Melbourne brick houses in the 1970s gained a contemporary extension

The Fusion House is a project completed by the Dankor Architecture, which includes a three-bedroom expansion project that was added to a brick house in the 1970s in Melbourne, Australia. The architect chose to create a unique structure that was very different from the original building and had a sharp 65-degree angle on the facade.

The sloping façade extends outward from the top to form a drape that provides shade during the hot summer months, but still allows daylight to enter during the winter months.

The architect wants to avoid using steel in the extended frame because it can cause a lot of pollution. They found an engineer who felt they could use wood to extend, but he was already retired. Fortunately, they were very convincing, they let him participate in the help, and in a few weeks created a steel-free structural drawing.

The eye-catching angle not only creates a beautiful look, but also pulls the new extension away from the original house. The old encounters new and it looks like the structure is fused together.

The oversized sliding door disappears from the facade of the building to eliminate the separation between the interior and exterior.

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