OmniVision introduced the first 0.8 m of the image sensor 48 million pixels

Industry-leading digital imaging solutions developer OmniVision Technologies Inc. (OmniVision Technologies, Inc.) today announced the first 0.8-micron 48 million pixel image sensor OV48B, to achieve 1/2 “optical, high-resolution. The product uses OmniVision’s PureCel Plus chip stacking technology to provide superb still images and video capture mainstream and high-end smart phones. in addition, OV48B also offers a variety of functions, such as digital zoom and crop CPHY interfaces, making it a multi-camera configuration for all types of post universal sensor camera includes a main camera, the wide-angle camera and telephoto camera
FIG.:.. OmniVision introduced the first 0.8 m of the image sensor 48 million pixels
“mainstream consumers and high resolution requirements of increasingly mobile phone higher. “Arun Jayaseelan OmniVision’s senior marketing manager, said:” OV48B top image quality with high resolution and is ideal for high-end and mainstream smart phones. Pixel size of 0.8 microns making it the industry to provide 48 million pixel resolution minimum chip, while achieving 1/2 “optical format.” OV48B integrated 4-cell, and a color filter array algorithm re-mosaic hardware, real-time 48 million pixels provide high-quality Bayer output. Under low light CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the image sensor may use 12 MP binned nearly four times the output sensitivity. Any conditions , OV48B optimal captured image can be consistently quality without generating motion blur CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and 12 can be MP resolution and fast mode switching digital zoom crop. In addition, OV48B compatible and support CPHY DPHY interfaces, making it ideal for dual camera and three-camera configuration. The new sensor also has DPHY and CPHY MIPI interface may use fewer pins fast frame rate. In addition, OV48BComes with 2×2 phase detection AF microlens (ML-PDAF) to improve the accuracy, especially in low light conditions, it can be a perfect image. This product includes a plurality of output formats, including 10 frames per second (fps) to 48 MP, with a 4-cell binning 12MP 30 frames per second , 60 frames per second the 4K2K video, 1080p video per second and 240 frames per second 720p video 480. Pad left and right positions of the image sensor with the industry’s smallest die size 48 MP combination , to provide additional flexibility for smart phones camera module designers. OV48B samples available now expects fourth quarter 2019 production. For more information, contact your sales representative OmniVision:

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