Orange France selection of ON Semiconductor Wi-Fi chipset

ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) announced the program’s Quantenna join Europe’s leading broadband service provider Orange France again select ON Semiconductor’s newest gateway Livebox 5 offers Wi-Fi chipset for.
The new Gateway speeds up to 2 Gbps, so that all family members can quickly and easily share the connection Control Engineering Copyright , using their preferred coupling device and the most demanding applications. Its compact design , is made of recycled plastic, compared with the previous generation , the total carbon footprint reduction of nearly 30%. ON Semiconductor use of high performance Wi-Fi chipsets, Livebox 5 is designed to provide excellent and perfect the Wi-Fi experience while reducing the impact on the environment. Irvind Ghai, vice president of marketing programs coupled Quantenna ON Semiconductor, said: “We are proud of our latest generation of products and Orange France to develop long-term partnership we are committed to quickly and seamlessly home Wi-Fi users with a better experience. so that they remain coupled together and enjoy movie nights, online gaming, smart home applications, etc. “Orange France more than consumer service director Laetitia Orsini Sharps said:.” we introduce new Livebox 5 am proud www. , it’s designed to meet customer needs, and strengthen the positive impact of our continuing commitment to the Earth. as we move forward into a new generation of home gateway CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright we may know Yang expertise Lai Ansen semiconductor, providing meticulous Wi-Fi performance for our customers. “Livebox 5 to October 10 in the French market. Orange fiber package uses the same user can select “D’ecodeurTV UHD” ON Semiconductor Wi-Fi chipsets television service.

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