Masks shortage will continue in the global outbreak such as Chinese production capacity

Today, more than China the world’s new cases new cases, the virus began to spread across the globe, the public countries, the masks are an important tool for protection, but faced with shortages, soaring prices and stock issues. China, a shortage of masks is still very important to note that, even if we donate part of masks in whatever circumstances, China’s mask is still in short supply. According to the fourth national economic census data, China’s legal entities and individual business households total working population of 533 million people, which means at least 533 million masks per day. There are also professionals calculations: 1.405 billion of the total population in China, the mask out non-essential consumer groups, accounting for 70.17% of between 15-64 of 986 million people [ 123], it is the main force masks consumption, these groups further refined, less time to go out of school high school students, college students and other groups of students and retired people, out of work and living to support their families and other reasons there is a need to go out wearing masks the number is actually 550 million, substantially coincide with the above figures. Thus, if each person a day, then Chinese daily demand of about 550 million masks; if a person two days, then Chinese daily demand of about 225 million masks. Therefore, masks Nissan first to reach 225 million -5.5 one hundred million masks to make sure the needs of enterprises return to work, even after daily production gradually increased to 525 million -8.5 million, to meet the needs of students. In other words, if the full realization of return to work to return to school during the outbreak, demand for masks should be between 525 million -8.5 million. According to the National Development and Reform Commission on the 27th disclosure of information, February 25 our surgical masks and Nissan to reach 32.12 million, production reached 30.28 million, including ordinary masks, medical masks, medical N95 masks, including the National mask production can reach 72.85 million only, production reached 76.19 million. While promoting the resumption of work masks resume production, transformation of production lines, but daily output of 76.19 million and one hundred million 5.25-8.5 demand still form a huge imbalance between supply and demand. The fight against the epidemic is a long war, a shortage of masks is what we have to solve the problem. Shortage of raw materials, but the outbreak of the world are waiting for Chinese production capacity to some extent, because the first outbreak, Chinese masks normal daily production capacity is 20 million, accounting for the global50%. Coupled with the early epidemic, the Chinese all over the world have bought a large number of masks to the country, the current inventory of the world at very low levels. Expect its overseas production capacity, it is better to believe that the strength of strong Chinese manufacturing industry. Currently
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright face “masks shortage” around the world. We can say that the world is waiting for the Chinese outbreak capacity. China and Thailand Securities, said demand from end to see CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , overseas epidemic lags behind China, currently at an early outbreak of the epidemic-hit areas masks out of stock. Globally masks the purchase price and the soaring view, masks a sharp increase in demand from the supply side point of view, in order to meet domestic market demand and increased exports, domestic masks need to continue to increase production capacity. But the CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , domestic enterprises are also faced with the shortage of raw materials, prices of difficulties, capacity “burst” I do not know when to come. The hard mask production material prices as much as 10 times the current
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , while full production companies, but also bear the cost double the pressure: “meltblown price rise 10 times, with ear prices have gone up more than five times. “part of the plant masks have machines, workers, but the lack of meltblown withstand greater pressure. In simple terms, meltblown is a medical surgical masks and N95 masks an important material for the production of masks is the “heart.” But meltblown soared all the way, a “cloth” hard to find, there are masks surging factory official told the news: “From before the New Year has started up, usually before 2 tons in case, years ago, soared all the way, now some have been sold to more than 30 million up to the. “soaring costs directly reflected in end consumer prices. “Stand down, each at least up to a dollar.” Shortage of raw materials upstream, but still was rushed onto the downstream SMEs to start laying a large number of production lines, this trend, the industry expressed concern: “the material is not enough to ensure that production can not, (these devices) is equivalent to the scrap heap. “As in previous Wuling, BYD, Foxconn, such large-scale enterprise network burst red CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , not only strong cash reserve capacity, even if there is no epidemic, there is a demand for employees daily masks. Build a mask production lines, is nothing more than the equivalent of outsourcing Transfer made. Reflected in the financial statements, the original cost of the item can also be counted as an asset item, but the cost is reduced. After the return to work of a number of provinces of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, more than 70%, and with the country of masks and accessories manufacturers gradually return to work, the Guangzhou Automobile Group, Foxconn, BYD and other cross-border mask production to join the army, the end of February of masks capacity is expected to expand to 120 million / day, is filling part of the gap in the short-term supply of masks. On the one hand , is still a shortage of demand in parallel with the expansion of the current, raw materials, accessories, masks machine and restrict the mask production time, “race” of efficiency, some companies are another way research and development of alternative meltblown nanofiber membrane to resolve material shortages; on the other hand , industry watchers is whether the proposed expansion masks overcapacity concerns arise after the outbreak. In this regard, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy Renlian Wei-liang on recent news conference, said: “After the outbreak of surplus production, the government will be purchasing and storage that they meet the standard, companies can organize production at full capacity..” At the same time , the need for multi-country outbreaks occur masks also dispel the suspicion that some of the production, even said that to meet domestic demand in the premise, we are closely following and considering future export opportunities. Nowadays, a supply and marketing companies with the potential to stimulate Forced game is being played, the future market is considered high-quality masks “stage” industry.

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