Marvell release the next generation OCTEON Fusion processor wireless network infrastructure products

Marvell recently released a new generation OCTEON Fusion processor family, OCTEON TX2 platform based base stations for radio communication with the base unit and the radio intelligent applications. 5G wireless network is expected to significantly improve the bandwidth and latency, providing superior service levels and unlock new scenarios for mobile operators. To achieve this vision, 5G wireless network infrastructure require more processing power, and OCTEON Fusion has been specially optimized to meet the computing needs of this surge. Marvell’s OCTEON TX2 platform integrates Arm v8 kernel and a set of hardware accelerators for networking and security, based on this platform OCTEON Fusion adds a programmable DSP and baseband accelerator, making it a solution for the base station. Global 3G, 4G base stations and the existing network in the current 5G has deployed over 7 million OCTEON and OCTEON Fusion family of processors , a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers have in their head 5G next generation of the base station selected OCTEON Fusion processor.
OCTEON Fusion family well suited for conventional unitary layer 1 processing in the base station, and distributed architecture 5G division units (DU). Further, highly scalable multi-core OCTEON Fusion architecture makes it suitable for small cell capacity and the like from, the plurality of high capacity modular macrocell base station solution. RF unit (RU) in the , the series of radio frequency unit provides intelligent processors require more computing power solutions , to support the associated with large-scale complex MIMO antenna array beamforming algorithm. Marvell OCTEON Fusion is an important part of a radio access network (RAN) chip solution. The platform enables OEM to get the RAN solutions required to build a world-class chip solutions from a single vendor, and supports industry-standard software and API to accelerate product development. Marvell’s RAN product comprising a combination of: · OCTEON Fusion: 4G and 5G complete baseband layer 1 · OCTEON TX2: Layer 2 and Layer 3 control plane processing and transmission · Prestera: Ethernet switch series solution for the front end transmission backhaul · RAN connection and internal Ethernet connection: Marvell Ethernet adapters, controllers and PHY product line provides a complete solution for custom and semi-custom ASICS for the RAN infrastructure: designed for OEM differentiation of baseband and RF unit solutions OCTEON Fusion and OCTEON TX2 OEM processor enables the network to provide 5G meet stringent latency and bandwidth requirements of the product the base station, and may be with the development of wireless communication standard synchronization upgrade. In addition, Marvell is also working with wireless infrastructure OEM, develop custom solutions CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , so that they can combine their intellectual property with mature and widely deployed Marvell processor and accelerator technology. This unique feature enables customers to deliver differentiated products and to maintain flexibility while achieving rapid product production market advantage. “Marvell is always carried out around OCTEON Fusion architecture innovation to achieve increasingly comprehensive portfolio of wireless communications network.” Caroline Gabriel Analysis Mason principal analyst of wireless business, said, “In this fast-growing market in the [ 123], they have the ability to respond to today’s 5G network deployment, but also with design flexibility for future development, which is very rare. 5G for many different network configurations will appear, and Marvell processor would be able to cope with any of them network configuration. “” Marvell provides complete 5G chip industry solutions. “Raj Singh Marvell processor, Executive Vice president business Division, he said,” OCTEON Fusion family is the cornerstone of our architecture , Which provides a powerful, compatible software, a customizable base computing platform to meet the needs of next-generation 5G mobile networks. “The main characteristic of the product include: high capacity: support thousands of users / access Wide Access equipment: a large number of connectable radio units or large-scale antenna array MIMO High Throughput: supporting a plurality of frequency 100MHz wide or more narrow-band bandwidth * broadband: support sub-7GHz and millimeter wave spectrum Marvell’s OCTEON Fusion CN95XX family is available now, and volume shipments, while providing a reference design and development kit.

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