Mao Guanglie | dislodge three “stumbling block” to promote the digital transformation of industrial enterprises in Zhejiang

Digital transformation of industrial enterprises is the main battlefield of the development of the digital economy, is the main starting point for the development of high-quality industrial, industrial revolution and make good use of new technology industries main opportunities for change carriers. And to win this battle of industrial digital transformation, the most important thing is to work to sink. Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Committee of Zhejiang Province, according to the development of the digital economy is one project in Zhejiang Province deployment, referring to the national think-tank manufacturing power-building strategies Advisory Committee was established, the key to the county (city, district) following front-line areas to promote industrial digital transformation, now has organized 137 experts to 17 counties (cities, districts) to carry out the work, gained a lot of useful inspiration. Dislodge’s first “stumbling block”: data silos to break the enterprise data silos and application software without synergies, and to promote the use of the system to solve the problem of “total package mode”, it is a valid idea. Islands of data, application software does not coordination, is the first “stumbling block” digital transformation of enterprises faced, and the main root causes of that enterprise digital engineering technological transformation of “sub-system.” A digital enterprise transformation, if each production unit, each digital production line or each digitized workshop subcontracting information from different industrial engineering company, when the company finally connected to each other, across the enterprise data silos inevitable everywhere. Due to the lack of application software systems integrator or general contractor, not inevitably lead to interoperability between application software interoperability, resulting in enterprise digital transformation of the overall quality is not high. Grasp of enterprise digital transformation also to promote quality. Digital transformation of low quality CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , resulting in repeated technological transformation of enterprises, just like urban construction excavation repeatedly, constantly renovated street. Zhejiang, a capsule business, spend 5 million so that four companies are developing applications software, the final result can not be integrated and can not be put into use; as well as a textile company, spent more than 10 million purchase of a variety of the world’s best brand software can be installed after the software can not find these interoperability interoperable, digital management of enterprises can not solve the problem. Therefore, the best way to solve this problem is the use of the total package mode: let a company to lead the total package or the total package, the program to develop a unified system to solve the problem, including the harmonization of data standards, and is responsible for the adaptation of various software integrated. However, to promote the “total package mode”, just traditional industrial entrepreneurs have this awareness is not enough, the first thing is to addCultivate strong general contractor. The main problem with the digital transformation of contradiction that the total package of digital insufficient supply capacity, integrated level is not high. So cultivate good job general contractor, it is the top priority of the digital transformation of the work. Contractor includes two categories, the total package is complete, one is led total package. The general contractor also led to sign turnkey agreement, the total package of legal liability in civil law, to assume responsibility for technical integration work technically. If the software can not interoperate interoperability, the general contractor to bear legal responsibility. To ensure the “total package” can really landing, we must also promote institutional innovation, foster and standardize the industry total package of digital market, and not just lip service initiative. For this purpose Riverside National High-tech Zone in practice, we developed a collaborative program with the Riverside District policy initiatives to foster six digital system vendors to solve the problem. More than two years, successfully led the like Zhejiang control, time and Ningbo Lee, Tuo Man Chi-made, too interconnected force, excellent sea of ​​information, open source computer Hangzhou, Hong Li Technology and a number of companies, from subcontractors transformed into General contractor. In order to strengthen this work, we also held a series of workshops, seminars and training sessions to promote this work. Second only to dislodge the “stumbling block”: Floor lack of industry knowledge service industry Internet platform, to industry-based, and can not do one up on the cross. Practice line we need to focus on training a number of industrial sectors Internet platform. Because the professional thing to rely on an expert to do, things to launch industry who understand the industry to do. The main task of the industrial sector is the Internet platform of knowledge into industrial technology and service offerings CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , such as industrial APP is the software of industry knowledge and technology. Each industry has specific knowledge and technology, transformed into application software can be replicated by order of the package. China complete industry categories, it is impossible to make an industrial monopoly and the Internet platform to provide comprehensive industry knowledge and technical services. Industrial technology and software knowledge of different sectors, mainly by the industry should develop cloud platform to organize, in order to provide personalized custom services for different sectors of industry enterprises. Lack of roots in the industrial sector Internet platform, the current digital transition affect the quality and efficiency of the second “stumbling block.” In Zhejiang, the Internet industry to create a platform for the industry began to pay attention focused on the cloud platform, through the cloud platform for small and medium industriesEnterprises to improve operational efficiency to carry out services. Currently bearings companies achieve digital transformation has more than 200, have been successful on the cloud to the bearing industry, providing management software, software technology service industry knowledge for them by the cloud bearing industry, the average profit margin business than on the cloud before the cloud doubled. Currently, the bearing industry cloud platform service has been extended from Xinchang area to Changshan County, Cixi City, and so on. At present, all over the province in the industry to create cloud platform nearly 10, its customers are business data to get through things. For example, Lanxi City in the textile intelligent manufacturing leader, they created the textile industry cloud; Beilun District, have developed lightweight auto parts manufacturing base, they are creating a lightweight auto parts mold cloud platform, cloud, Zhejiang Province, was rated as excellent this year platform CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , they are very promising.
Figure 1: schematic layout of some industries cloud platform
cloud platform around these industries in Zhejiang massive economic characteristics, production system to provide predictive maintenance services optimization services, process parameters for industrial companies, raw materials consumption material and optimizing allocation of funds services, production process optimization management services, scheduling and personnel evaluation and incentive services, product development and quality testing management services and other services. Now there is a group of industry cloud platform founded. Third dislodge “stumbling block”: lack of value-added software development cloud industry is facing a new problem, that is, the enterprise cloud quickly, but the cloud can provide value-added services software products too, after the cloud to the enterprise’s customers value-added benefits is not ideal, this is the third “stumbling block.” It now appears that large enterprises can bring value-added data services software products mainly include three categories: industrial software, industrial APP and artificial intelligence applications. To this end, the existing 10 in Zhejiang to promote the industry cloud platform, both companies focus on increasing production efficiency, cost efficiency, quality and efficiency, increase efficiency and reduce management efficiency and other targets to develop products. The depth of analysis, the number of value-added services to develop software for the contribution of data such as customer business value-added services as a new guide the healthy development of the industry cloud platform to guide these platforms around high-quality development of enterprises, to develop many and various good software products like big data services help companies improve quality and efficiency.
Figure 2: Eco-industry town schematic innovative cloud service offerings
in the digital transition, The ability to supply value-added service offerings is very important. Some industry gathered in the town gathered in together, and strive to create a “supply shared development” of the ecological environment, the industry gathering cloud platform development efforts in the development of all aspects of the industry APP, industrial software, artificial intelligence and other service products, the formation of an open-source open, collaborative innovation ecosystems, the ability to speed up the supply of value-added service offerings. Comments and suggestions there are two suggestions: First, recommends that national authorities and government policies, regulatory documents of all levels, accelerating the development of the digital transformation of enterprise engineering contractor, industrial industry Internet platform service providers, application data value software developers; accelerate the development of digital engineering industrial markets, and strengthen market supervision, promote the healthy development of industrial digital engineering market. The second CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the proposed means of commercial opportunities 5G technology development and large things, to develop industrial plug and play intelligent interface modules, intelligent communications module, intelligent industrial control modules and smart work module as a breakthrough, NB-IoT application development for the entry point system, accelerate the construction of ecological system of industrial equipment and the Internet of Things, the overall industrial equipment to solve the interconnection difficult, difficult issues such as the communication protocol adaptation. Linkoping teacher had mentioned the digital transformation of the industrial system to solve the “platform enough light, enough to cloud computing, software as a service product enough” and other issues, I agree with the author. Also think about adding a “corporate customer Things scale large enough.” I believe that industry to achieve digital transformation of the four “reinforcements” are “industrial enterprise digital engineering contractor, industrial industry Internet platform service providers, the value of data services software product developers, industrial plug and play intelligent module developers” . Four new force to dislodge the enterprise is the digital transformation of three “stumbling block” to achieve key strength of high-quality industrial development Control Engineering Copyright , the starting point is the key industrial enterprises in Zhejiang successful digital transformation, we must strengthen Note nurture and play a good role in the new force.

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