic plates and plate-making equipment, is also a big boost power to promote the rapid development of flexo technology in China. In this exhibition, we will be able to see from China Hangzhou Correa electromechanical, Liaoning Masahiro Basch, Hangzhou Eastcom Optoelectronics Technology, Shanghai and Australia Luo pull agent AMSKY (love Lazne) brand, Ruian Teesside meaning of the sun version of the machine and pasting machines, and brought Esko HD-plate equipment, etc. from international. After the state has adopted a series of green printing policy , a growing number of companies from within the printing industry for flexo do not care to take the initiative concern. As another example, many domestic label printing companies , such as Shanghai Zhengwei, Alice Suzhou, Suzhou Jiang Tian, ​​Beijing Ji Germany, India and other Indian all Chengdu plant is by purchasing a wider web of soft printers, expanding shrink trapping label, flexible packaging products market.
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domestic traditional label printing equipment manufacturers, such as Zhejiang Wei Gang, sun, Zhejiang Principal also began production of flexographic printing equipment, and the introduction of more and more wide-format printing equipment by prior to the main device market expansion 220mm / 330mm 460mm to the current format of the device even 660mm flexible packaging closely associated with a tag, whether in print, rewinding, slitting and other processing equipment, or in processing technology, a large category belong . This year Asian International Exhibition on Label Printing launched a sister exhibition – “2019 Asian flexible packaging printing exhibition” about the same “print” – on display labels, flexible packaging production process is the most important part is the processors in a short time to understand labels, flexible packaging one of the important platform printing technology, well worth a visit. Subsequently, Mr. Liu Tao, director of Asian International Exhibition on Label Printing China, on behalf of the show organizers’ label technology trends and Labelexpo Asia 2019 ExhibitionHighlights will be tabled share “in the title, details the trends in the global label, packaging and printing areas, many of published data for the first time in the country. 2019 Asian International Exhibition on Label Printing forthcoming, according to him, this exhibition will be the new Hall E3 is set to “Innovation Hall”, equipped with digital, intelligent and flexible packaging printing three major zones. Related to the digital printing equipment manufacturing enterprises have more than 30 on display in this region, including: Domino, Konica Minolta, Dilli, Shanghai-silk, can Hongbo Zhi, Hao Tian, ​​Runtianzhi, Dragan, Khatami within Changzhou, Hefei-Run, Asian-American Division (Amica), Epson, Masahiro Basch, Shanghai Guanzhong, no Xili Da, Zhejiang Lei Peng, Taiwan nebula (GCC), transcendence, Worui Ningbo, Guangzhou Commodities maps. In the same hall area to 500 square meters smart label debut, Avery Dennison, UPM Raflatac, Voyantic, Mühlbauer, Ida, new Crystal Road, Shanghai Alliance point, Guangzhou Jing race so demonstrate in this region . He said there are many things to watch the show, for example, by the national environmental policy tighter, part of the localization and enhance the accuracy and speed of printing flexo plate material, this exhibition of traditional print very worthy of our attention, Highlights They are: OMET iFLEX intelligent printing line, Wei Gang unit flexographic printing machine, sun STF-340 flexo machine. Meanwhile, Hongsheng, the source of iron, the three Zhe, Guangdong Olger, Hai Yi Chun, also will showcase its latest flexo printing equipment. In addition, the combination of offset printing and label printing technology is very with Chinese characteristics, a kind of Chinese important as label printing process, offset printing showing rapid development in recent years. The main exhibits the show can be seen comprising: wanjie WJPS350 PS plate intermittent shaftless rotary press, Wei Kang batch PS plate Laid trademark printing and offset press.
Label Expo Asia project director Tao
Mr. Tao concluded: “the full support of India Industry Association, the exhibition will introduce a new device dizzying showcase new materials; at the same time, this session of the exhibition was first introduced by the international Institute of the prestigious label the main organizer of master classes and seminars conducted around shrink sleeves, two major themes of digital printing technology, the two-day event is organized by Tarsus Group strategy Director Andy Thomas and other fields well-known experts to teach; together with other activities of the show, we will dedicate a return on both exhibitors and visitorsExperience for all the wonderful show than ever before, in order to repay the majority of my colleagues in print. ”

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