Molex through enhanced automotive Ethernet platform to showcase the car on autopilot design strength

Molex announced that its award-winning car 10 Gbps Ethernet platform to launch the next version, provides strong support for the OEM in autonomous vehicles design and development process. The solution may be connected to provide a complete vehicle ecological system, between a variety of hardware, software, and interconnection wiring system seamlessly integrated multi-zone Copyright Control Engineering , the conventional flexible integration the car agreement, and provide scalability for future upgrades. Molex Business Development Director Dave Atkinson said: “Through work in close cooperation with our OEM customers, we will be safety, security, reliability, demand for interconnection of vehicle platforms, transformed into high-performance computing network on the wheel in the signal. after the integrity of the network traffic prioritization, system scalability and security features like integrated together, we have to ensure that their solutions can be good to meet the demand for higher-board processing capabilities, while also help car manufacturers to redefine the outcome of autonomous vehicle technology can achieve. “Molex enhancements on the ADAS, infotainment systems and connected Molex vigorously carry out internal innovation, and collaboration with industry-leading provider of automotive technical services and solutions including Accenture, Allgo, Amazon web services (AWS), Aquantia, Blackberry (QNX and Certicom), Broadcom, Cypress, Excelfore, Laird CVS, Microchip, Texas Instruments and Rosenberg within, for continuous collaboration and new collaboration, sustained commitment Force into which interconnect the mobile ecosystem. Molex safety and security of multi-layered security approach including enhanced Hypervisor management program function that enables a platform to run multiple virtual machines and applications, increased flexibility for car manufacturers CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [123 ], while also providing a powerful encryption and authentication technologies CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , increase the level of structure and security of the network. The enhancements include new security multi-zone, and the failure to preserve redundancy.Infotainment connectivity solutions Molex USB hubs and media module supports both wired and wireless devices connected to the vehicle demand. Molex scalable media module provides power transmission solutions Copyright Control Engineering to match the growing popularity of USB-C Interface. This advanced design is achieved by cascading USB hubs USB and Ethernet, to optimize the number of devices connected to the rear from the front of the vehicle. Molex’s high-speed network connection HSAutoGig high-speed Ethernet solutions designed to improve the ability to drive automatic vehicles, providing more than 20 Gbps-class data speed, using a seamless connection from the sensor system and Ethernet intelligent platform necessary for highly reliable interface. High speed HFM <span style="font-family: "Times New Roman"; font-size: 16px; text-indent: 48px; background-color: rgb(255, 255 , 255); “> ä FAKRA Mini coaxial design solutions achievable speed to 20 GHz provide support to autonomous vehicles and connected vehicle technology. Molex CES exhibitors in the core aspects of connectivity, Molex showcase the next generation of the award-winning car in the 2019 CES with multi-regional Ethernet platform. the show is scheduled for January in Las Vegas Convention Center 8-11, Molex will be on display at booth South hall MP25171 2.

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