Manufacturing Innovation and Industrial Software

Hard road – but it must be the way to go we must follow the potential risk of a trade war over the past year and our technology companies are experiencing, let us see more clearly the importance of “independent innovation, to master the core technology”, which is supposed to be the way to go, but the rapid expansion of the market we have not had time to go over the past 40 years control Engineering Copyright , China’s rapid growth makes the “have” products can be to make money, it also makes us forget the road of independent innovation in bringing high-speed growth and prosperity at the same time. However, the saturation of the market – reflected in excess capacity, will have to come along with this development. Secondly, Branch of high value-added industry to respond under the new competitive situation, whether it is the strength of intellectual property protection, environmental protection, high pressure, keeping strict social control, the rising cost of human resources, which have led to patterns of the past no to-alive, we must move towards a new road. Again, walking in the wilderness of the industry, in many areas 3C, high-speed rail, household appliances, etc., we can bring high yield of scale has made competitors on a global scale is almost eliminated, had become a leader to follow, this time – it must rely on long-term development strategy to lead the industry, otherwise, there will be potentially subversive danger, not only from their own industry, cross-border power is extremely huge. Scientific and technological innovation Why so difficult? Back to the manufacturing industry, in fact, not many companies do not have the will to innovate, but lack of awareness of innovation, recognizing this innovative aspects include: (1) many companies believe that innovation is the return on investment is very large and micro: obviously, this is not correct, because it is dependent on the uS for its innovative and able to do such a position in the field of science and technology, to achieve what we call this pattern “strangle hold”, this return is not high? – Why do you think innovation is no return? . (2) lack of understanding of the innovation itself approach: innovations include support methodology, curriculum and training in this area is clearly less in the market, and, as lean R & D management to achieve this investment Huawei IPD for most businesses is not many. . (3) risk control: In fact, many existing tools and methods in itself is to reduce the risk of innovation, such as concurrent engineering, digital modeling, virtual testing, digital twin, which themselves are designed to reduce risk . (4) lack of talent: now more serious lack of talent in the manufacturing sector, because most companies lackLack of innovation, and thus caught in a vicious price competition, leading to lower profits, not to hire high-level R & D personnel, this vicious circle makes a lot of talented people have gone to BAT, finance, like the first-class universities such as Tsinghua University Beijing Jiaotong University and USTC many of these students are either study abroad or to enter the government, or into the financial circle. Today, the development of manufacturing all kinds of discussions, whether it is intelligent manufacturing, the Internet industry, the foundation of the development of artificial intelligence, by its very nature is by means of different techniques to solve manufacturing “quality”, “cost” and “delivery” the mechanism of these traditional model of lean manufacturing are talking about the core issues, and the Internet industry mainly through digitizing the entire manufacturing process reusable, and artificial intelligence is focused on solving non-linear manufacturing process, uncertainty, interference, can not be effectively addressed, to obtain the optimal value, and with the development of iT technology, the ability to solve these problems has made considerable progress, and costs continue to decline, which is why today’s discussion intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, remember, these are solution to the problem with the tools to solve different problems, as it can not manufacture itself.
The figure shows, from the data to process information, knowledge, insight, wisdom, influence, for commercial software, too, collecting machines and systems perceived production from field data, to form a useful information package knowledge unique understanding and insight into the industry, to the wisdom and influence – this is an inevitable process of experience – have a way to go, do not try to cross, Buddha enlightenment is complete after more than a decade of penance instead of a eureka moment. Manufacturing innovation is a pursuit of efficient and economic process of science is to “explore the unknown,” the possibility of finding solution to the problem, but the project is “convergence” – the actual look for the most economical path to achieve on a scientific basis. Innovation by no means a eureka moment, it is necessary for creative design, and for innovation in manufacturing Control Engineering Copyright , is how to achieve efficient manufacturing process, the economy, and this must resort project methods and tools, therefore, innovation is a rigorous process that requires a lot of knowledge with reusable, otherwise, if any knowledge needs to start at 0, so completely does not have any economy at all, there is no competition force.
Based on process modeling is a rigorous process, including the V-Model design in Europe and America has been very mature, but , except in some countries, aerospace, military industry and other core areas must require autonomous control for these other areas are poorly understood. Innovative design forward from the past for a long period of time, China’s manufacturing industry model innovation include “the introduction of digestion”, just like in the 1970s we introduced a Rolls Royce “Spey” engine [123 ] control Engineering Copyright , spent $ 400 million, as well as Geely acquisition of Volvo cars, the drawing has obtained several tons of weight, the second is the market for technology, such as the automotive industry, high-speed rail, gas turbines, etc. market, rely on strong Chinese market, requires foreign manufacturers to use the joint venture approach to manufacturing production, hoping in the process to obtain technology, and the third is to “fill the gaps” oriented science and technology research, major projects have international research investment. but
, in fact, the introduction of digestion itself is to go through the complicated process of verification, and a lot of software does not conform to the actual situation in China, it is often difficult to digest and absorb this leads effective, the market for technology actually not really in exchange for technology, and to fill gaps in the country’s scientific and technological research, with the market research institutes, they also began to make quick money, a lot of foreign products technology “system integration business “, and in fact did not really grasp the core technology. We put these so-called introduction of digestion, the market for technology, science and technology research basically “reverse engineering” are used, such as mapping, imitation, the introduction of absorption – but , there is no original on their own initiative of design, reverse engineering process for product did not experience requirements engineering and system design stage, often resulting in the product “know, I do not know what it is exactly,” even for products used in technology as well. This has seriously affected the state of innovation in product design, no real innovation. Development of enterprises, the reverse design is a must go through the stage. But beyond from innovation, design innovation stems from positive. different forward and reverse design
original design, often need to start from the root causes of “Why”, if not clearly understand “Why”, we are mapping, reverse engineering drawings obtained, We will not be able to form withThe “flexibility” – the ability to respond to changes in the machine, and the other aspect, but also with the protection of intellectual property rights abroad, greater use of “soft”, such as process control software compensation algorithm, materials, installation and other aspects not large easy to copy direct link, so now companies are indeed made only imitation earlier models, and the new lot would be difficult to imitate, and there is also a reason that we in the local areas has become the world’s largest, also began to enter the global market, so it must follow the constraints of intellectual property protection around the world, have autonomous control technology, otherwise, will encounter difficult to sell abroad, be traced situation. The nature of the software industry knowledge reuse if we discuss “forward design” and innovation is a rigorous and efficient process, it must be hot “Industrial Software Development” is closely related to today, in the conventional machine and system design , the more “burn” the main link in the verification test, because of the need to make the actual machine, take the load of material and then test, but also to try a variety of materials in different industries requires a lot of money-burning is a process Therefore, many domestic OEM machine builders are usually at the customer site testing, such as testing a variety of printing to paper, film, plastic is equally large number of materials, including pharmaceuticals there are also a large number of drugs from the combination formulation screening the best process, just as Edison 1000 test a variety of materials most suitable filament material, like light bulbs. Such a test will verify the presence of each sector, type of test material into the mechanical control process underlying this technique, including image stream, the data stream (e.g., Ali double data load test 11), the gas turbine load test pressure test phone glass, ubiquitous verification test time-consuming, costly and some test, because the test material is very expensive, like the new rocket test, a salvo on hundreds of millions of consumption. Some tests even and can not just do it, like a nuclear explosion, drilling platforms homeostasis in the tsunami, the vehicle should be carried out before the wind tests are extremely costly.
Thus, it produces a large variety of simulation modeling software modeling mainly is mechanical physical object, and extracts mathematical model, simulation is supported with the dynamic case, the input value of the change of the output process evaluation. The software industry itself is difficult to reason that it is the accumulation of a large number of industry knowledge, it is material from manufacturing, process, mechanical, control, applicationAnd so embodies multiple levels of synergy, and any process must go through a large number of industrial field test verification process, through the convergence form the road most economical, which includes many aspects: (1) knowledge of process technology (2) the control process (3) test method verification system (4). tool system is an industrial software package such knowledge, it is intended to “multiplexing”, i.e., human knowledge of a large number of industrial manufacturing processes in the form of software tools for the efficient design process, verification testing multiplexing.
process is the form of software packages such knowledge, the entire manufacturing, this knowledge modeling include modeling machine, process, measuring sensing system, a large number of software control of the drive train and the like platform, the platform usually plays is “integration” role, a development environment, a large number of mechanical or reusable process models, including the basis for such as CAD / CAE / CAM / CAPP design software, including electronic class circuit board design, chip design, modeling and simulation and other large software also includes a number of software operation and maintenance, in the automotive industry, electronics industry software plays a very important role, otherwise, it can not be high efficiency, low cost implementation design and operation process. 2018, Shanghai has two cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, are associated with Dassault, two cases of enterprises are using Dassault piracy, were sentenced to award compensation for 9.5 million and 10.5 million, and why they do not want to buy legal copies, I think the most main reason is that they use the most basic functions of the platform “drawing” – Why must use this software drawing? Because their supply chain upstream and downstream manufacturers are using this software, therefore, if they do not have this drawing, it may be difficult to communicate with suppliers. Industrial software should be how to develop? 1. You must pay attention to inadequate attention to intellectual property intellectual property infringement can not let companies get high paid, the software looks abroad can be very expensive, in the form of a five discs are widely used, but
www , this lack of intellectual property protection mechanisms of injury can not just someone else’s software can not obtain royalty income, and more deadly is hurting its own domestic software, business process innovation power, because the big part time research and development of “risk” may not be the development of the risks of failure inputs -The greater risk to intellectual property rights can not be protected from possible risk is too great, we put a million eventually own R & D staff are poached and then taken away, or plagiarism lawsuit consumption of energy and often also by local protection , nothing, or that paid only a few hundred thousand, in short, did not get the protection of intellectual property rights is the greatest risk. 2. Management and technology to make technology and believe that technology is the “hard core” of management tend to be overlooked, but , including agile development management, project management, software engineering, testing and verification methods are to be closely integrated, a successful project stems from good planning, there must be a global architectural design, to break down the module, the final test assemble the entire software in the IT industry through these software engineering training engineers very much while in the industrial field, because the engineers are often semi-Road monk, due to the traditional professional division of education too small, resulting in a time of need for horizontal integration of the various professions, such as mechanical, electrical, are turning to software development, but it is not good software engineering training leads made out of software reusability, friendliness are very poor, which also led to the software industry it is difficult to have a good product. 3. Innovative construction of soil – whether for cultural innovation culture of a country or an organization, companies are to be encouraged, and engineering culture itself is a culture of innovation, attention to the value of the work of engineers, project engineers give good mental training, standardized and standards of professional habit, and give full confidence, open environment, let them play to their talents, these are the cultural foundation can bring the power industry. Today, due to the decision of the enterprise itself in on the “fast money” thinking too strong, so that engineers tend to be in a very short time, “imitation” other people’s machines and systems, which allows engineers no space to play their own ideas, and this under such an environment can not really trained excellent engineers, but also led to engineer the right to speak in the enterprise is very light, no decision-making power, no good engineer culture, there is no culture of innovation, we can not form a continuous accumulation of knowledge and the lack of these basic industrial software naturally not a good development.

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