March Caixin Chinese manufacturing PMI was 50.8 months back to the first expansion zone

April 1 announced March Caixin China’s manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) recorded 50.8, compared with the 0.9 percent rise in February, the four slightly wounded in the expansion zone, rose to July 2018 levels.
This trend is consistent with the NBS manufacturing PMI, the National Bureau of Statistics announced in March manufacturing PMI recorded 50.5, up 1.3 percentage points CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , since November 2018 for the first time in expansionary territory. In March China’s manufacturing output expanded for two consecutive months, but growth is still modest. Manufacturers reflect output growth mainly from the total new orders picked up. Total new orders rebounded for two consecutive months CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , although the growth rate is low, but there are signs of strengthening; new export orders index also reversed the contraction in February, a slight rebound. The first quarter of 2019, total new export orders generally stable, has emerged from 2018 with the main decline trend. By some manufacturers to increase production, develop new business need to increase staffing influence, March manufacturing employment expansion over five years for the first time. The reason employment growth also includes continued tight manufacturing capacity, backlogs of work continued moderate increase. After the fall of three months, invested a modest recovery in March cost. Surveyed manufacturers said the cost recovery is mainly related to raw material prices, particularly steel, nonferrous metals and packaging materials. Under a slight rise in input costs, manufacturers generally continue a slight increase in product prices will increase input costs transferred to the customer. Some manufacturers reflect customer demand stronger Control Engineering Copyright , it is possible to raise prices. As demand picks up, procurement contraction trend has slowed down. In March, while continuing to reduce procurement vendors, but the decline slowed to its lowest in nearly three months. At the same time, manufacturers use inventory delivery, resulting in finished goods inventory continued to decline, but the decline was significantly narrowed Control Engineering Copyright , stocks of purchases the first four months since the expansion occurs. Some respondents manufacturers said that there are signs of strengthening customer demand Control Engineering Copyright , so the increase in inventories. March vendor optimism rose to the highest since ten months. The industry generally optimistic expectations and the expected improvement in market conditions, new product launches, etc. due to capacity expansionSu related. Many manufacturers expect further improvement in overall market conditions, however, the industry’s confidence is still below the long-term average. Choi Chi Kumonita new study chairman, chief economist Zhong Zhengsheng said, to benefit from relaxed financing environment, force private bail-out policy developments as well as Sino-US trade talks positive, March manufacturing boom have been restored, and employment the situation has been greatly improved.

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