Moxa introduce new features to help you easily serial devices and the Internet cloud

Moxa is NPort IA (W) 5000A-I / O serial device server series and MGate 5105-MB-EIP increase Internet protocol gateway series features a new cloud CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , help users IIoT applications easily connect serial devices to the cloud system. Moxa’s ready to use Internet solutions able to collect serial, I / O, Modbus and EtherNet / IP and other field data, and rely on common MQTT protocol to transfer data to Microsoft Azure, Ali clouds and other public cloud or private cloud services to other systems . At the same time, these solutions have an intuitive user interface, easy to use operation functions CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , significantly reduce engineers to configure the device to run from all the work. OT cloud to multiple combinations of Moxa NPort IA (W) 5000A-I / O family can collect your serial port, I / O data, and MGate 5105-MB-EIP series collects EtherNet / IP and Modbus RTU / TCP data and MQTT via a universal protocol to transfer data to Microsoft Azure, Ali clouds and other public private cloud or other cloud services platform. Internet site with the cloud easily Moxa’s serial device server and protocol gateway user interface is simple and intuitive Control Engineering Copyright , a few simple steps to complete the set configuration. At the same time, the solution also includes diagnostic tools to help users easily identify connectivity problems, fast recovery device connected to the cloud. Avoid unstable connection loss caused by an unstable connection problem often encountered in industrial networks. Moxa’s solutions help to avoid instability caused by dropping the connection. When the connection is unstable CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the buffer will be sequentially stored data from the field device, the data will be connected stably to resume the cloud. Learn More To learn more Moxa NPort IA5000A-I / O series and NPort IAW5000A-I / O serial device server series and MGate 5105-MB-EIP series protocol gateway , please visit our microsite.

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