Marvell introduced the industry’s lowest power PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD controller

Marvell introduced the industry’s lowest power PCIe Gen4 NVMe solid state disk (SSD) controller family. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence techniques and 5G CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Marvell introduced a new generation SSD controller, designed to meet the next generation of the data center and the edge of the device lower power consumption and higher performance needs and design. With Marvell professional complex system-on-chip (SoC) design capabilities and leading storage IP, this breakthrough technology provides unparalleled performance in an extremely compact size, helps data centers, laptops, tablets, gaming and computing platform edge architect improve performance related programs addressed to meet the needs of the era of highly distributed data. Nigel Alvares Marvell vice president of marketing, said the flash memory business unit: “Marvell latest storage controllers are specifically designed CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to maximize performance and capacity to meet the power and performance edge computing data centers demanding the demand side, once again demonstrated Marvell leading position in the storage area. the launch of the new product is the industry’s first to achieve the lowest power quad-channel PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD controller, SSD solutions will bring change, the assist data economy “ecosystem client support AMD vice president and general manager Chris Kilburn expressed:” AMD has introduced the world’s first PCIe 4.0 support desktop PC platform, using third-generation AMD processor Ryzen AM4 slot and use the host version of AMD X570 are pleased Marvell’s DRAM-less PCIe Gen4 SSD controller to help us to achieve higher bandwidth and performance , which greatly improved the next generation of computing device user experience “JP Yang Union Memory (Lenovo’s firm) SSD business unit general manager, said:” as a Lenovo’s memory a strategic partner, Union Memory .PCIe make every effort to improve the customer experience through technological innovationGen4 host interface, high speed 1200MT / s NAND flash memory interface and a low power controller Marvell SSD 12nm technology, the company will accelerate the implementation of the vision, i.e. a small size, fast wakeup lower delay and prolong battery life, excellent power performance for customers tremendous value. “Senior Business Development Director Arie Tal Micron Technology components and consumer groups expressed:” Micron has been working closely with Marvell, through its PCIe Gen4 SSD controller family help Micron NAND components, high-performance layer 96 to effectively support 1.2 GT / s interface. Marvell controller optimization will further enhance our mutual customers the ability to CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to enable them to emerging data center and edge computing and PC OEM to provide innovative, low power consumption, small size SSD solve Program. “Toshiba Memory Corporation Technology Officer Hiroo Ohta expressed:” Marvell and Toshiba Memory Corporation has established a strong partnership for cross-client to various market cloud data centers offer similar products in the best performance SSD products. Marvell’s PCIe Gen4 controller product line and our TLC, QLC and XL-FLASH BiCS FLASH? Gen 4 devices combined will be able to use flash memory technology to provide a new type of edge and data center storage infrastructure solutions. “Promoting the development of next-generation technology the new Marvell SSD controller series includes 88SS1321,88SS1322 and 88SS1323, is the industry’s first PCIe Gen4 DRAM controller and the DRAM-less SSD 12nm process technology manufacturing. The controller family supports a range to cover all now and there is emerging m.2 (22110 Zhi 2230), BGA, EDSFF and U.2 SSD size, the cloud server computing data center storage, power-driven enterprise devices, PC and game client store to store, as well as industrial and emerging sideIdeal edge device applications. Importantly, the new Marvell solution will support the next generation of 3D and QLC NAND device, maximize cost efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. Ultra-compact DRAM-less controller architecture may be a separate unit and NAND SSD controller mounted side by side on one side of the ultra-compact size m.2230 SSD. This feature compared to m.2280 SSD significant space savings , can leave more space for accommodating the battery pack platform OEM, while compared with the PCIe Gen 3×4 SSD can provide a more high performance, and with eight NAND SSD channel controller based lower power consumption compared. Marvell now provides a breakthrough SSD controller prototype. For more information, please visit: Marvell was in Santa Clara, California Convention Center (Hall A 6 to 8 August SSD controller showcases the latest products on the Flash Memory Summit booth # 511) held. Nigel Alvares keynote speech “to accelerate the economic development of breakthrough data chipset solutions”, held on August 7 2:10 PM.

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