Manufacturing enterprises at half the cost, really possible?

Half the cost of such slogans, presented Japanese companies, entrepreneurs, is not surprising. Many Japanese companies manufacturing the century since the 80’s starting to shift to overseas production plants, especially in mainland China and Southeast Asian countries, which is considered a hedge against Japan was gradually increased labor costs. Still, many categories of Japanese manufacturing companies are still retains many of its domestic and workshop positions, then a choice proved to be more long-term perspective. In fact, by the early 2000s, decades before the transfer of European countries actively manufacturing capacity, the United States and Japan, recognized the drawbacks of this approach.
The most fundamental reason is because from the production line and design aspects occur, and these two aspects is more out of touch with the greater marketing, making the transfer of information between different segments become very difficult. Marketing links through customer feedback, found a non-product quality problems (such as functional design, it is possible to improper design, lack of problem, there may exist when designed, redundant functionality to add non-customer demand and other issues), it is difficult rapid feedback to the design and production line, which means that the customer feedback as the most important business information and intelligence, you can not play value. And because the production and design from designers not easy to identify problems exposed in production, the former to the latter output, is facing a number of road barriers, enterprise and therefore are likely to eventually make defective products to market without the knowledge of the situation. In addition, outsourcing the manufacturing sector, it will undermine rather than enhance their designers, product developers for intuitive grasp. How for processing, how to assemble, how to carry out the inspection, these problems can not be resolved smoothly. Senior experts in the field of Japanese manufacturing, chairman of the Japan Research Institute Ltd. The cost of developing Hiroyuki Miki, has long been engaged in research and development of agricultural and other products, many years immersed in the lean product development and minimize development costs. Hiroyuki Miki believes that to reduce the cost of Japanese manufacturing CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , is technically feasible, but to achieve the goal in this regard, it should be the revitalization of the Japanese mainland manufacturing. He affirmed in 2008 after the US government and industry to accelerate the reflow manufacturing practices, it is clear that Japanese companies also hope to promote manufacturing capacity and jobs reflux. Of course, not just manufacturing, not all industries do not want to reduce costs. Miki BoFortunately, in his book “at half the cost,” a book that common methods to reduce costs, is “reserved in part or assembly unit prototype premise of reducing materials, purchasing, logistics and other costs, or improve processing methods, to promote a more rational way of assembly and so on in order to shorten the time “- this practice is difficult to avoid a reduction in manufacturing quality, or increase tension supply chain relationships. Ways to reduce costs even more respected he is restarted thorough review product structure and shape parts from design aspects, cost and product development related to reform, thereby avoiding a decline in product quality after cost cutting. Hiroyuki Miki will reduce the cost of the above method, known as “the cost of halving the law.” This approach is possible because the manufacturing sector, the widespread problem of excess quality, namely extra features, performance, quality, cost and lead to price increase; if by a more sophisticated design and manufacturing, the introduction of new technology to improve the level of collaboration between the manufacturing sector employees, especially tacit knowledge sharing , reduce or even significantly reduce product cost, of course, is realistic. “Cost reduction” in the book, Hiroyuki Miki reviewed his career, and constantly promote product development and design costs of experience, especially on the part of tractors, cultivators to improve, to achieve both the number of parts in half, at half the cost , quality improvement of 20%. The book describes the specific methods in this regard, including how to shop, the business process as a unit, complete technical guidance by ten steps; find multiple solutions to the problem, and then make the necessary scientific analysis, etc., are very enlightening and maneuverability. “Half the cost method ‘to say is not a mystery, it is not complicated esoteric, but it is not the practice of each manufacturing firms can quickly grasp. The main reason is to improve the quality of the premise of decline in the cost depends not only on business leadership, design and development departments , but also the needs of enterprises concerted efforts to build staff skills together to focus on development issues. Hiroyuki Miki sharp criticism in the book pointed out that Japanese manufacturing companies, for example, in recent years, many companies find themselves in financial difficulties, the fundamental reason is that operators from the scene, did not give enough support and incentives for research and development departments. Some companies every revenue constraints and other difficult situation, announced job cuts, including the reduction of a large number of R & D staff, in turn, turn a good businessCase, and more willing to splash out on other corporate R & D department or project, or start-up companies, there is no real sense favor R & D department. In this case, it must form all walks of life including manufacturing companies, including internal staff. Contempt site management, can not do the field-based skills improvement and cost reduction. Manufacturing difficulties for a long time from going abroad Electric hot open early to the later car quota hot Control Engineering Copyright , and today the toilet lid, rice cooker hot, hot all over the world frantically scouring the sea, are consumer awareness results of voting with their feet after awakening. Japan Akihabara Electric street, any person engaged in the manufacturing sector saw army procurement from China, will be distressed. Everything as ten years ago, the United States best-selling author Thomas Friedman: prophecy, “The World is Flat A Brief History of a twenty-first century,” as in, consumer intercourse through scientific and technological progress and social agreements, such as phone, network, open the original program code and other means to get the freedom they want. Property protection, market-oriented intermediate links lead to insufficient raw material costs, production costs, distribution costs, transaction costs extremely high, are the two factors of Chinese manufacturing difficulties. Alone in terms of intellectual property rights, has been greatly improved in recent years, both the government crackdown on IPR infringement, or change their business ideas have improved significantly, basically embarked on the track of healthy development. Of course, in the interests of personal and property protection of property rights of entrepreneurs, there is still much room for improvement. The biggest problems is the rise in various costs in recent years. Sort of history will find that the 1998 Asian financial crisis, the devaluation of the RMB strategy began not rely on first come under international spotlight on stage, capital of China developed such a serious underestimation of the value of resources, low labor costs and abundant supply, low interest rates, low inflation poised to flock to the world’s art capital, brand, technology began to aggressively enter the value of depression, after joining the WTO has kept this advantage fame. But by 2004, export 800 million shirts in order to buy Boeing aircraft reality, plus some foreign overly aggressive pursuit of profits the way, some pseudo joint venture of domestic brands beheaded buyouts, so some scholars and governments are starting to generate resources is cheap, environmental contamination concerns. After the first shot fired from the integration of small mines, coal, steel, car was quick, there are plans to push prices higher with refined oil resources, manufacturingCost resource costs, labor costs, distribution costs, other rigid costs rose sharply, the manufacturing sector shrinking profit margins. The reason why the issue has not deteriorated, because the 2004 liberalization of the domestic real estate policy of releasing the potential market demand, leveraging the building materials, transportation, manufacturing and other large equipment and real estate related industries, reducing the decline of manufacturing pain. It can be seen, the manufacturing difficulties in recent years, attributable to the real estate industry siphon resources not objective enough, behind manufacturing and real estate dilemma is a common problem with the status quo because, two forms is a problem. Impact of real estate in the manufacturing sector is also far not as serious as we thought, on the contrary in 2004 – 2012 years of real estate has some nurturing function of the manufacturing industry. Today, the pulling effect of the real estate industry has become increasingly weak, coupled with reduced exports, long-standing manufacturing difficulties resurfaced. Wu Xiaobo speed “to buy Japanese toilet lid” has been able to arouse the whole society, the whole industry a powerful resonance, that he accidentally ripped body wrapped in manufacturing this fragile fig leaf, the text of that humble smart toilet cover deeply hurt government and manufacturing practitioners who. Pain costs the troubled manufacturing efficiency first and foremost a problem of this year, Lin and Zhang Weiying two economic everyone’s industrial policy debate to be in full swing, it reminds me of Mr. Lin’s article “How the new normal government to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading” Lin text like a professional surgeon, using economic theory the new structure will be the domestic industry categories, proposes specific solutions. In the latter advantage is still evident premise, targeted advantage of this solution is exceedingly efficient, immediate, and welcomed by policy makers rely flaw is that the market itself will damage the operating mechanism. However, the market believes in the supremacy of Mr. Zhang Weiying own admission, the market economy in China is faced with entrenched vested interests, the key is difficult to promote ills. When the economic situation is good, the lack of internal reform momentum, can not form an effective breakthrough; when the economy down, the market often can not wait for the automatic healing, visible hand of government will be under pressure to safeguard stability. Lin Yifu stressed the visible hand, also highlights the responsibility of the government, in this sense, if the development of effective industrial policy, government powerful resource mobilization capacity of the transformation of the manufacturing sector to upgrade more good than harm. To solve the middle part of the market enough to cause the degree of raw material costs, production costs, distribution costs, transaction costs extremely high, first of all fromImprove production efficiency point of view, around five key industry 4.0 develop optimal industrial incentives and infrastructure building programs. Industry 4.0 temptation for China’s largest manufacturing industry is that it relies on the Internet, Internet of things, by optimizing the trading process, reduce resource use, reduce labor costs, streamline turnaround times to creatively reduce the cost of the whole process. Our industrial base and R & D capabilities from industry 4.0 gap is not small, but address this gap, but the catch is about manufacturing a hurdle. In addition to the grand strategy, but also from the rules planned every aspect of the business square, hardware building, technical support, and personnel reserve, etc., increase infrastructure investment in things, and build a fledgling eco-industrial 4.0 as soon as possible chain, to attract more manufacturing, capital involved. High-tech, new technology can greatly improve productivity, coupled with good industrial policy and pro-business oriented open business environment can effectively alleviate the increasingly prominent high cost of pain. From this perspective, Lin Yifu and Zhang Weiying the fight industrial policies of wings like a hawk, are indispensable. Forced Forced to effect reform through the Internet using the Internet to all parties, continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of government service model, reduce institutional transaction costs, it is also very important to address the plight of China’s manufacturing industry. Institutional Trading is also troubled by the high cost of manufacturing one of the problems, since the founding look at all the major transformation begins at the Forced, perhaps the Internet is such a service model innovation to promote government transformation Forced by the starting point. Forced government services via the Internet model will help gather consensus for change. Internet can be manipulated and strong, to avoid possible interference of human factors, the most efficient, to minimize social unrest, receiving the highest degree. Under the premise of the traditional governance model troubled CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , through the establishment of high-profile Internet infrastructure government departments to study and formulate Forced effect through the Internet to promote the transformation and upgrading and service innovation governance models. The basic processes of governance modernization of data collection, policy development, centralized decision-making process of supervision, the fundamental principle is controllable. The flow of information on the Internet is essentially a large platform, the flow of information flow play, the role of integration, just to meet this demand, it will not only solve the efficiency problem, and both the fair, open and fair, which is of great significance to reality . In fact the Internet downForce effects already vigorously begun, Alibaba and other companies using the Internet, cloud computing, big data, etc. to provide users with online payment settlement and other financial services standards Forced traditional finance to accelerate reform; Tencent micro letter and other new communication tools Forced operators service; the advent of drops travel software innovation to promote the great tradition of the taxi industry; network to break the traditional geographical and lottery monopoly model, forcing the General Administration of Sport to make an emergency stop. It can be said from the beginning of 2012, almost all industries have felt Forced power of the Internet. As the starting point to promote the benefits of the Internet governance model and service innovation is that it is a controlled process, risk control, high degree of mechanical resistance, the effectiveness of how completely dependent on the policy makers themselves. Second, it can better quantify management elements. Executives sitting in the office mouse click to complete the transfer of real-time data, not only that, but also with large data mining to better control and predict the future. Crack manufacturing difficulties, is still focused on higher value added products by improving the efficiency of government services model transformation Forced to reduce costs, can not put an end to consumers vote with their feet “toilet lid phenomenon” radically. It should also focus on higher value added products. Upgrading product quality is the basis of where the value-added products. By constantly updated product design, manufacturing processes, quality improvement will be able to provide users with high-quality experience, which requires manufacturing practitioners have a strong sense of tradition and the spirit of craftsmen. Improve product value of core technology research and development requirements. Determine a country’s industrial base in addition to a single product characteristics can not be done except for volume production is stable, there is not formed a complete industrial chain of upstream and downstream is a more important indicator. This is what we can make satellite into space, but not a reason to do bearing. Weak basis means that even if you have a full set of production lines introduced, it may be stuck in a screw, a technology worker, a humble little details. Domestic manufacturing presence in many areas and foreign technology gap, rely on their own strength to accumulate or market research breakthrough unrealistic, the gap is only widening. In this case, we need to Lin talked about visible hand of government force. Open application areas, from basic research and cutting-edge technology research and development two breakthrough, break the fragmented nature of the situation, re-planning integration of existing research resources, financial and material resources focused on the establishment of a number of national laboratories and industry foundation experimental platform for basic research when the much-needed technical and manufacturing problems, the implementation of internal bidding system, to develop a research and developmentBetween the table and the roadmap, single breakthrough, sharing of results. Some of the more major research projects can be implemented around the world open tender. To create a first-class experimental platform to attract talent around the world to join in the work to domestic innovation. Independent research and development and the introduction of foreign advanced production technology, does not contradict the idea that we should also develop some special preferential policies to continue to attract multinational companies to invest in China. These multinationals itself has a strong adsorption capacity of resources, it is important to cultivate domestic industrial base and to enhance the power of technology. Of course, for global resource integration capability is also a new perspective to improve value-added products. What is the cost of manufacturing in China to break impasse, still a lot needs to be done, all can learn the forces are not abandoned.

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