Miao Wei: to seize the opportunity to promote new industrial revolution intelligent manufacturing development to a new level

Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei May 8 to attend the Seventh International Conference on Intelligent manufacturing, made a keynote report “new industrial revolution to seize the opportunity to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing to a new level,” the. The full report is as follows. For seven consecutive years to participate in the International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing, seven years, successive meetings around the forefront of intelligent manufacturing technology, trends, social concerns, exchange ideas, wisdom of the collision, and gradually developed into the countries and regions to promote consensus, communication an important platform for cooperation. First of all, on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, warm congratulations on the convening of this meeting! To express my sincere gratitude to the distinguished guests long-term care and support of intelligent manufacturing development! I take this opportunity to speak three aspects of the situation, with everyone to make the exchange.
First, the Intelligent Manufacturing represents the main direction of development of manufacturing high-quality current CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution deepening the manufacturing sector showing a digital, networked, development trend of intelligent, intelligent manufacturing as an important direction, are constantly breaking new technology that gave birth to new formats and push the development of high-quality manufacturing to a new level. First of all, intelligent manufacturing is a major trend in the world’s manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Following the United States in 2012 put forward the “Advanced Manufacturing National Strategic Plan,” released this year, “American leadership advanced manufacturing strategy”; German base in the implementation of “Industry 4.0” on the introduction of the new “National Industrial Strategy 2030”; Japan that “the robot new strategy” and “social strategy 5.0”, step up strategic layout in intelligent manufacturing. The face of historical opportunity, China is also actively promoting intelligent manufacturing. Xi Jinping, general secretary last year, academicians conference stressed the need to seize the opportunity of digital, networked, intelligent integration of the development, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of technological change and promote industrial upgrading, promote manufacturing industries and enterprises form the fundamental mode sex change. Looking at the countries’ development strategies, although the embodiment of the differences, but basically the same target direction, lies in trying to greatly improve manufacturing efficiency, effectiveness, described as similar, the same thing. Secondly, Intelligent Manufacturing is the inherent requirement of Chinese manufacturing high-quality development. After new China was founded 70 years of rapid development, especially the reform and opening up 40 years, China has become a big manufacturing country has an important influence, but overall is still big but not strong, but not strongFine, the overall quality of development is not high. In recent years, Chinese economy downward pressure gradually increase, GDP growth rate from 10.3% in 2010 down to 6.6% last year. This change occurs, partly due to the regularity of the phenomenon of economic development after a certain stage, on the other hand is also due to the old and the new kinetic energy conversion lag. To change this situation, we must rely on innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development of new ideas, change the development mode, to achieve high-quality development. Current CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence combined with manufacturing not only for the traditional factors of production energized, but also broke the limited supply of labor, capital, land, etc. on economic growth constraints for the industry continued upgrading, restructuring and development provides the foundation and possible. Again, intelligent manufacturing high quality development is an effective way of manufacturing. Since 2015, China’s key manufacturing focus, and actively promote the intelligent manufacturing. Through continuous exploration, trial and error, and achieved positive results. First, effectively promote the manufacturing of intelligent upgrade. Four years a total selection of 305 pilot projects, covering 31 provinces, 92 industry categories. Preliminary thoroughly, these projects intelligent transformation of 37.6% average increase productivity, reduce operating costs by 21.2%. The second is to explore the formation of a new model number can be copied promotion. ROMS model in areas such as networked collaborative design mode fields such as clothing, home and other areas of mass customization mode, aviation, automobiles, electrical equipment, construction machinery, and replicate the more than 3,200 projects to promote the production pattern, and manufacturing services transformation. Third, the country out of the unique regional development path. Such as Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places for business “does not want to change to change, want to vote not vote ‘concerns to the government to buy services, hire a third party for the enterprise” pulse consultation “to help companies in transition; and if Zhejiang Xinchang relying on local service providers, to more than 100 small and medium enterprises bearing the intelligent transformation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the average capacity utilization increased from 58.7% to 80%. In addition, intelligent manufacturing led to the accelerated development of new industries, such as China for five consecutive years as the world’s largest industrial robot applications market, 3D printing nearly 4-year average growth rate of over 30%. Practice has proved that, Intelligent Manufacturing is effective starting point to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector indispensable. Second, intelligent manufacturing is facing new opportunities and challenges Intelligent Manufacturing is a systematic project, the contents of complex and large, there is no precedent, not only involving multiple aspects of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and other applications, but also covers the business model change, and many content. Intelligent Manufacturing needs to promote “climate, geography, and” multiple factors. From a global perspective, intelligent manufacturing is facing new opportunities and challenges. First, the rapid development of emerging technologies into a new impetus to intelligent manufacturing. Current CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , artificial intelligence, 5G communications, industrial and other emerging Internet technology to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough multi-point, and accelerate into the intelligent manufacturing, solve many want to solve the long-term and does not solve the problem. Such as artificial intelligence based on big data and algorithms, machine learning, human-computer interaction and other advanced technology, optimize production processes to achieve efficiency improved significantly. After a learning model using the depth mechanism to replace the traditional model of the mechanism, so that the simulation time of the car drag coefficient dropped from 1 day 1/4 seconds; 5G and if the communication connection between objects and objects will provide a new network infrastructure, help cross-workshop, cross-enterprise, cross-regional, high-performance real-time connectivity to significantly improve production efficiency and flexibility; another example, the Internet to break geographical boundaries, organization, technology, combines the advantages of resources and research with, formed innovative international allocation of resources in response to market demand for fast, efficient operation of the overall collaborative innovation platform. Second, open and cooperative depth development has opened up a new space for the Intelligent Manufacturing. With the deepening of the global division of labor, manufacturing supply chain, industrial chain, value chain integration to accelerate cross-border, inter-State and international cooperation between enterprises is the general trend. From a practical point of view in recent years, it has become the focus of national standard first intelligent manufacturing international cooperation, such as the US Internet Industry Alliance in cooperation with the German Industry 4.0 platform was set up things / CPS working group to develop a route for cooperation and standardization of test bed Fig. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) coordination of intelligent manufacturing standardization work for co-ordination, set up Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Committee (IEC / SyC SM) last year. China and Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries have established bilateral, multilateral dialogue mechanism, the standard architecture, standards roadmap, mutual recognition of standards, industrial parks and training bases, etc.Carrying out practical cooperation, brainstorming, do Shisuo Chang benefit of all parties. Open cooperation continues to expand global manufacturing to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading. Third, the Internet sharing manufacturing model brings new challenges for the Intelligent Manufacturing. Intelligent Manufacturing has become an important carrier of new technology, promote the traditional production methods, organizational forms of systemic, holistic change. With the tremendous growth opportunities, we are keenly aware, intelligent manufacturing development is faced with new challenges. For example: weak network security capabilities. In recent years, along with extortion virus evolves upgrade, manufacturing industrial control systems become the major targets of attacks. Last December , in Los Angeles Olympic Printing production server extortion virus attacks, led to the printing system failures, resulting in “Wall Street Journal” and many mainstream newspapers were forced to delay, wake-up call for the information security industry. Service needs to be strengthened. On the one hand the public, open industry service platform shortages, sub-industry solution providers a serious lack of transformation needs of SMEs are not met; on the other hand some of the basic industries in urgent need of a lack of common technical layout, such as industrial equipment the communication interface is difficult to exchange, resulting in the analytical system and control device there is a big problem underlying data. Personnel system is not perfect. Traditional information technology and manufacturing techniques separate branch of personnel training system, as well as manufacturing and information technology within the enterprise independent of the people who use the system, resulting in not only understands but also understands the information technology industry a comprehensive talent is scarce. Plus the relatively closed, vertical, isolated innovative application system, most companies need to “start from scratch”, self-built team. These problems are not solved, is bound to affect even restrict the healthy development of intelligent manufacturing. Third, do a good job building industry ecosystem to become the fundamental way to accelerate the intelligent manufacturing through years of exploration and practice, formed a consensus on intelligent manufacturing development. Intelligent Manufacturing is not a simple one or a combination of several technologies, but a new generation of information technology and the organic integration of advanced manufacturing technology, system integration-related elements of the equipment, software, networks, and other standards, is the main supply, application ecological cooperation body, the main consumer network, platform collaboration. To further promote the intelligent manufacturing, we must work hard to do a good job from the ecological system. Next, we will follow the basic idea of ​​”application of traction, driving innovation, infrastructure support, open cooperation”, focused on building a sound infrastructureStandard standardized, adequate supply of talent, a good policy environment, mutual benefit and win-win ecosystem of intelligent manufacturing enterprise, integration of the two to create an upgraded version. First, efforts to improve the infrastructure. Network infrastructure is an important cornerstone of intelligent manufacturing, countries have attached great importance. We will continue to vigorously promote the innovation and development of the Internet industry, pay close attention to the development of guidance documents issued networks, platforms, security and other key areas. While continuing to promote network security, strengthen industrial host security, improve safety awareness of employees, accelerate industrial monitoring and early warning capacity-building in information security. The second is focused on building standards system. Improve the standard system is an important support to promote intelligent manufacturing. The key issue technical standards and industry segments insufficient supply of standard applications for data integration, Internet sharing, , to continue the development and application of standards of experimental verification [ 123], and strive to 2020 establish a better standard of intelligent manufacturing systems. Third, efforts to promote industrial applications. Accelerate the construction of a number of intelligent manufacturing public service platform to provide management consulting, knowledge sharing, supply chain collaboration and other services for enterprises, especially SMEs. Further to find out the needs of various sub-sectors of development, the implementation of personalized clear path to guide social resources to gather intelligent manufacturing. Organize Intelligent Manufacturing maturity assessment, development and expansion of system solutions provider, to accelerate the maturity of empirical models replicate the same type of business in the same industry. Fourth, efforts to strengthen personnel training. Personnel is an important basis for the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. In the future we will actively explore the establishment of intelligent manufacturing talent training base, work hard on cultivating talents and interdisciplinary talent, through sustained efforts, and gradually form an understanding of manufacturing, information technology, understand, understand the management of specialized personnel. Ladies and gentlemen, my friends! On the second “along the way” International Cooperation Forum Roundtable just ended, President Xi Jinping made to deepen the field of intelligent manufacturing, and other cutting-edge digital economy cooperation, create a full range of interoperability. The world desire to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing the same, the development connected to the interests of the real economy. We would welcome more countries, companies deeply involved in promoting the process of China’s manufacturing intelligence to share China manufacturing high quality development opportunities and jointly write a new chapter in the development of the global Intelligent Manufacturing. I believe, in our common efforts, todayThe conference will gather more consensus, more achievements. Finally, I wish the conference a complete success! thank you all!

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