D9 Club, Brazil D9 CLUBE Club Investment Promotion okorder

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1, Brazil D9 Club registered in Brazil in 2003 (still 13 years),

2, the background of the boss and D9 club And the experience boss is Danilo (Danny Road), from Brazil, which is popular in global samba football. Although he is only a 32-year-old 80, he is very economically minded when he studies computer science. As early as he only had nineteen At the age of one year, I registered today’s D9 club (company) to participate in the global sports competition sports sports including Brazilian football.

3, D9 business model, the company has operated in the traditional mode for 13 years. It was operated in two-track direct sales mode on 2016/01/08. It has been one year and four months now. Now there are more than 40 countries and regions in the world participating in the investment. The current development situation of D9 is a stable and safe rising period,

4, D9 business model, start a football school, cooperate with Betfail, the world’s largest football bookmaker company, to concentrate the funds collected to retail investors to Betfair in the UK, and then D9 obtains the investment amount of 6 %-12% daily back , After the investment D9 deserve to make a profit by 1.6% in retail and then returned to the day club members D9. That is: every $2046 invested, you get a reward of $170 per week, and you get 52 weeks ($170X52=$8840) for the entire year. When you invest in a single investment for 52 weeks, you want to continue investing after one cycle. $2046 for another 52 weeks, and so on.

5, when the company received $2046 from investors, which invested $1,500 in Betfair in the UK to secure a fixed return bonus, and $546 left as a bonus for the two-track system. The calculation is as follows: weekly dividend of $170, daily: $170 & #10135; 7 = $24.3, $24.3 & #10135; $1500 = $1.6% (percentage per day)

D9 Club Brazil Conference

De Empreendedores Sports Trading’s reason to join the D9 club is very simple

First: you can withdraw cash at any time

Second: 1.6% return per day

The platform that is more reliable than the D9 club does not depend on the Chinese market, unlike other members who leave China.

The fourth is: strong hematopoiesis and long-term profitability in cooperation with the British Betfair exchange, unlike other platforms relying on membership arbitrage to take the capital chain.

Five: 30% of monthly income

Six: The minimum investment threshold for humanized investment is $310.

Seven: The performance award is very good for Mercedes-Benz. BMW Land Rover, Private Jet

Deposit Level: $53

Gold Bronze: $299

Gold and Silver: $549

Gold level: $1048

Super gold level: $2046

Investing 14960 yuan per day dividend of $24.3,

One week, $1701,156 yuan ,

Monthly income of 680 dollars & #65039; 4,624 yuan!

Maximize the income method, accumulate re-launch and quickly set foot on D9 Fortune Club … … participation in more than 70 countries around the world The wealth planning system will bring you big money! The official website of www.d9clube.com can check the authenticity.

D9 Club Brazil Football Arbitrage

1.D9 static investment $2046, per Monday Dividends of 170 US dollars for 52 consecutive weeks, 3 months back to the original, 4 times a year, after one year, the original point of re-investment will continue to earn.

2. Indirect static 6 generation: 3%, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%

3. Dynamically recommend 170 dollars directly.

4. Indirect recommendation 6: generation 5%, 3%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%

5. Touch 136 dollars, day cover top 30,000 dollars .

6.50$ monthly fee 6 generations: 10%, 7%, 7%, 6%, 6%, 4%

Mobile phone, travel, luxury, etc.

D9 Club Personalized Private Customization

Investing 45,000 yuan in the first half of the year will bring out a total return of 900,000 and a return rate of 20 times.

After investing 200,000 yuan, the total income will be 4.5 million and the return rate will be 23 times.

After investing 1 million yuan in compound interest, the total return will be 25 million yuan, and the rate of return will be 25 times.

Opportunities like a thief slip away without paying attention, giving the family who are always ready. O2O automation engineering, reply 8 to bring you to know!

You can make money without making a head! [p>

Breaking the 28th law, everyone making money!

The project is simple and practical, reflecting the road to Jane:

✅*Old company*New project*International market

✅With real and powerful hematopoietic function

Annual investment of $2046 Weekly $170

Monthly entry of $630 for $8190

✅ initial charge of $2100/super account

✅$300 or more to withdraw in full!

The D9 Club truly operates in a stable international market. The first batch of domestic market leaders in 38 countries are docked.

D9 Club Newsletter WeChat: QQ9968134

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Maintenance of the floor is no longer annoying What is the method of dehumidification of wooden floors? okorder

First, the pepper in addition to the wet method

Applicable space: the living room faces the uncomfortable return to the South, Guangzhou folks have always had a traditional.

Moisture-proof practices: One is to place the dried peppers, which can absorb a certain amount of water, but must always replace the new dried peppers. The other is to place a reliable quality gun, because there is sulfur in the gun, which can not only dehumidify but also remove insects.

Although the effect of the earthwork is good, but the artillery has a safety problem, the public should be more careful when using it. In addition, you can also burn a pot of fire in the room to increase the temperature inside the room, so that the water vapor can not condense, thus reducing the indoor humidity.

Second, the newspaper anti-mildew method

Applicable space: the bedroom is wet, the clothes in the closet are often moldy, what should I do?

Moisture-proof practices: long-term open The door of the closet can be ventilated and mildewed, but there is also a lot of dust. If you put a newspaper on the bottom of the closet, you can even put a newspaper on the inside of the closet. The newspaper absorbs moisture and achieves mildew resistance, and the ink on the newspaper can also deworm.

Newspapers should avoid direct contact with clothing to prevent ink stains.

Third, lime moisture absorption method

Applicable space: kitchen, bedroom lime is a simple and easy to do moisture absorption agent.

Moisture proof: 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. Put the lime in a wooden box and cover it when the weather is not wet. When the weather is wet, open the cover and do not open the large window to keep the indoor air dry and pleasant.

For the average family, buy 5 to 10 kilograms of lime, in a wooden box or carton, under the closet or in the corner of the house, but be careful not to let the children at home.

Fourth, salt bar mopping method

Applicable space: kitchen, bathroom kitchen.

Moisture-proof practices: Salt is also a good dehumidifier, although there is no industrial salt snow melting and ice, so salt is more than enough to deal with the dampness of the home.

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Mengniu slow-burning R standard is effective Slow-burning PLUS is coming soon okorder

From October 14th, 2018, Mengniu slow-burning trademark was applied for registration in the State Trademark Office and has been examined and approved by the Trademark Office. It has become a registered trademark and is protected by law. Any enterprise or individual may not use it without the official permission or authorization of Mengniu Slow Burning, otherwise it will bear the tort liability. The successful registration of the R target is not only a sign that Mengniu slow-burning as a well-known brand is maturing, but also an important guarantee for the slow-burning brand to protect the rights of consumers and agents. On this basis, Slow Burning will continue to add traceback source code, give each piece of slow-burning products a unique two-dimensional code, establish a system traceable from production, shipping and storage of various chains, and eliminate the price from the root.

For illegal businesses that sell unscheduled products on Taobao and other platforms, Mengniu Slow-burning Operation Center Beijing Preferred Qiantong Technology Co., Ltd. officially issued a statement on December 7th, urging illegal traders to Businesses that stop their infringement within one working day and who do not stop the infringement will bear legal responsibility and compensate for relevant economic losses. Those who intend to continue to sell slow-burning merchants on Taobao must apply to the preferred Qiantong, obtain corresponding authorization, and accept price control.

From October 14, 2018, Mengniu’s slow-burning trademark was registered with the National Trademark Office and has been approved. The Trademark Office reviewed and approved it and became a registered trademark, which was protected by law. Any enterprise or individual may not use it without the official permission or authorization of Mengniu Slow Burning, otherwise it will bear the tort liability. The successful registration of the R target is not only a sign that Mengniu slow-burning as a well-known brand is maturing, but also an important guarantee for the slow-burning brand to protect the rights of consumers and agents. On this basis, Slow Burning will continue to add traceback source code, give each piece of slow-burning products a unique two-dimensional code, establish a system traceable from production, shipping and storage of various chains, and eliminate the price from the root.

For illegal businesses that sell unscheduled products on Taobao and other platforms, Mengniu Slow-burning Operation Center Beijing Preferred Qiantong Technology Co., Ltd. officially issued a statement on December 7th, urging illegal traders to Businesses that stop their infringement within one working day and who do not stop the infringement will bear legal responsibility and compensate for relevant economic losses. Those who intend to continue to sell slow-burning merchants on Taobao must apply to the preferred Qiantong, obtain corresponding authorization, and accept price control.

Since its launch in January 2018, Mengniu has developed rapidly and has a constant topic. As Mengniu enters the new retail channel and the benchmark of the big health market, the slow-burning fiber milkshake milk adopts the novel “lightweight formula”, which focuses on the high-end market such as big health and beauty industry, and locks in the consumption scenes such as overtime, fitness and social. Mengniu’s brand effect combined with the channel advantages of new retailing makes it easy to achieve hundreds of millions of sales. While harvesting the emerging social e-commerce dividend, Mengniu’s slow-burning operations are also facing many challenges from new channels.

It is reported that as a rapidly popular net red milkshake, in April and May of 2018, due to the concentrated outbreak of demand in the slow-burning market, the factory’s production capacity was insufficient, and slow burning had been out of stock. Mengniu then urgently invested in a new production line to increase shipments and solved the problem of insufficient supply of products as soon as possible. The uncoordinated supply and demand experienced by slow burning illustrates the vitality of emerging channels and the supply chain changes that traditional enterprises may face when promoting new retail transformation.

In order to meet the diversified needs of consumers, Mengniu has a series of innovative layouts in the field of weight management. . On December 6th, at the 2019 Mengniu Group 20th Anniversary Customer Conference held at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, the debut of the slow-burning plus caused a sensation. The packaging design of slow-burning plus is obviously different from ordinary dairy products, which makes people’s eyes shine brightly. The light purple light strips look high-end fashion, fully demonstrating the brand concept of slow burning & consumption upgrade.

According to senior officials of Mengniu, Slow Burning plans to launch 4-6 slow-burning series of new products in 2019, including slow-burning plus products with 31% CLA content. Slow-burning adds two flavors of coconut and pineapple based on the original blueberry flavor. The second slow-burning new product will be presented in the form of protein powder, with the addition of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) to help consumers release their energy slowly while achieving better satiety. A package of weight management, the product is scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2019. Slow burning also has a new product that will achieve innovative breakthroughs in the form of tablets. It is a new type of slow-burning fat-burning film, which is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2019. Other new products include polymeric meal replacement bars with added CLA and dietary fiber, and bulletproof coffee using the principle of ketogenic weight loss. Slow burning will gradually achieve full coverage in the weight management sector through a richer product portfolio, and sales will steadily increase several times.

Looking back on 2018, under the opportunities and challenges of the new retail, Mengniu slow-burning fiber milkshake milk has become a force in the weight management market in 2018 with the power of innovation, production and operation. A dark horse has also attracted the attention of many financial and venture capital institutions. Since the spring of 2018, Mengniu Dairy (02319.HK) stock has been on the rise. According to Mengniu Zhongbao, as Mengniu’s emerging product in the fast-moving brand to take the lead in testing the social retail model, the sales of slow-burning fiber milkshakes are particularly outstanding in the sales of Mengniu, which has become the fastest growing in Mengniu’s history. Single item. Slow burning has formed a demonstration effect. Mengniu launched another social retail channel product in September. After the condensed collagen peptide crystal, the stock price rose by 3.12%, and the latest total market value was 96.224 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Mengniu’s “World Quality Link” social retail model has resulted in a series of awards for slow burning. In March 2018, at the 12th Inner Mongolia Dairy Expo and Summit Forum, Slow Burning won the first weight management milk innovation award; in October, the 12th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival and the first social e-commerce held in Changsha, Hunan At the Entrepreneur Awards Ceremony, the slow-fired “Outstanding Team Award” was held at the People’s Daily in November. “Yilu has won the CSR Pioneer Forum on the CSR Pioneer Forum. At the end of 2018, Slow Burning invested heavily in TV commercials on Jiangsu Satellite TV and Inner Mongolia Satellite TV. The Mengniu slow-burning and 2018 social e-commerce startup jointly sponsored by the China Television Artists Association Micro Video Professional Committee and Mango Dawei颂Achieve strategic cooperation, actively participate in the discussion of China’s social e-commerce brand independent development and collaborative innovation, showcase the new era of excellent social e-commerce entrepreneurs, and lead the industry with ingenuity; in addition, Mengniu slow-fired also sponsored the first The 4th Weishang Spring Festival Gala, together with 200 industry outstanding brands and teams, enhanced brand endorsement and further expanded the influence of slow-burning brands.

Mengniu is slowly striving to build the first brand of weight management, and to help the agents at all levels to develop a healthy market of 10 billion yuan. In 2019, there will be hundreds of millions of funds for advertising, and Mengniu will slow down. Formed a senior management team with rich communication and new retail experience. Senior media person Xu Zhiwei is the CEO of Mengniu Slow Combustion Project, responsible for the market total gymnastics plate of slow-burning plus series products, while Xia Qing, Heng Jian, Zhang Bin, Duan Zhiming and Wang Mengmeng jointly served as the CEO of Mengniu Slow Combustion Project. According to Yao Hongjun, the founder of Mengniu Slow-burning Project, Mengniu’s slow-burning operation executive team has been heavily selected and accepted more than a year of practical tests. All of them are young and young after 85, “They have completed the billion market. The layout will move toward higher goals in 2019.

According to Xu Zhiwei, CEO of Mengniu Slow Burning, Mengniu Slow Burning Plus New Product Launch Conference and Slow Burning Senior Partner Summit will be held in January 2019, when Slow Burn Plus and its star partners will be officially Debut, slow-burning 2019 investment policy will also be officially released.

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Chengdu Wenchuang with a gift panda cover bowl, all-inclusive Chengdu culture okorder

Chinese people have a habit when traveling, that is, they will definitely buy local specialties as a gift. However, many tourists are faced with a dazzling array of gifts, which often fall into a difficult situation when they choose. In this scenario, the unique creative and creative gifts came into being.

Panda Cover Bowl in Bamboo Forest

2018 With the rapid development of China’s tourism industry, the demand for national tourism consumption is strong, and the global tourism focuses on a better life. “Travel and cultural creation are highly concerned. However, with the passage of time, the market for Wenchuang with gifts is endless, and it is the same.” The lack of culture has become more and more obvious in the innovation of tourism development. How to combine the cultural heritage with the urban culture is more important and has become the focus of social attention.

Panda Covers for Traveling

In recent years, according to the statistics of Internet travel Wenchuang big data, Chengdu has ranked first in the country with a growth rate of 28.94% in the major cities in China. According to the headline released in November 2018 today, the 2018 Chengdu Cultural and Creative Index shows that creative design, culture, food and fashion are the most important concerns of young people in Chengdu.

In such a market environment, it also caused the public to think “what kind of Chengdu Wenchuang with the gift is the most valuable?”

As a representative of the new literary ceremonies in the cultural and creative world —— Panda Cover Bowl, with the founder of the Guge Dynasty brand design consultancy, Mr. Xia Ke, and the founder of the Fire Mark Chai brand, Liao Tianlang Creative aesthetics, once launched, has become the most popular darling in Chengdu’s cultural and creative market in a short time.

Mr. Xia Ke, founder of Guge Dynasty

Teacher Liao Tianlang, the founder of the Fire Mark Chai brand

Panda Cover Bowl With the embarrassing pandas as the core of creative design, combined with Chengdu’s local bowling culture, the encounter between the two has collided with the most beautiful sparks. Among the all-encompassing Chengdu culture, the culture of the bowl and the culture of tea are the most profound. The tea culture in Sichuan is profound and profound. The combination of tea and utensils forms a bowl, which is made up of heaven, care for the ground, and bowl for people, implying the meaning of heaven and earth. Panda represents the image of the land of abundance, as a global IP is also a powerful link and bridge between different cultures.

Panda Cover Bowl

In the design of the product, the Panda Cover Bowl also has a very user-friendly design. Considering the usage habits, the Panda Cover Bowl has added an innovative “swivel design. When drinking tea, the air is taken in to reduce the water temperature and avoid the hot mouth. The shape makes it more stable overall. In the use value, the product value of the panda cover bowl has been greatly improved, and the consumer is most familiar with the charm of Chengdu culture.

Panda Bowl Whirl Design

So Rich cultural heritage, and different from the conventional use of gifts, more value, coupled with the representative logo of Chengdu city culture, so that the Panda cover bowl quickly became a cultural product of concern in the Chengdu Wenchuang market.

Panda Cover Bowl

Panda Cover Bowl Hand ceremony is not only a courtesy, but also a cultural product of the land and water. Although it is not a valuable product, the Panda Bowl represents a unique emotional bridge between the city and culture, carrying the cultural heritage of Chengdu. It also represents the romantic life of Chengdu city!

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Product packaging reform: Xia Ke talks about the famous hot pot bottom material explosion okorder

Recently, there is such a red cake in Sichuan. The shape of the hot pot bottom material, a few spices scattered around it, it is hard to imagine that this is a delicious cake, and the strong visual experience also makes many Consumers have a soft spot for this cake. For a time, the hot pot bottom cake has also become a net red blast in the young consumer group.

A closer look at this cake, in addition to giving it a unique shape packaging for the hot pot bottom, we can easily find In terms of styling, it is no longer based on the traditional base image, but the use of elements such as peppers on the shape of the product to attract consumers to promote purchase. This is exactly the same pattern that was used in the reform of the famous hot pot bottom product that was created by the founder of the owner of the master of the Gu Ge Dynasty.

Before 2015, the hot pot bottom material industry was mixed, and the extremely uniform opaque packaging on the market made it impossible for consumers. I feel the true flavor of the ingredients, and Yangming Food sees the chaos of the industry, does not have high quality, and naturally cannot meet the advent of a new era of consumption upgrading. Therefore, Yangming Food decided to make an iterative product that broke the label inherent in the hot pot bottom material on the market. Together with the founder of the Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke, the real material used for the consumer appeal completely subverted the traditional hot pot bottom material market. .

Insight into consumer appeal, breaking the tradition & quot; the right medicine

Reviewing the famous hot pot bottom The reform process of materials, the two major problems to be solved at the time of famous foods are: “The functional problem of consumers eating hot pot, the habit of eating hot pot is about 1 hour, the past two hundred grams of material is difficult to meet Consumers dine in time, so they are often not popular in the family; the way of product presentation, the traditional bottom packaging, the outer packaging reflects the edible nature of the product by means of pictures, but it is not intuitive enough for consumers.

In order to solve these two core problems, Xia Ke led the team to investigate the consumer purchasing psychology and discover the public. It is more hopeful that the product can be obtained, which is more appetizing and more likely to trigger purchase.

“ Therefore, in the production process of the famous hot pot bottom material, we propose the first time on the pure butter block, through the process transformation plus the embellishment of pepper and pepper, so that consumers can see the product. In essence, the scene of the hot pot restaurant was restored, and the weight of the single product was increased, which made the taste more long-lasting. At the same time, the added pepper and pepper also played a certain auxiliary function to the weakened taste during the cooking process, keeping the fragrance of the primer lasting. .

The cultivation of consumption habits is the result of consumer resonance

After the transformation of process and user experience, the famous hot pot bottom material has become a brand new product, which has quickly opened up and traditional The difference in the bottom material, consumers more intuitively feel the changes in the product, the entire hot pot bottom material market has also undergone tremendous changes, have been transformed into the manual bottom material market.

& ldquo; After the market capacity is re-driven, with the convergence of the entire market opportunity, the user’s consumption inertia is formed. Through the mass communication, we must let consumers develop the consumption habits of the products. The reason why products like the famous hot pot bottom material can quickly become explosive is to find out the resonance of consumers, the resonance of product taste, the resonance of vision and the resonance of user experience.

The appearance of the famous hot pot bottom material makes the bottom material more enjoyable and connotative. More in line with people’s needs, the new packaging reform has enabled it to gain a strong market competitiveness, opening a new era of hot pot bottom material. The successful creation of the explosive products allowed Yangming Food to promote the hot pot culture, and also promoted the famous hot pot bottom material to the whole country, so that more people can eat the authentic Sichuan hot pot and understand the distinctive Sichuan culture. !

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New Species Design Exhibition is about to appear in Wuhan, helping to develop high-quality industrial design okorder

Industrial design is the starting point of the innovation chain and the source of the value chain. It plays a key role in leading technological innovation, upgrading product quality, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. The 2nd China Industrial Design Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Exhibition”) held at the Wuhan International Expo Center on November 23-25 ​​will be based on the theme of “Design Drives High Quality Development” to build a promotion of China’s industrial design development. Industry event. LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group was selected as one of the first companies to be selected as a national industrial design center. It was invited to participate in the China Industrial Design Exhibition and will lead its innovation exhibition ——2018 Rococo· Design exhibition], debut in Wuhan.

2018 Rococo · Luo Ke [New Species Design Exhibition 】Debut in Wuhan

Among them, Rococo · Luo Ke will be “the design of a beautiful world as the theme, on-site display” technology + design perfectly integrated smart home, smart entertainment, smart medical and cultural and creative The design of the field creates a pioneering new species design exhibition.

2018 New Species Design Exhibition [Wuhan Station] in progress

It is reported that Rococo · Luo Ke [New Species Design Exhibition], first exhibition in Beijing International Design Week 2017, With the four major themes of “New Species, New Imagination, “New Story,” and “New Creation”, the series of tour tours of nine cities across the country was completed in 145 days, which led to wide recognition and praise from all walks of life.

The 2nd China Industrial Design Exhibition Rococo · Luo Ke [New Species Design Exhibition]

The new species design exhibition in 2018 has been upgraded. So far, it has passed through 8 cities including Beijing, Suzhou, Jingdezhen, Foshan, Liuzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Chengdu. The new species design exhibition in Wuhan is The exhibitors brought the latest design and classic design of LKK Rococo. At the exhibition site, you can see the intelligent AI speakers covering almost all platforms, “Gaoyan value mango TV Internet TV intelligent hardware milk box, the children’s companion robot intelligent companion robot 1S in the hot mother and baby market, satisfying the zero distance between users and technology products. Contact, giving the best solution to achieve quality of life. In terms of travel, we can get rid of the messy parts of traditional electric vehicles and spliced ​​solder joints, and create a futuristic professional travel tool micro-single V1; with augmented reality + voice control + advanced driving assistance HUD car system car radish second generation, etc. . In addition, there is the ultimate ergonomic design that allows each user to experience the “customized” bright wind platform HiARG100 AR glasses. As an award-winning product of the German Red Dot and iF Top Design Awards, innovative design is one of the highlights of this product. It is understood that the above products are all designed by the LKK Rococo team.

The 2nd China Industrial Design Exhibition Rococo · Luo Ke [New Species Design Exhibition]

Once in 2018 Beijing International Design Week Rococo & middot; Luo Ke [New Species Design Exhibition] was greatly concerned about the “ICE machine Mo Man ice cream machine also appeared in Wuhan. This is the world’s first intelligent ice cream self-service terminal brand, with a world-class automation level, software and hardware are managed through the cloud, the whole process is unmanned self-help. Based on the overall platform operation mode of the front-end and the end of the Internet of Things architecture, it brings a new trend to the consumption of ice cream in the new retail sector in China.

2018 Rococo · Loker [New Species Design Exhibition] has greatly upgraded people’s brain structure, more intelligent design concepts, and has a very high guiding significance for many future fields. To solve the pain points of users and adapt to various segments of the population, more scientific artificial intelligence is not alienated from people, but a more interactive experience. This is the real “design + technology” Serving people the right way to open!

From industrial design to “designing a beautiful world”

Industrial design runs through the life cycle of industrial products and is an important driving force for industrial transformation and upgrading. . As a leader in integrating innovative design, LKK Rococo was founded in 2004 and quickly developed from an industrial design company into a strong integrated innovation design group. In 2013, it was selected as the first batch of national industrial design centers recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group New Office Address

Rococo · It is hoped that through 14 years of enterprise product innovation experience, with the mission of “designing a beautiful world”, using the 1 million+ global creators, 30,000+ designers, 5000+ supply chain, senior strategists, design masters, etc. User strategy, Luoke shared design, Luoshang R & D supply chain three platforms, to create online and offline innovative design, product landing as the core of supply chain management services and innovative marketing three important links, to provide a one-stop full process for creating good products baby sitting program. Collaborative enterprises can better solve the problems of products and services that face the high-speed vertical penetration and horizontal development, and further promote the industrial transformation of society, enterprises and products, and industrial design innovation.Go forward and help the beautiful China.

It is understood that the 2nd China Industrial Design Exhibition is jointly guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government, the International Economic and Technical Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Wuhan Economic and Information Technology Commission. Co-hosting. With the theme of “Design Drives High Quality Development”, more than 500 companies from more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country participated in the exhibition: Xiaomi Technology, Rococo, BOE, COMAC, GAC Group, Gree Electric, Midea, Inspur Electronics Many well-known industrial design centers and design companies, such as Lovol Heavy Industries, Dongfeng Design and Research Institute, Sichuan Changhong, etc., represent the highest level of industrial design in China, and bring rare design feasts to the domestic design community and the audience.

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D&G Dolce & Gabbana Do you really understand Chinese chopsticks? The same is why the video is so different? okorder

On November 21st, everyone was screened by the Western international clothing brand Dolce & Gabbana (Chinese name "Douglas Banna") "Insults to the door", and many of the original The stars who participated in the brand event have come out to boycott the brand, and this move has further heated the incident.

D&G Gambling Event Video

D&G Gambling Event Video Screenshots

D&G Insults Huamen Event Video Screenshot

Let Xiaobian take everyone to review this D&amp After the outbreak of the G incident, the female models in the D&G advertising video were artificially crafted, and the delicate eyeliners, the exaggerated movements, and the narration continued to ridicule the Chinese people’s use of chopsticks. The most stereotyped impression of Asians! When the video was released that night, it caused strong dissatisfaction with the participating stars, and even the star issued a microblog statement on the night to cancel the contract with D&G. The netizens also praised the message, indicating that the national interest is above all else, and fully support the cancellation of the stars.

Wang Junkai Studio Releases Disclaimer

Di Lieba Studio Releases Disclaimer

User’s message under the cancellation statement

At the same time, it makes people more The big news is that CCTV also released a documentary about chopsticks last night. The content of the feelings and touches caused a lot of comments from netizens. This video was praised by Chinese netizens as “the most advanced response”.

CCTV documentary screenshots

CCTV documentary screenshots

CCTV documentary screenshots

Netizens responded enthusiastically to CCTV documentary

In addition, the Chinese Communist Youth League Central Committee, Xinhuanet and many Internet media people also targeted D&G The incidents have all expressed their opposition to D&G. Up to now, the D&G brand has been completely banned in China, and all major e-commerce platforms have been removed. Some offline stores are also evacuating packaged goods.

Youth League Central Weibo Statement

Xinhuanet Weibo Statement

All D&G products under the Tmall platform

Among the many resistances, we found a new generation of technology in Sichuan The company is very concerned about this incident. The founder of this company, Wei Liang, is a US doctor of returnees medicine. The company’s first product is also “Chopsticks”.

The public number of the company called "嗨米科技" wrote: " Only people with ingenuity can use chopsticks, IQ is the basis of chopsticks; chopsticks are national culture The inheritance of civilization and the continuation of civilization, Chinese people have used chopsticks since ancient times, which is enough to illustrate the vitality of Chinese civilization. As the CCTV documentary commented, chopsticks pinpoint the Chinese people’s feelings, and the ruthless and unrighteous people cannot understand it; the Chinese know the same. Advancing with the times, we know how to use technology to give chopsticks more content. " It can be understood from these statements why Dr. Wei Liang is obsessed with chopsticks, not only for the chopsticks themselves, but more importantly for the social responsibility of Chinese historical culture. I think such a company with patriotism will definitely go further.

In order to deeply understand the views of the company, and to further understand the chopsticks culture, Xiaobian specially visited the company and conducted an exclusive interview with Dr. Wei Liang.

undeniable,Facing the defamation of chopsticks and Chinese culture in D&G video, the content released by the 嗨米科技 public is a strong response to the D&G incident, and it also makes Xiaobian feel the strong patriotic feelings of Dr. Wei Liang and The love of Chinese traditional culture.


in history On the Chinese side, chopsticks used to solve the problem of eating. Now, for Wei Liang, chopsticks have been given more meaning. In addition to cultural inheritance, we need to ensure that we use it. Health and safety when using chopsticks. That is what he emphasized: “Chinese people know how to keep up with the times, and they know how to use technology to give chopsticks more meaning. The so-called people eat food for the sky. Chopsticks are closely related to our daily life. It is the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Since the diet tool ". This is also why the first product of Demi Technology chose to make chopsticks. But what kind of material is chosen for chopsticks is the safest? Through a lot of experiments, chopsticks made of bamboo, metal, melamine plastic can not meet the extreme requirements of Dr. Wei. After in-depth research, Dr. Wei found chopsticks. Excellent choice of materials – PAS (PPS.PPSS.PASK, etc.) aerospace grade polymer materials. The material is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and superior durability. Chopsticks made from PAS food grade headings are resistant to high temperatures, acids and alkalis, mildew, and no harmful substances. With this material, the health of the Chinese fingertips is finally guaranteed.

Dr. Wei Liang uses his own income to learn to create a pair of Chinese chopsticks. Use technology to lead a healthy life and contribute a little to the health industry.


In the face of companies like D&G, we I can forgive each other’s ignorance, but I can’t forgive them for their arrogance and prejudice. We are developing rapidly in China. If companies like D&G are still in the stage of pity and charity, please recognise China again! Chopsticks are Inheritance of Chinese culture, glutinous rice technology will also be devoted to popularizing healthy chopsticks to more people. It is understood that glutinous rice technology will launch a series of public welfare activities to let more people know that chopsticks should have a new day. The health connotation. I believe that in the near future, we will see technology companies like 嗨米科技, which not only can make chopsticks with cultural heritage meaning to the extreme, but also give it the elements of technology and health. Our culture is destined to make the world pay attention. !

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The whole house customization encounters a period of questioning. Is the concept bubble still smashed? okorder

Image from “123rf.com.cn

Ten years ago, once the concept of whole house customization appeared, it was criticized by major brands. At that time, the whole house customization was far less popular. Stimulated by the one-stop shopping experience, consumers’ perception of the whole house customization is deepening and the recognition is getting higher and higher. Moreover, the whole house customization can meet the individualized consumer demand and can be flexible. Production has achieved large-scale manufacturing, and has been optimistic about home furnishing and capital markets. In 2017, with the capital boom of customized home furnishing companies, the concept of whole house customization has also moved to the peak of concept heat.

We often use a 10 year as a time unit to observe an industry concept. After more than ten years of rapid popularity, by 2018, today’s whole house customization has stood at the crossroads of development.

From the time of entering 2018, the story of the influx of capital in 2017 is still warm, but on the other hand, the fact that the growth rate of custom enterprise revenue and profit growth has declined has also caused the entire industry to Calm, from instigation to contemplation & mdash; & mdash; the whole house custom traffic dividend era is over, the inflection point has come.

The battle of the crowds

After visiting a number of whole-house custom-made companies, many European companies learned that many companies are forced to attract profits and transform into the whole house customization field. Production-oriented enterprises also have a “light asset model” that is directly taken from the investment team. Although many large and small companies have erected the banner of the whole house, in fact, more is notorious.

Conceptually, there is no unified statement to define “all-room customization, so the answers given by each family are not the same. If the company itself has a different understanding of the concept of whole-house customization, then the strategy and direction of the future will be different.

Regarding the types of house-wide customization, there are companies that advertise that the cabinets + wardrobes are “all the houses are customized; some companies think that they are wardrobes + cabinets + wooden doors + wall panels; there are also companies that believe that they are custom cabinets. + Finished furniture + soft furniture… The products provided by the enterprise cannot be interpreted. “The whole house customization includes the standardization of the categories. On the consumer side, it cannot fully satisfy the real needs of consumers for one-stop shopping, even if it is listed. It is also difficult for the company to realize the true provision of whole-house furniture products.

What’s more, in order to catch up with the custom-made air outlets, we have added a category to the previous production items and we have labeled the whole house. There are countless examples; companies that have come across the border are flocking. In addition, the related exhibitions have also accelerated the development of the whole house customization. Many exhibitions have added “all the custom-made pavilions…. ..

The increasingly crowded track is always conveying a message that the entire house is not in the blue ocean. Capital has led to a sharp expansion of production capacity, which has forced the whole house to enter the stage of price shopping. The most fear is that this price war is initiated by leading enterprises; in addition to capacity expansion, the channels of first-line brands are sinking and constantly Squeezing the second and third-line brand market, the price competition in the third- and fourth-tier cities is also continuing…

A price war from the industry’s giant hair is still burning, and SMEs will be like this. The price bombing continues to be squeezed, the market share is further shrinking, and the industry concentration may be improved. However, the competition between the giants is still intensifying and difficult to compete.

Is the crushing bubble still casual?

In a short period of time, the situation of melee in the industry will continue, and the pattern needs to be further clarified, and it will continue to be consumed as the whole house is customized. It is recognized that the contradiction of the imperfect development of this model has gradually been amplified. The lack of industry standards is an important reason why the problem of the enterprise cannot be restrained and “the whole house chaos cannot be restricted.

This year’s 3·15, the first “house-wide custom wood (made) furniture” group standard began to implement, for the first time in the whole house customization industry, the phenomenon of chaos, the standard missing, material identification Six major problems, such as non-standardization, cost settlement loopholes, chaotic pricing methods, unmatched custom processes, and total control of the release of harmful substances, are on the table.

At present, it seems that the problems exposed by the whole house customization are far more than these. If you don’t pay attention to it, these kinds of problems are enough to become a fatal factor in the whole house customization:

Chaos 1: Is it really customized or custom-made illusion? Standardized products?

Mass customization can become a favorite for companies, and the two factors involved are The key, namely customization and mass production, and the balance between the two has become a key point that companies are always looking for.

Customization and scale seems to have a necessary but unclear boundary. Outside the boundary is scale, customization within the boundaries, and on top of the border, companies can achieve brand and The benefits of both have a “match point.”

In terms of customization, the company has a lot of links in sales, measurement, design, production, installation, after-sales service, etc. The situation is that each of them is camping, and they have not achieved a good connection. The customer experience has been discounted, and there will be continuous delivery problems.

From a single category, cabinets are easier to standardize, and wardrobes are relativelyCustomized demand will be more. In the large-scale whole-house custom enterprise that Yiou Home has learned, the ratio of standardized products to non-standard products is basically between 8:1 or 9:1, and the proportion of customized products is quite small; Since the customized products will be relatively more labor-intensive and time-consuming from design to production, installation, and after-sales, reducing the non-standard rate is an important reference for the whole house to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Customized products account for such small cases. How can you clearly define a product in a consumer’s home is a customized product? The result is that consumers pay a higher price than a standardized product.

Chaos 2: The design level is questioned, is it a designer or a signing artifact?

Moving the time forward, there is no custom design before the whole house customization concept The concept of the division, and with the popularity of the whole house customization market, the professional competitiveness of the whole house custom designer is also growing. The conventional idea is that the designer must rely on the design level to determine the pros and cons, but in fact Most designers have become an important source of signing, and whether they can get a rich commission from them has become an important factor in attracting designers.

The level of design cannot be guaranteed. Consumers have certain blind spots in the design or the aesthetics of the overall home space. It is difficult to judge the true level of the designer and it is easy to enter the pit.

Chaos III: Industry 4.0 in the tail of Industry 2.0, but shouted for a long time?

Industry 4.0 was actually proposed by Germany, with the aim of thinking about the next one. Taking the lead in the industrial revolution, the emphasis on resource efficiency, smart factories and adaptability has created a wave in the transformation of global manufacturing enterprises. And what should be the real industry 4.0 of the custom home industry?

There are related reports saying: “Customized furniture factory industry” is mainly based on unmanned production plants, creating industry “ The production of the panel furniture of 4.0 integrates the processes of material cutting, edge sealing, drilling, sorting and packing to realize the unmanned factory production mode. In this case, the entire set of custom furniture industry 4.0, covering warehousing, gantry grabbers, cutting equipment, multi-axis handling robots, edge-turning rotary line systems, power transmission lines, six-face drilling and punching equipment, automatic sorting systems, etc., The master control system and intelligent software automate the production process.

At present, in addition to the fact that a large number of large enterprises are gradually realizing the process of Industry 4.0, in the mixed market, the standard of Industry 4.0 is far from being realized, and even some business owners and Yiou Home revealed. Many companies are still in the industrial 2.0 stage. For many cross-border enterprise problems, it is more obvious. From the actual design and production system, it is difficult to modify from the general finished furniture assembly line. It is necessary to re-create a new flexible production line. Humanization, wisdom, and efficient use of resources require more investment and huge challenges.

Q3 quarter: The growth rate of the whole house custom enterprise continues to slow down

In the high-speed development stage, each industry will inevitably face all kinds of chaos caused by excessive competition, but change From a point of view, when the industry’s rapid growth has turned into a turning point, “the chaos will be valued, and it may become a chance point for the company to break out.

From the perspective of the high-growth revenue and net profit of custom home furnishing companies, both inside and outside the industry have been very optimistic about the whole house customization, but with the disclosure from the companies in the mid-year report. According to the data, the growth rate of the customized home industry has been questioned. Of course, the voice of this question has become more prominent after the Q3 quarterly financial reports have been released.

Billion Euro Home has compiled two sets of data, regardless of the revenue growth rate in Q3 2017. The growth rate of revenue in the third quarter was higher than the corresponding growth in 2018. Of course, in addition to the impact of the one-stop shopping consumption environment brought about by the consumption upgrade, the growth of customized enterprise revenue is largely due to the company’s “employment & mdash;— expansion category and brand, which is very important. On the one hand, in order to cater to the needs of the whole house customization, the growth rate and the growth of the company are overweight.

And as this development model enters a certain stage, under the result of the crazy expansion of production capacity of various companies, it will inevitably lead to overcapacity, oversupply, we see some listed companies, such as Shangpin home delivery, Europe The company has made a large amount of capacity investment, and after the next five years, this investment will be truly transformed into products, but a large amount of product supply will bring down the price. In addition, a large amount of production capacity also needs front-end marketing. Matching support, a ring and a ring, will the giant enterprise enter a new stage of competition? The results are not good yet.

In the book “Marketing”, McCarthy first proposed the product 4p theory —— that is, the enterprise needs to be stronger in quality, the brand is bigger, and it is inseparable from its products. Channels, sales, and prices have always been regarded as classics by entrepreneurs. However, in the face of the phenomenon of homogenization of product design, product homogenization, channel homogenization, promotion of homogenization, and capital homogenization in the whole house, we seem to have lost accurate judgment. Who will be in the next 5 years? Highlighting the encirclement?

The whole house customization is not a patchwork between various household products, but based on consumer needs, starting from this, more efforts in product and after-sales service, perhaps the current industry In the face of chaos, more recognition from consumers is the only way to add value to the brand. Whole house customization seems to be experiencing a special period. In the long run, even the competitive pressure brought to listed companies is not small, and the whole house customization is going through highThe smooth transition period after the rapid growth period is also a crucial period for the reshaping of the industry pattern in the future.

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渝味晓宇老火锅 A “Spicy and Spicy” Chongqing City Business Card okorder

In the blink of an eye, 2018 is about to pass. Chongqing, the only municipality in the Midwest of China, suddenly became a tourist city in the early 2018s. It seems that overnight, major social media and short video platforms are flooding with attractions such as Hongyadong and Liziba. In addition to the attractions, there is also a spicy and fragrant thing that gives the public an unforgettable impression. Chongqing city card —— hot pot. The only one that has been on the “China 2 on the tip of the tongue” is the Chongqing hot pot and the Xiaoyu old hot pot has become the target of many tourists.

Chongqing Hot Pot originated from Chongqing Dock, but the background from the market did not affect people’s Chongqing hot pot. Love, the same is the old-fashioned Xiaoyu old hot pot that was born in the market. In recent years, tourists flocked to each other and shoulder to shoulder. During the 10th Chongqing Hot Pot Festival, it was won in one fell swoop; Chongqing hot pot artisans and “Chongqing special network red hot pot” two honorary titles, many people are surprised, why the old-fashioned Xiaoyu old hot pot can make many local, Is it crazy to eat in the field?

Every city has its own taste, and the hot and welcoming mountain city of Chongqing is spicy and unyielding. Looking back over the past two decades, Xiaoyu Hot Pot (formally renamed in 2014, “Xiaowei Xiaoyu” was officially established by Zhang Ping in Laoshan, Laozhong District, Yuzhong District, Chongqing in 1997. Zhang Ping, who is not good at words, is better at speaking by practical actions. After more than ten years, through his own research on the base material, the taste of Xiaoyu hot pot was finally restored to the taste of Chongqing people. Therefore, Xiaoyu Hot Pot was also selected as one of the top 50 Chongqing hot pots.

In 2014, Xiaoyu Hot Pot was honored as “China 2 on the tip of the tongue” and became a local The most authentic Chongqing old hot pot in the hearts of foreigners, the Chongqing spirit held by Zhang Ping, the founder behind Xiaoyu Hot Pot, has also been recognized by more and more people. Xiaoyu Hot Pot has also been rated by netizens as a lifetime. Chongqing hot pot eaten “. However, as the reputation of Xiaoyu Hot Pot climbed, the counterfeiters gradually appeared. For the reputation of Chongqing Hot Pot, the city card of Hot Pot was renamed. Xiaoyu Hot Pot was officially renamed “渝味晓宇.

In the past 20 years, Xiaowei Xiaoyu has been adhering to the Laoshan Old Street in Yuzhong District, Chongqing, in the hot pot industry in Chongqing. At the same time of rapid development, it retains the traditional hot pot skills while continuing to innovate and learn. Let many food lovers see the taste of Chongqing hot pot “Spicy and delicious”, which is derived from the ingenuity of Chongqing Xiaoyu, one of the representatives of authentic Chongqing old hot pot. This year’s hot pot festival, Xiaowei Yu won the “Chongqing hot pot artisan and” “Chongqing special network red hot pot two honorary titles, is the best recognition of Chongqing Xiaoyu.

One side of the water and soil raises one person, and for Chongqing people, the growth of Chongqing people except the Yangtze River and Jialing River Outside, it is a hot pot. Chongqing people’s love for hot pot is deep into the bone marrow, and the hot and spicy flavor of the hot pot just meets the pursuit of taste by Chongqing people. I believe that in the future, Xiaowei Xiaoyu will continue to uphold the spirit of the city of Chongqing, guarding the Chongqing city card —— hot pot of spicy and spicy!

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Heating mode competition, power can be divided into household heating okorder

Winter is approaching and heating work is starting. In the past two years, the extreme cold weather in the south has increased, and the voice of central heating in the south has also increased. Some southern cities are exploring the implementation of central heating. At the same time, the wall-mounted furnace household heating equipment continues to grow in the East China and Central China markets. The Qinling Huaihe River south of central heating and wall-mounted boilers are developing rapidly.

Whether it is central heating or the wall-mounted furnaces promoted by German power, each has its own advantages, making it difficult to choose. We can compare the two heating methods in terms of cost performance and comfort to find a heating method that is really suitable for everyone.

Cost-effective: Easy to use and save money is king.

Home heating as a long-term Consumption, cost-effectiveness is really in line with the mind. The cost performance of heating needs to comprehensively consider a series of factors such as heating effect, total heating cost and service quality. You can choose according to your specific situation.

Central heating is generally heated by the heating company. The indoor temperature is relatively stable. You don’t have to spend time and energy to maintain the heating equipment. You only need to pay the heating fee on time. As far as the price is concerned, central heating only needs to pay the heating fee every year during the heating season. The situation varies from place to place across the country, and the charging level is not the same, but it is basically maintained between 20~30 yuan/building square meter, according to the heating area of ​​100 square meters. In the calculation of meters, it is necessary to pay 2,000-3,000 yuan of heating costs per year.

Compared to central heating, wall-mounted furnace household heating is undoubtedly a more economical choice, especially when consumers choose a high quality wall-hung boiler, which will greatly save heating costs.

There are many brands of wall-mounted boilers in the heating market. The quality of the wall-hung boiler directly affects the operating costs. For example, the German-style wall-mounted boilers are used for the operation of Chinese users. In particular, the Chinese display operation interface of the wall-hung boiler is easy to understand and easy to operate. Even the elderly can quickly master the operation skills. Some high-end models can also be controlled by the APP to meet the consumer’s intelligent online control of temperature and hot water demand.

The combustion efficiency of the powerhouse is up to 99%, and the combustion efficiency of the condensing boiler is as high as 108%. After half an hour of starting, the room can achieve warmth and the wall-mounted furnace After the temperature is set, the preset temperature will be reached, the combustion will be stopped automatically, and the heating will be automatically reduced after the reduction. It can also be set to the working mode. The wall-hung boiler does not work during the day, and the heating cost is saved by half. Therefore, the operating cost will be lower than the central heating. less.

In general, European and American wall-hung boilers have a factory life of 15-20 years. Of course, the more professional the maintenance of the boiler equipment, the longer the service life. In the long run, compared to centralized heating, the wall-mounted boiler for household heating can save a lot of money and cost more.

Comfort: The room temperature can be controlled to be satisfied

The optimization of social consumption structure, people’s pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, creating a warm and comfortable family environment is inseparable A comfortable room temperature. In the cold winter, the comfort of different heating methods is not the same. Air-conditioning heating not only consumes a lot of electricity, but also has a poor temperature, and has gradually been replaced by wall-mounted heating. Wall-mounted boilers, household heating and central heating, have become widely used heating methods.

Central heating Due to unified heating, users cannot control the heating time independently. If the cold air is advanced or delayed, and the heating is not supplied, the time will even freeze. In addition, the central heating is depleted due to heat loss. Sometimes, there is a case where the upper temperature is high and the low temperature is low, and the comfort is greatly reduced.

The heating of the wall-mounted furnaces can perfectly prevent this from happening. If you feel that the weather is cold, you can start the boiler yourself and adjust the indoor warmth according to the actual temperature.

The power-hung boiler has a powerful central processing function to meet the heating needs of multi-bedrooms. Each room can be set to the temperature according to the needs. It can also be decided to turn off the heating of a room separately according to the needs. It can provide large-flow constant temperature sanitary hot water for use in family bathing, kitchen and other places.

Germany Weineng advocates to create a better quality healthy lifestyle for users, and set up a professional after-sales service team to provide users with 24/7 service. Any minor problems can be solved professionally, efficiently and with confidence. Program. Whether it is intimate after-sales service or sophisticated product technology, we provide users with more intimate services from the details, so that users can enjoy a warmer family environment and a more comfortable quality life.

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