Modern swing chandelier designed by Monochro Studio

Even the smallest apartment has several rooms that require lighting, and the most modern family homes must have at least 10 lights inside, not to mention the external areas that require special lighting. Whether it is a decorative paradise or hell, it depends on how interested you are in the lighting system, or at least you need a special space.

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At this year’s Milan SaloneSatellite, a colorful generation of chandelier design was revealed, which was designed by Monochro Studio. This is an interesting idea, the design creates a dynamic image, it looks Very good. It is such a simple design, but the image it creates is powerful. These hanging lights have not yet been built to be very light, because of the design, they have to create a variety of fun or dramatic images. There are many colors available. Choice, pink, yellow or blue, but all the tones are soft and quiet. So, I have to say that this pendant can look good in one bedroom, and it has the same effect in the living room, the location is really not very Important.

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