Minister of Industry and Miao Wei: Industrial Internet focus on five aspects of work

February 21, 2019 Industrial Internet Summit held in Beijing. The summit theme of “chi facility enabling innovation,” the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology party secretary Miao Wei, minister attended and addressed the opening ceremony of Industry and Information Technology committee member, Chief Engineer Zhang Feng presided. Academicians, experts and representatives of the Committee of Experts industrial internet strategy consulting, the Central Information Office network and the Internet industry special working group members of the unit on behalf of the Committee of Experts Wu He Quan, director of Internet strategy consulting industry Academician Zhou Ji, deputy director attended. The following is the speech.
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends, Hello everybody morning. I am delighted to join you all in the Internet industry summit in 2019, first on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology expressed warm congratulations on the convocation of the General Assembly. Sincere welcome to all the distinguished guests, to express my sincere thanks to long-standing concern and support development of the Internet industry leaders, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs friends. The Internet is the wave of the digital industry, the depth of integration of the product of the industrial system and the Internet system, is the key to supporting a new round of industrial revolution. Currently, the countries in the world, especially the United States, Germany and other industrialized countries, the degree of importance to the development of the Internet industry constantly upgrading, be regarded as a new industrial revolution to seize the initiative, an important means of future industry new competitive advantages to shape, they have introduced launched a strategy or targeted support measures and information in the field of industrial giants, but also through strategic cooperation, investment mergers and acquisitions, to accelerate the development of industrial applications and the Internet. Overall, the industrial development of the global Internet showing the key technology to accelerate breakthrough, the basic support increasingly sophisticated, increasingly rich application integration, industry ecosystem matures good posture. CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the development of the Internet industry, Xi Jinping, general secretary made it clear that Internet innovation to in-depth implementation of industrial development strategy, the State Council issued a special document to guide the development of the Internet industry. 2019 Central Economic Work Conference to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing, as this year’s first seven major tasks of an explicit proposal to increase the manufacturing of technological transformation and equipment renewal CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright accelerate the pace of commercial 5G, accelerate the construction of artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, networking and other new infrastructure. These are the major strategic vision for the CPC Central Committee made in the future, we will be a consistent gripWell implemented. In the past few years under the joint efforts of all parties political research , China’s Internet industry to accelerate development into the rooting stage of practice from the popularity of the concept, to lead the formation of a strategic planning guide , policy support, technical innovation and industry to promote good interaction gratifying situation, showing a prominent feature three aspects.
One application in many fields for development, the Internet industry has been widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, electronics clothing, machinery, energy and other industries, collaborative network-based, service-oriented manufacturing, personalized customization and other new models the new format at flourished. Help enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency Control Engineering Copyright , and continue developing into a new growth point. The second is to promote the all-round construction of the system, a narrow band of things to achieve full coverage above the county level areas, IPv6 transformation basically completed, identity resolution system, the initial establishment of five national top-level nodes, dozens of industries and secondary node area. The total number of domestic and regional industry has a certain influence of the Internet industry more than 50 platforms, the number of devices connected to the focus of the platform to reach an average of 59 million units. APP pace of industrial innovation is also significantly faster, we also established a system of national, provincial and enterprise security monitoring platform three levels, are under construction simultaneously. Third is to build a multi-level ecological exhibits advance, the number of industrial Internet Industry Alliance members broke through 1000, with the industrial organization United States and Europe countries and regions to carry out the depth of cooperation in technological innovation, docking and other standards, which are leading the cross-border co-depth industry business breakthrough. Ladies and gentlemen, friends, good start hard-won development of the Internet industry, in different fields of innovation in the ascendant, we must seize and important strategic opportunities for China’s development, and actively adapt to the requirements of the development of high-quality manufacturing, one hand and long-term, strategic focus on the layout, a fundamental one hand, the urgency of significant short-board filled, fast Internet industry to promote healthy and orderly development. Key to do the following five aspects. First, strengthen technological innovation, foster lasting power. Internet industry in our country is very rich scenarios, model innovation is also very active, strong ability to integrate enterprise innovation. However, our short board that breakthroughs in key core technologies to be strengthened, in particular breakthrough original technology not more. We should make great efforts to grasp the industryConstruction of Internet innovation system and the ability to further strengthen the business-oriented, improve production and research with collaborative innovation system, guide and support enterprises to make great efforts on the original innovation, Lianhaoneigong. Second, improve the three systems, conservation of ecological industries. On the network side, we have to accelerate the construction of benchmark networks, 5G and vigorously promote the deployment of all-fiber network, to build eco-labeling applications in the platform, we want to accelerate the pace of industrial equipment and focus on enterprise cloud, increase the cultivation of integrated solutions program providers and platform companies, to carry out cross-sectoral, integrated pilot demonstration selection and application of cross-cutting platform. In terms of security, we must focus and build government regulation, businesses overall responsibility, social supervision and safety management system, strengthen monitoring, building security protection technical means. Third, we should adhere to the demand-driven, promote the coordinated development. Innovation must apply to and ran, only tightly integrated with the industrial transformation and upgrading of the actual needs of , the new technology of the Internet industry, the new model will be able to realize the true value www. , the potential savings is greater, for the problems of industrial Internet applications in different areas, the imbalance between enterprises of different sizes, inadequate, we should focus on solving business pain points to build the characteristics of the overall solution, support encourage the development of customized business-related products and services, and promote the coordinated development of the Internet industry. Fourth, resource-rich elements, build a strong foundation of industry. Data will become the 21st century industrial enterprises inexhaustible resource, like electricity, petroleum 20th century as the 19th century, industrial enterprises should attach great importance to the existence and application data. 1990s the United States out of a book called “Being Digital”, when talking about people’s lives leave data, unable to move. Today, we have insight into this, for industrial enterprises, we must follow the digital, networked, intelligent law of development, moving to intelligent manufacturing, we have to apply through big data, bring the efficiency of industrial enterprises greatly enhance the industrial enterprises to be widely used new technology of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital twins and so on. In addition, about one thousand ten thousand, the most fundamental have to rely on talent, which is the most fundamental of our development resources, so we have to continue to innovate personnel training mode, to increase incentives for people applied, to encourage and support people in Internet industry play a more important fieldRole. Fifth, we deepen international cooperation, to expand the space for development. Internet industry consensus on the development of human society is the future of the industry, the process of advancing, we still face many problems, it is not only individual enterprises and even one country can solve alone complete, we must work together to build a shared, we have to adhere to the development of open and inclusive, continue to rely on the platform of industry alliances to strengthen exchanges and experience sharing between countries, between enterprises and between enterprises, establish and improve multi-level total cooperation mechanisms, work together to build global synergies, eclectic industry internet industry largest ecological development. Ladies and gentlemen, friends, China is speeding up economic restructuring and upgrading, promote research on the development of high quality, industrial needs and expectations of the Internet is very urgent, we have to seize the opportunity, deepen cooperation and hope with each research party to further strengthen cooperation and accelerate the pace of technological research and development, application deployment and promotion of the industry, I hope not forget the early heart industry Alliance, keep in mind the promotion of the ecosystem thriving industry that mission, setting up the stage, led to a good line, brought together more strength and better resources, to promote the great development of the Internet industry, prosperity, in order to accelerate the development and construction of high-quality manufacturing power and economic power in the network and make new and greater contributions. Finally, I wish the summit crowned with the success, thank you!

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