New works by Milan Design Week 2017

Sabine Marcelis and Danish tile maker Made a Mano brought the table made of glazed lava, which seems to float above a glass structure.
The American-born London jeweler Jacqueline Rabun designed the Trinity of Boxes, three egg-shaped containers made of sturdy brass.
Rising Sun is a product of the collaboration between the architect Isabelle Stanislas and the copper cookware brand Mauviel. This piece combines the ancient rituals of the Japanese tea ceremony with the essential service carts of the 1970s.
The Wabi-Sabi tea kit was designed by the Italian designer Pietro Russo and is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass.

This design is designed to help you break the habit. AirplaneMode Vessel is designed by San Francisco creative agency Branch and California studio Concrete Works to provide a signal barrier for your phone to cover its voice.
Worshipful wardrobes bring the status of clothes and accessories to the level of museum exhibits, celebrating the ritual of wearing clothes every morning. Its design is inspired by the British Fauvism Church.
London furniture and product designer Karen Chekerdjian used a square, a triangle and a circle to create a table inspired by Zen Sengai’s cosmic painting.

Each church needs a baptismal plate, designed by TinoSeubert, hand-carved with solid wood.

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