Nebraska University Design Furniture and Food Court

The University of Nebraska University students design new furniture and food courts, and is expected to complete the first furniture renovation in early January. The deputy director in charge of the project said: “When the food court will be completely new, there will be a big change in the area around the food court. Students will focus on designing and renovating new furniture during the winter vacation, including the signboards of food courts, dining tables and chairs, kitchen utensils, and trash cans in the surrounding areas. & rdquo;
Nebraska University professor Emily said: “This cooperation with the food court has greatly stimulated the students’ morale and enthusiasm. The students invested a lot of time and energy on this project. . Every day, they are fully devoted to the furniture design of the food court, learning constantly and growing rapidly. I am very much looking forward to the changes in the food court in early January next year, as well as the growth and progress of the students through this actual battle. ”

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