Manufacturing applications of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy

Artificial intelligence is becoming the subject of favorable manufacturing enterprises, set off a “gold rush” in the world. In 2018 (sixth) round-table discussion of advanced manufacturing Assembly held recently CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a number of industry experts discussed on artificial intelligence (AI) and related issues of intelligent manufacturing. It is reported that a large industrial scale, by the end of 2017, China’s artificial intelligence enterprises reached more than 2000, where the number of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, five provinces and cities over one hundred related businesses, the number of patents in artificial intelligence our country accounted for 22% of the world. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chief Economist Wang Xinzhe said that China’s artificial intelligence industry in recent years has accelerated momentum of development, industry size has grown, 2020, AI core industrial scale more than 150 billion yuan, related industries scale of more than 1 trillion yuan . The next step, China will strengthen the industry of artificial intelligence technology innovation system, strengthening the smart sensor, industrial core base of artificial intelligence chip and basic software, and accelerate the development of key technology and artificial intelligence technology to promote the integration of the industry development; promote Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing the depth of integration, develop new model to promote intelligent manufacturing, new formats, to promote industrial upgrading to achieve intelligent manufacturing quality change, efficiency change and agents of change; artificial intelligence to speed up the establishment of standards, assessment and intellectual property service system www.cechina .cn , promote the establishment of industry training resource library, the standard test data sets and open platform to build the foundation of artificial intelligence platform to support and improve human resources, taxation, finance and other related policies. Few foreign companies complete application Accenture recent study found that the vast majority of manufacturers are trying to use artificial intelligence technology to enhance products and services. However, for data quality and security reasons, large-scale application of this emerging technology companies are still few. Studies have shown that more than half of surveyed Chinese enterprises will be listed as outstanding data quality challenges. Accenture six industries in Europe, North America and Asia 500 manufacturing companies conducted an investigation, including 100 Chinese companies. Research found that artificial intelligence techniques (in particular when it is combined with mobile computing and big data analysis techniques) can not only promote the transformation of their core business, but also improve employee and customer experience, and ultimately gave birth to a new business model, help companies achieve “industrial X.0” warslightly. Currently, however, only a few manufacturers reached a “smart applications” as defined in stage Accenture, is about human intelligence combined with industry insight and analysis, and then scale used in the company’s core business. Research shows that while 98 percent of companies have begun to use artificial intelligence technology to improve products and services, only 16% of companies have a complete vision of artificial intelligence, only 5% of companies are investing in technological transformation of its manufacturing application of artificial intelligence , and comprehensive application of artificial intelligence solutions for enterprises accounted for only 2%. Application of grading by industry It is understood that the current artificial intelligence attempts to manufacturers large areas in China, but companies in the transition process has not been easy. Accenture research found, and global enterprises, like , Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing a series of challenges in the use of artificial intelligence technology. Among them, 52 percent of respondents listed Chinese companies will highlight the challenges of data quality, data security and network security, followed by (47%), while the data sharing and intellectual property protection as a challenge is accounted for 44% of all higher than the global average. Accenture Greater China president of product manufacturing division Chenke Dian said:. “Currently, companies use artificial intelligence transformation of manufacturing is still in the early stages of our findings, improve the comprehensive strategy for the successful application of artificial intelligence enterprise very helpful despite large some companies still taste is just piecemeal application of smart technology type, but in the near future, we expect the re-use of artificial intelligence in manufacturing will usher flourish. “in addition, companies can combine artificial intelligence and other technologies for digital products innovation, and get a huge return. Another study showed that Accenture, industrial equipment manufacturers make good use of artificial intelligence technology, which can enhance the market value of up to 25%. Studies indicate that CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the successful application of artificial intelligence technology companies need to go through four stages. First, establish faith, fully confident that artificial intelligence techniques can digitally reshape the industry; second, to build a vision, using artificial intelligence technology to fully tap the potential of existing products and services; third, pledged, the use of artificial intelligence transformation manufacturing; fourth, full application, large-scale digitization of innovative products and services. Research shows that there is a clear leader in investment and ecosystem warSlightly, can acquire, process and guarantee the required data, promote artificial intelligence to maximize the value. At the same time, these companies focus on information technology (IT) capabilities and skills CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , lay the foundation for large-scale deployment of artificial intelligence. Among them, more than ninety percent of enterprises will be data analysis and system integration as an essential capability; over Liucheng company believes that embedded artificial intelligence will change its business model. Studies indicate that CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a few leading companies to stand out, to start large-scale application of artificial intelligence is critical that they be able to work closely with ecosystem partners, carefully choose the moment and the future of artificial intelligence technology needs and applied with other digital technology together to create value for customers. The company plans to use mainly include computer vision, artificial intelligence solutions (73%), deep learning (64%) and robotic process automation (64%). In addition, the degree of artificial intelligence to reshape production also varies by industry. 65% of the car companies will change the profitable source of income treated as a matter of choice. Industrial equipment manufacturing industry has been divided, most of the heavy equipment manufacturer (57%) said that throughout the entire product life cycle sales and marketing strategy is to focus its consideration of the matter, and 42% of industrial and electrical equipment company hopes embed type of artificial intelligence can further drive business innovation.

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