Consumption upgrade or consumption downgrade? The furniture person is careful not to be fooled. okorder

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The winter is coming, the days of furniture practitioners seem to be not so good. The industry believes that “the consumer upgrades are also there, and the “selling” people are also everywhere, but these are not important. In fact, always putting the user experience first and continuing to meet the user’s fundamental needs is the most noteworthy thing for furniture companies.

Recall that at the beginning of this year, several commercial media have spoken with big data, pointing out that in 2017 China’s per capita disposable income increased, and national consumer demand emerged from “the public to” “niche, from” Product upgrades to the service;

One time, “upgraded to become the main theme of the consumer market, brands and businesses have tried to increase the added value of goods to meet the growing consumer demand for consumers. The pursuit.

However, in the blink of an eye, the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods in the country has reached its lowest level in 15 years.

The July consumption data released on July 14 showed that the total retail sales of consumer goods was only 8.5%, not only far lower than expected, but also the lowest in 15 years since May 2003. In the 2008 financial crisis, 8.8% of the total retail sales growth in July was even lower.

“Consumer downgrading has become a frequently mentioned word, and we are shocked: the Chinese did not have the money to blow the money!

Did we mention it for many years? Consumption upgrades have been a scorpion from the beginning?

Consumption downgrades have forced us to consciously reduce the frequency and price of consumption.

Compared with the previous “to spend tomorrow’s money, today’s dream, now people began to consciously manage their wallets, pay more attention to the status quo and control of the future.”

01 The emergence of consumer downgrade momentum

So where does the consumer downgrade trend come from? There must be a lot of dark horse e-commerce.

According to the data released by Cheetah in December 2017, the company has surpassed Tmall, Suning Tesco, Vipshop, and Jingdong, becoming the e-commerce app with the weekly penetration rate second only to mobile Taobao.

Less than three years after its establishment, the number of registered users has reached 300 million. In the case of the prevalence of consumption upgrades, the fight is mostly based on 9 pieces of 9 slippers, 19 pieces of 9 jeans, 39 pieces of 9 down jackets, etc. Price products have become the third largest e-commerce platform in China!

The same situation has appeared in many similar e-commerce platforms or physical stores, such as Netease strict selection, Beijing-Tokyo, Taobao selection, etc. The network platform is also based on the concept of “high quality and low price”, integrating market resources and launching its own self-operated brand.

The 3,000 famous products that opened in the past three years are also imitating the big store model of MUJI, which has swept the major cities.

Their customers are undoubtedly extremely price sensitive, and the most interesting thing is that there are many young people in first-tier cities.

Is it wrong to judge the modern people who are not sensitive to price before? Otherwise, why the consumer upgrades have been called for so long, and the star companies that ran out are all “slow-down enterprises”.

It’s not just a lot of work. This year, Fuling mustard has released semi-annual report data. In the first half of the year, it achieved operating income of 1.064 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34.11%; net profit of 305 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 77.52%. Also in the first half of this year, the overall sales of the instant noodle market increased by 5.9% year-on-year, and sales increased by 10.1% year-on-year.

From the mustard to the instant noodles, these seemingly low-end consumer goods suddenly became popular in the first half of this year, and were widely considered by the masses to be a typical case of consumer downgrade.

02 What are the possible factors that caused the consumption downgrade?

The skyrocketing housing prices and rising rents have become the main culprit in squeezing consumer spending. In order to buy a house, the loan group will naturally reduce expenses in daily necessities. Recently, with the skyrocketing rents in major cities, many people have to tighten their belts to live, which will also curb consumption.

And the house is a rigid expenditure, and its importance is prior to the daily consumption, it will certainly occupy the personal consumption power, so downgrading in daily consumption has become a lot of people’s helpless choice.

It is expected that the continued increase in future spending will also be a major force in combating consumer confidence. Housing, education, medical care, and old-age care are in front of everyone. No one dares to spend a lot of money. Saving money has become a must-have plan for many people. If this atmosphere is widespread in society, it will inevitably Suppress market consumption.

Personal income growth cannot keep pace with spending growth. The slowdown in economic growth in the past year has been very obvious, and the wage increase is not obvious. This is a real feeling for everyone.

At the same time, the role of internal and external factors such as Sino-US trade war, population aging, etc., makes our various expenses essential, and the end result is that consumption has to be downgraded.

03 Very few people’s consumption upgrades and most people’s consumption downgrades

Since consumption is degrading, why are there still calls for consumption upgrades?

Is consumption going to be upgraded or downgraded? If we upgrade, why is our consumption data showing a new low in 15 years? If it is downgraded, why is the stock price of Maotai so high, why Chinese people in overseas luxury stores & ldquoBuying and buying?

At present, China’s wealth is concentrated at an unprecedented rate of 1%, and debts are concentrated at an unprecedented level in the middle of the sandwich layer, eventually forming a strong top, weak in the middle. The structure of the underlying big ".

That 1% of people are upgrading their consumption, and the so-called middle class, under the circumstance of high housing prices and other factors, gradually withdraw from the echelon of consumption, and downgrade their own consumption standards.

The shortage of many high-end consumer goods in China is actually the result of the widening gap between the rich and the poor, rather than the result of the upgrade of middle-class consumption.

Therefore, this is a very small number of people’s consumption upgrades and the vast majority of people’s consumption downgrades, while a few people’s consumption upgrades have brought overall consumption upgrades to the whole people because of their huge purchasing power. The illusion of.

Real estate and other mountains have drained the power of the real economy, distorted the resources in the market, and frozen the mobility of the people. The winter that the furniture companies feel is also coming.

Therefore, talking about consumption upgrading and consumption degradation cannot be separated from stratum and structure. At present, consumption demotion and consumption upgrading occur at the same time. More is just a description of the polarization of wealth, and the essence of consumption degradation is actually It is the performance of the polarization between the rich and the poor.

04 What is the trend of a consumer-depleted “high-indebted middle-class product?”

More and more middle-income people are no longer just In the mid-range market, they tend to move up and down, sometimes close together, that is, they are willing to spend a lot of money on the higher-priced products that they think are worthwhile, and in other basic lifestyles. Consumption is more rational and frugal (lower consumption).

And the combination of these two consumer trends, we have seen what we are seeing now: a “high debt middle class” “lower consumption, but also “optimized consumption”. I am willing to spend money on housing, education, and medical care, but I tend to consume less in physical consumption such as clothing, food, and daily use.

And this part of the initiative “consumer downgraded groups have formed such a new consumption habits: the choice of goods often only to meet the basic functions; for price sensitive, often shop around;

Consumer behavior is more rational, turning a blind eye to any flashy brand of aura; vanity is not strong, compared to brand premiums, prefers the satisfaction of high cost performance.

Therefore, the success of many fights has hit the needs of this group of people. With low customer price and cost-effective business model, a large number of powders are used in a short time.

But as a furniture practitioner, we should not overlook the fact that there is a kind of “Chinese character is very interesting. When a concept has not been really understood, everyone flocks. In the case of complete loss of reason, it has become another way, as if it is too late to think about the essence of the concept (the furniture industry seems to do this often).

Under this feature, “consumer upgrades are gradually being used as a marketing tool. Merchants have increased prices and created perseverance. The energy spent on the products themselves is not much, consumers are more It is paying for the premium that the function is not practical, and this has violated the essence of the consumption upgrade.

Many consumers have been fans of consumer upgrades and have had various illusions about high-quality life. However, in the past few years, the concept of consumption upgrade has been used by many merchants to do business gimmicks, and many people cannot afford to bear the cost of the upgrade.

On the other hand, many products that have raised the price have not brought corresponding benefits to customers, and they have eclipsed consumers’ confidence in products.

Consumers find themselves being “made” and not stupid until they are harvested.

05 and its reliance on “selling the consumption”, consumers are not as good as the cost-effective furniture.

From the outbreak of the fight, it can be seen: Acceptable After all, the high-margin consumer price and high-margin consumer groups are a minority, and the broad masses of the people are still sensitive to prices.

But low consumption does not mean that low prices are omnipotent. Judging from the reality, “cost-effective products are still the first choice for consumers.

If you want to give a practical example of a cost-effective product, Uniqlo should be counted as one.

& ldquo;High quality and low price, this is definitely what consumers want to see, but these two words are contradictory to the company, how does Uniqlo do it?

Historically, Uniqlo has risen in Japan. In the decade of depression, the bubble economy burst and the Japanese with poor economic ability began to save money. Uniqlo became their first choice, Uniqlo’s “high quality and low price, Essentially a consumer downgrade.

The same is true for MUJI MUJI in the same period. By selling “unbranded goods”, it simplifies the packaging of products and reduces the cost of products, so that it has a value for the same period of products. The value of ".

Always put the user experience first and continue to meet the user’s fundamental needs, which is the most noteworthy thing for furniture companies.

Constantly understanding the needs of users and using new ways to meet user needs, furniture companies can truly grasp the turmoil of industry change and truly achieve new development.

Adding new technologies, continuously researching and developing new technologies, enabling new technologies to empower traditional industries, with newTechnology to optimize the operational logic of traditional industries and improve the efficiency of traditional industries, in order to take the lead in future changes.

Therefore, merchants should provide consumers with better and more cost-effective products by optimizing all aspects of production and sales, making them more efficient, or working hard to develop newer technologies. It is by no means simply raising the price and creating a so-called force to fool consumers. Furniture companies should not take the opportunity to lay out in advance in terms of price/performance ratio.

Now, do you understand why it was called “winter” in 2018 by the furniture people? The bad news is that this winter may last for a while, as for how long it lasts, who said Not allowed.

Oh, yes, the price of oil has risen recently. Does this prove that the people of the country are welcoming consumption upgrades instead of downgrading?

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渝味晓宇 cooperates with the meal source material factory to create an authentic Chongqing old hot pot! okorder

In 1997, a common hot pot restaurant in Lushan Street was sitting on the ground. Zhang Ping used his four tables to set up his and his wife Xiong Xiaoyu. “Safe haven —— Xiaoyu Hot Pot (渝味晓宇The predecessor of the hot pot). In 2014, Xiaoyu Hotpot was honored as “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”. Zhang Ping’s smile on his show with his wife’s simple smile infected thousands of TV viewers. In the same year, Zhang Ping will Xiaoyu hot pot because of trademark issues. Changed its name to Xiaowei Xiaoyu. Nowadays, in 2018, Xiaowei Xiaoyu’s direct stores and franchise stores have been distributed in 23 provinces across the country, and its name has become the representative of Chongqing old hot pot.

Zhang Ping’s 23 years of hard work has created an authentic Chongqing flavor that enables consumers across the country to Tasting is the long-cherished wish of Xiaowei. The power of Zhang Ping alone is very limited, even if it is night and day, it is impossible to complete such a huge demand. Therefore, in order to enable consumers to taste the authentic taste of Chongqing without going to Chongqing, Xiaowei Xiaoyu will cooperate with the Shanyuan base material factory in September this year, and the bottom material will be put into production in batches at the end of September.

The first phase of the meal factory was built, with a total space of 3,600 square meters, with a total investment of more than 50 million yuan. The machines of the bottom materials all adopt the most advanced and perfect equipment at home and abroad, and strictly enforce the national standards for food production. The four-story space is progressive, from “Tiantou to” “tongue” to achieve full chain traceability.

As we all know, the main raw materials of the four flavors in the taste of Xiaoyu, pepper, pepper, ginger and butter are from Hanyuan, Shizhu, Huangkou and Hebei. The fresh raw materials taken are mainly screened on the fourth floor of the factory. The artificial screening of pepper and pepper, including the washing of ginger, and automatic screening (using nylon hard brush, can effectively remove the residual dirt on ginger). The supply of butter is directly transported through the whole pipeline, integrating butter, avoiding secondary pollution caused by human contact, and ensuring the high quality of butter.

Manually screening pepper and pepper workshops

Automatic Washing of Ginger

Integrated delivery of butter pipeline


In addition, there are 8 domestic first automatic cutting machines in the Jiyuan factory. The customized specifications and precise cutting materials ensure the raw material ratio of each pot. Therefore, it is ensured that the bottom material which is fried in each pot can accept the taste test of the consumer. Moreover, from the fourth layer of automatic cutting machine to the third layer of frying, all are transported through pipelines, reducing the burden on the staff during the production process, and also ensuring the cleanliness of raw materials.

The first automatic cutting machine

Automatic frying machine

After the frying, the bottom material will eventually Through the pipeline into the second-floor tanning workshop, the fully scented high-temperature tanning system allows the aroma of the raw materials to be thoroughly mixed with the butter, and the precise tanning time makes the taste of each pan base consistent.

Primer Control Machine

焖After the production, the bottom material is finally returned to the first layer, and the cooling and cutting weighing packaging is carried out, and the weight is not up to standard and returned to the factory for re-manufacturing. It is undeniable that each layer of the four-layer production workshop of the primer factory seems to be independent, but all layers are connected, and the raw materials are delivered to each point in an orderly and clean manner, reducing the components of manual operation and realizing the standardization of production. .

Automatic packaging of finished products

Even so, the standards of the base factory for employees to enter the kitchen are very strict. When employees enter the production workshop, special work clothes, hats, masks, and aprons must be replaced. After washing, drying, disinfecting, wearing sterile gloves and spraying disinfectant, the operation can be carried out.

The cooperation between Yuwei Xiaoyu and the Shanyuan factory has enabled the industry to once again see the strict control and high quality requirements of the quality of hot pot bottom materials. And Xiaowei Xiaoyu will also strive to use the standardization to produce authentic Chongqing old hot pot, which is dedicated to the franchise stores and e-commerce channels all over the country, so that consumers can eat and buy in all cities and major e-commerce platforms. To the authentic old Chongqing hot pot!

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The first shot of inspiration, Luo Ke “321 set · International Designers Festival” Nanchang set sail okorder

Create art in life and achieve life in art. In China, the total number of designers is more than 20 million, involving plane, interior, architecture, clothing, environment … … from good design, designers are building tradition and future, people and the world; The party of the exclusive designers, let the inspiration come together, bursting out a new imagination.

On September 14th, the exclusive designer’s festival —— “321 set · International Designers’ Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Designer’s Day) will be staged again, continuing the carnival. The feast of this designer was hosted by the Management Committee of Minjiang New District, Nanchang Municipal People’s Government, and Rococo Innovation Design Group. The Management Committee of Minjiang New District Economic Development Group (Nanchang Economic Development Zone), Donghua University of Technology, Luoke Technology Co., Ltd. co-hosted. As the initiator of the Designer’s Day, the Luo Ke shared design platform (hereinafter referred to as “Luo Ke”) will set the theme of this designer festival as “Light, Continuation”, “Dare to play · Dare to think · Culture strives to spread the creative culture of everyone as a designer to more people. This year’s Designers’ Festival is scheduled to be held at Nanchang Donghua University of Technology, giving the designers a creative inspiration for the intersection of reality and future in the ancient city of Nanchang.

The event invited Rococo ( Design Group Chairman and Logan to share the design platform Founder Jia Wei; Michael Young studio founder Michael · Michael (Michael Young); Hyvonen Design Co., Ltd. CEO Tapani Hyv & ouml; nen and other design big coffee attendance. By then, thousands of designers, design industry workers, and media will come to the scene to witness the carnival festivals of the exclusive exclusive designer circles in China and create a new order in the creative era.

“321 set · International Designers Festival Nanchang Station is Luo Ke this year following Beijing, Shenzhen, Jingdezhen After the fourth designer festival, this time the designer festival was re-upgraded, the interactive immersive experience exhibition “design the mainland will be composed of “Dare to Road,” “Dare to play” and “Dream City”. In a creative and interactive way, build a “only 4 hours of “designing the mainland. The grotesque creative building, the fun treasure hunt game, and the imaginative product presentations bring rich visual enjoyment and a passionate immersive experience to each participant.

On the road of “Dare to think,” the slogan of the soul hitting the soul is displayed on the road that stretches for several kilometers. The countdown number helps the designer to face the inner pursuit, recalling the way, design The teachers and the times together with the times, over the mountains, still hold the positive attitude towards the dream.

During the mission release, a variety of collection tasks are published in the “Dare to play”. Designers and citizens who come to participate can participate in a variety of games, such as interactive screens, creative walls, a round of paintings, and conversations with NPCs, bringing a different kind of fun experience.

“Even in the mud, look up at the stars. In the city of creation, the Star Tunnel awakens the designer’s inner Utopia and becomes a highlight of the event; as the core area of ​​the event First, “There is a collection of creative products in the city, which brings together the masterpieces of many cutting-edge designers to activate the interaction of creative inspiration.

It is reported that on the “Design Night”, many heavyweight guests invited by Luo Ke will bring His own unique perspectives on design and interesting things, including Chairman of the Rococo Design Group and founder of the Luoke Shared Design Platform, Jia Wei, “The most famous European designer Michael &middot in China”; Yang (Michael· Young) The big coffee in the industry is all there. Over the past 20 years, Michael Young has become a leader in the international design arena. His work is known for his minimalist style, and he is competing in the Conran store, the Pompidou Museum, and his studio in Asia. Achievements, the work has won many awards worldwide. Also on the scene is Hyvonen Design Co., Ltd. CEO Tapani Hyvönen is also a deserved Nordic design master. He has served as a jury for more than 20 international awards including the Red Dot Award. His work has been collected in the Helsinki Design Museum, Connaught A famous art gallery such as the Delaine Westphal Design Center and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. He is also an adjunct professor at the International School of Fashion and Innovation at Donghua University in Shanghai.

Come to this designer’s “New World, the brand’s growth path, the linkage of Eastern and Western cultures, the integration of industrial production and creative imagination, will be presented on the stage of the design night.

As a country with a history of human civilization, China has once again stood on the stage of world attention. In recent years, the state has proposed various policies to help and support the development of cultural industries and creative industries, and proposed support for Wenchuang. The brand development of the experimental area, the construction of the cultural and creative industry brand system and other support measures.

The introduction of the designer festival in Nanchang, Jiangxi is to support the development of innovative industries.On the one hand, we actively introduce innovative talents, create a development atmosphere for innovative industries in Jiangxi Province, and cultivate the soil for the growth of innovative industries. Deng Nanchang, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Group of the Lijiang New District, and the deputy director of the Management Committee, said, “The designer festival will not only activate the designer culture of Nanchang and even Jiangxi Province, but more importantly, through this Large-scale cultural activities attract innovative talents from inside and outside the province and even international designers, and drain and reserve talents for Jiangxi’s economic transformation, upgrading and innovation. This is an effective measure for the development of government service enterprises. The strategy of urban development or regional development is market development. Demand.

The development of cultural and creative industries is inseparable from communication and integration, and it is inseparable from the collision of ideas. This time, the guest of the Locator & ldquo; 321 set · International Designers Festival will bring more design talents 1 The +1>2 matrix effect sets off a new wave of creative culture innovation, leadership and practice.

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Intelligent Tibetan Expo is more fashionable okorder

On September 7, 2018, the 4th China Tibet Tourism Culture International Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Tibet Fair” will be held in Lhasa. The reporter learned that this Tibet Expo will fully introduce the information management conference management platform and the most advanced face recognition system in China. The platform and system will play a huge role in the related work of smart reception, intelligent conference and intelligent security. The role of all the guests and guests to experience a modern, information-based Tibet.

The guest face recognition smart reception machine is performing face recognition on the guests.

In this exhibition, guests do not need to apply for various documents and card certificates after entering Tibet. They only need to submit a recent personal 2-inch ID photo in the electronic invitation letter of the Expo. At each conference venue, you can enjoy intelligent informatization and smart reception services such as hotels and conferences.

It is understood that the smart reception system is divided into three presentation forms: guest face recognition smart reception machine and conference reception management app and the official website of the collection service mobile site of the Tibet Expo. Through this system, conference management can be realized. Full process information.

The smart reception system realizes the inter-departmental cross-level information communication data exchange of conference management, and the service reception schedule of any one of transportation, check-in, and participation is modified, and the system will push the information to all user terminals simultaneously.

For example, the guests attending the hotel will be replaced. The receptionist’s receptionist will display the changed hotel information in real time. The guests can not only know the itinerary through the face recognition smart reception service machine set up at each venue, but also can visit the official website of the Expo.

The use of the intelligent hospitality service system not only facilitates the guest service, but also facilitates the conference management team. The organizer can get the VIP check-in time and location in real time through the mobile phone background monitoring, and quickly The decision is for the guests to match the corresponding vehicle transfer, meal, and participation services, and follow up the progress of each conference service at any time.

Portrait Matching System.

Face recognition wisdom reception in addition to facilitating conference management staff and guests, in the field of security monitoring, “brush face technology has also become a great helper for the intelligent security of the Tibet Expo. At the entrance of the Lhasa Convention and Exhibition Center and important security points, as long as there is a camera, you can perform a quick security face recognition scan and automatically identify the visitors through the face recognition big data algorithm. If there are public security key monitoring groups, the system will immediately report the suspicious personnel action track, peers, location and other information to the public security department, and do a good job of prevention and timely handling of security defense work.

In addition to the 24-hour online dead-end monitoring, the security guards of the Expo are also equipped with face-recognition AR glasses, which randomly monitor the surveillance area without monitoring cameras, greatly improving work efficiency. . This move is also the best proof of Tibet’s running into the information age.

Portable VR glasses for face recognition.

In addition to the face recognition experience, this year’s Tibet Expo contains “smart elements”, and a number of new technologies and new products have improved the intelligence and informationization of the conference.

In the construction of information management conference management platform, the service level of modern exhibitions has been improved. First, communication and communication are convenient. From traditional telephone notifications, mailing invitations, etc., new invitations such as WeChat and email reception have been changed, which has improved the efficiency of notification and targeted service in real time. The second is the organization of information technology. Through the design of a comprehensive intelligent conference omnipotent butler, the meeting staff received the itinerary, pick-up arrangement, accommodation management, conference release, electronic sign-in, notification push, etc. More than 10 conference services before, during and after the conference, and improved the conference information. The impartiality of the notification, for example, the guests can view the vehicle and the meeting arrangement on the mobile phone. The third is the intelligentization of conference services. Taking the registration as an example, in synchronization with the check-in process, the customer can automatically receive the room information and share the room when the platform is checked in; the system background automatically obtains the check-in and room occupancy immediately. The intelligent reception has fundamentally changed the traditional reception mode, which greatly saved manpower, material resources and financial resources, and improved the perception of the participants in the modernization, informationization and intelligent city construction in Tibet.

In the construction of intelligent feedback channels for information flow, fully grasp the real-time dynamics of the Expo. The first is the channel of information collection. The entire service module of the all-round butler is designed according to the target requirements of big data, and sets 8 labels such as the exhibition product sales module, the participant dynamic module, and the conference process module, and customizes the classification statistics. The second is the integration of data. The information module is used to realize intelligent collection and summary of information flow, and the use of big data to comprehensively and objectively reflect real-time data updates and automatic sorting in different types of exhibition projects. The third is the management decision-making. Real-time production of statistical data analysis reports to provide high-quality data support for conference decision-making and press release during the Expo.

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Knowledgeable culture was invited to participate in the anniversary of the founder of the Guge Dynasty 8.18 okorder

On August 18, 2018, the Guge Dynasty, which adhered to the Chinese post-modern design for nearly two decades, ushered in the 16th year of the establishment of the Guge Dynasty, and the same day was also the founder of the Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke. On the birthday, in the 16 years, the Guge Dynasty achieved a leap-forward development for the top 500 Chinese food companies and the world’s top 500 food enterprises, creating an overall output value of over 100 billion. In order to commemorate the moment of this glory and the next journey to open the Guge dynasty, the Guge Dynasty held a unique Greg Dynasty 16th Anniversary &middot in the French Indigo Wine Experience Store in Chengdu Yintai Center in99; Japanese cocktail party. And from the Internet promotion community in Chengdu, “扛 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂

The theme of this reception is Guggen · The clothing of the Republic of China 120 years ago came to the reception. Founder Xia Ke mentioned that “the Republic of China was the most glorious period in China’s modern history for China, and this is exactly the same as the current situation of China’s booming development. The Guge Dynasty hopes to create for our lives in this beautiful era. More quality and valuable things. In addition, the Guge Dynasty also wanted to use this theme of the Republic of China to convey the four concepts of “release, innovation, change, and impulsiveness” to the guests present. It also shows that these four points are also the Guge Dynasty. The attitude that has always been upheld.

Before the event, the first one was first addressed by the founder of the Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke, Xia Ke said “Thank you very much for the guests present today, to participate in the 16th anniversary of the Guge Dynasty, and to the employees of the Guge Dynasty for the contribution of Guge. In the 16 years of the development of the Guge Dynasty, the Guge Dynasty also met. The partners of common goals, I also believe that in the future, whether it is the Guge Dynasty or friends, everyone is like a family, and develop together and progress together!

During the event, the various departments of the Guge Dynasty also awarded awards, thank you for your continued sweat for the Guge Dynasty. Not only that, the various departments of the Guge Dynasty also gave birth to a birthday present for the founder Xia Ke. This family-like atmosphere is also touching, and 16 years of support and trust have condensed into the most powerful core culture of the Guge dynasty team. As an invited guest, knowing the culture also sent a sincere blessing to the team of the Guge Dynasty.

At the end of the activity, the knowledgeable culture also joined the group of Guge Dynasty’s team, and as a brand promotion partner of the Guge Dynasty, know how to do it. Culture has always insisted on showing people with results, and this kind of implementation spirit has also been recognized by many people present.

August 18, 2018, not only the 16th anniversary of the Guge dynasty but also the prosperity of Chinese design development Year. As a powerful brand promotion partner of the Guge Dynasty, the knowledgeable culture witnessed the rapid development of the Guge Dynasty and will continue to help the Guge Dynasty to go further and further on its own brand development path!

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Korea KAA video live broadcast reward mining platform – KAA live registration to find sunny okorder

What is KAA?

KAA is a 13-year-old entertainment industry company in South Korea. It has an advanced star-making system in Asia and has trained 60% of Korean nets and artists. Now plans To upgrade from offline to online operations, through blockchain application, anchors, fans, communities, and users will become a community of interests. The first bidding invited 13 operating teams, and finally we won the project incubation of KAA by our Deren Foundation. KAA first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

KAA first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

KAA Business model?

KAA Live is based on the application of blockchain, including live entertainment + live education training (learning blockchain) + shareholder system + exchange, our culture is the entertainment industry to achieve everyone The star dream, education and training to achieve everyone’s big coffee dream, shareholder mechanism to achieve everyone’s dream of success. The three dreams come together to create a huge attraction, to continuously contribute fresh fan traffic to all stages of our future, and to achieve the whole through exchange, live rewards, voting, purchasing, shopping malls, games and so on. Ecological blockchain.

How does it relate to KAA?

We only need fans in the first stage, download the registration app, and complete the real-name authentication, you can get a maximum of 1 BTC (bitcoin = money) random If you can bring 100 traffic (fans) to the company, you will become a shareholder of KAA and get 3%-15% of the total revenue of the KAA platform (according to the multiplication of team traffic, the revenue will increase relatively)

KAA’s first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

How do we make a profit at KAA?

Download registration and complete real-name certification, random lead up to 1 BTC (Bitcoin = money)

VIP1 Share 10 fan teams directly 100 people get the total return of KAA platform 3% dividends

(Gift card: 3000KAA, 8% monthly release = 240 KAA/month)

VIP2 Directly share 20 fan teams 300 people get KA bonus on 5% of total rewards

(Gift card: 10000KAA, 10% monthly release = 1000 KAA/month)

VIP3 Directly share 50 fan teams 1000 people get 10% bonus on total KAA platform revenue

(Gift One diamond card: 30,000KAA, 12% monthly release = 3600 KAA/month)

VIP4 Direct sharing of 100 fan teams 5,000 people get 15% bonus on total KAA platform

(One black diamond card: 70000KAA, 15% monthly release = 10500 KAA/month)

—The invitation mechanism is valid for two generations–

KAA’s first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

The profit source of the KAA platform?

Today we saw All of our income is based on the profitability of KAA. So how much money does KAA make? Take one of our sections for example. We will have our own exchange, a general exchange with 50W fans, and 5W people will trade every day. The transaction fee for one day is 100 million yuan. This is the exchange. Pure profit. Will be evenly distributed to our VIP level.

Example: In the first stage, we have a 100W fan exchange fee income of 100 million yuan / day

Achieved VIP1 has 1W people 100 million net income of 3% dividend is 300W then every People can be divided into 300 yuan per day

Achieving VIP2 has 5,000 people with 100 million net income of 5% dividend is 500W, then each person can be divided into 1,000 yuan per day

Achieved VIP3 has 2000 people 10% of the net income of 100 million net income is 1000W, then each person can be divided into 5,000 yuan per day

Achieving VIP4 has 1000% of 100 million net income, 15% of the dividend is 1500W, then each person can be divided into 15,000 yuan per day.

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Business Leaders Annual Meeting Guests 丨 Wang Jingbo’s wealth and her ark okorder

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 22

Noah Wealth CEO Wang Jingbo Determined to attend the “Great Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. On January 25th, 2018, she will be in the series of speeches. “What is there to look for in the era variables?” Amazing whispers?

Wang Jingbo may be one of the most willing people in China to entrust wealth.

Specifically, over the past 11 years, more than 130,000 high-net-worth individuals have given her $355.9 billion in assets, or Noah’s wealth led by her.

The top 50 wealthiers in each city, if they haven’t had time to do so, one of her 1095 competent financial planners may be planning to ring his doorbell.

You can say that Wang Jingbo’s success is a good time to catch up. The wealthy group in China has expanded dramatically, and personal financial needs will inevitably erupt.

But just fortunately, it is not enough to explain why it was only five years since it was founded in 2005. Noah Wealth facilitated the market in the US New York Stock Exchange in November 2010. The resulting demonstration effect directly led to the rise of third-party wealth management in China. At the peak, there were tens of thousands of newcomers at the same time, and quickly became a bursting bubble. Instead, Noah completed the transformation in a turbulent environment and continued to grow.

In foreign countries, companies offering similar services include third-party wealth management agencies, private banks, family offices, and even investment banks and brokerage firms. Noah is always Noah, it is a third party, a private bank, a family office, and it is not at all.

This difference, like Wang Jingbo and her colleagues in Wall Street or the City of the United Kingdom, can be distinguished from the outside: they wear a black suit, look serious, and savvy and savvy Reason; she likes fashion, when she looks at people, there is a gentleness in her eyes.

In repeated upheaval, such as the global financial crisis, real estate bubble, stock market crash, RMB depreciation or the UK exited the EU, the United States changed an unexpected president … … Wang Jingbo and her promise With its soft body and transformation, Asia has secured the top spot in the industry and become a comprehensive financial service provider.

Wang Jingbo is 44 years old this year. This is her 11th year at the helm of Noah Fortune, China’s largest third-party wealth management agency.

When the rain falls down

Buffett said: “The opportunity is always for those who are prepared. Noah did not build the ark when the rain came. Wang Jingbo’s Noah’s wealth is named after this sentence. “The rain is brewing disaster,” Noah gave birth to a new student.

At first, Wang Jingbo did not show anything different. In her music family in Chengdu, Sichuan, her parents and sisters have high musical attainments, and she is not perfect. In order to integrate into the family atmosphere, Wang Jingbo secretly practiced singing for two hours every day when he was very young. This little inferiority, until she used the money given by her parents to stocks, and after revealing her wealth management talents in the work of later financial institutions, she disappeared as she found herself.

Wang Jingbo never thought about starting a business. She and her husband, who later became famous investors, once regarded “being a working emperor as a lifelong dream.” This pursuit of stability ended with the longest bear market in history.

& ldquo;The Big Bear City began on June 14, 2001 and ended on June 6, 2005. In May 2005, Wang Jingbo’s child received a leadership call on the full moon: “In the big bear market, Xiangcai Securities was carrying billions of losses, and Wang Jingbo’s private bank headquarters was stripped off.

In 2003, Wang Jingbo founded the first private financial headquarters of China Securities Corporation. In the same year, the department realized a net profit of 2 million yuan and managed the assets of private customers over 600 million yuan.

After leaving office, Wang Jingbo and her team of 16 people founded Noah Wealth. Without the endorsement of the brand of the brokerage firm, she is not very sure about the customers in her hands, and she still agrees with herself. She is only faintly aware that the big bear market cannot stop the rapid expansion of the wealthy Chinese group, and the personal wealth management business will surely break out.

Wang Jingbo has long discovered that Chinese funds are mostly sold to large institutional clients, while foreign fund clients are mainly individuals. At this time, as a group that has become rich in China, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have accumulated a wealth of wealth, and investment, wealth management, value-added and other needs are being brewed. Many of the mid- to high-end private clients she has contacted in her past work have not actually received good financial services. They need to be like the majority of people, waiting for a long queue at the bank.

In order to find customers, Wang Jingbo and partner Yin Zhe hosted three presentations each week for the first half of the year, inviting old customers to listen to what they planned to do. Many times, there are only one or two guests who are listening to the audience, the old gentleman and the old lady.

Wang Jingbo is also a bit wronged. “We used to have a Ph.D. and a great team. But after all, she was soft and she spoke for two hours with passion.

With the public’s impression that the wealth management industry is full of rational data, glamorous elites, and high-end propaganda, the original Noah was established. With such a clumsy method, it strives to maintain the private banking department from Xiangcai Securities. Dozens of old customers come out.

More often, Wang Jingbo is still full of confidence. “The financial industry is highly competitive. I asked a lot of people, no one knows him.What is the name of the account manager at the bank, and why? Because the bank is still sitting there waiting, it is still you to open an account, you have to line up. But we are different, we are a service platform, and we are actively serving customers.

&nbspquo;Enterprises of the Times

In a forum, talk about how to make the family business sustainable, family wealth & ldquo; rich three generations, Wang Jingbo said: “Only Let ‘family’the company become a &squo;era’ enterprise that responds to the needs of each era.

&nbspquo;Enterprises of the times need to keep up with the times. This is also the way Noah is practicing.

The current Noah has not only the offline business of wealth management and asset management, but also the online financial products such as Fortune and Ark Fortune under the impact of the Internet and mobile Internet.

Yes, Noah has experienced a major transformation towards Internet finance.

In the class of CEIBS, many students gave examples of saying that Noah is a typical company to be subverted by the Internet. Wang was even pulled to a WeChat group, the group name is “Internet” subverts finance. Although everyone is joking, Wang Jingbo is a bit surprised: “We want to subvert finance has not been subverted, but now we have to be subverted by others.

The Internet is coming to the forefront. To fight, perhaps not just to launch a product, but to have a new dimension of thinking, and to keep up with the speed of the Internet.

Noah has an IT team of several hundred people, most of whom are from the IT departments of traditional financial companies such as China Merchants Bank and Ping An. To develop a system for a new wealth management project, the IT team’s habit is to plan first, consider all aspects of the matter, and then carefully design, write code, and finally debug. The whole process often takes 10 months. Sometimes the system has not been made yet, and this demand is outdated. Wang Jingbo asked if he could be faster. They replied: “We have always been 10 months.

Under the combination of angel investor Dai Zhikang, Wang Jingbo met Huang Junpeng from Tencent. The Internet team brought by Huang Junpeng is very different. Their habit is to quickly make a rough version, then quickly iterate, try to make mistakes according to the needs, run small steps, and quickly put the product online.

In the end, Huang Junpeng led his team to join the Noah Internet Finance sector. A team of traditional financial genes is not easy to integrate with a team of Internet genes. In the words of Wang Jingbo, “I spent a lot of money and determination.

The Internet has changed everything and changed Wang Jingbo and Noah.

Noah’s new products launched into the Internet financial platform will expand its services to white-collar workers. Later, he was involved in family offices, real estate funds, film and television funds, and even high-end study tours and education that did not seem to be related to finance.

From this perspective, Noah will gradually become a platform, even the ecology, and the business will gradually expand and cross the border in the form of Noah+. “The back of the + can be the value investment industry, the emerging industry, or the education, medical or entertainment that high net worth individuals care about.

Noah is always echoing the changing needs of customers with the development of the times and the next highland of wealth growth.

Noah’s <;Heart

On Wang Jingbo’s desk, this “Kyocera Philosophy” is placed. Due to the number of flippings, the hard-faced book covers have wrinkles.

She cited Inamori Kazuo as an example, and she was very concerned about it.

“ The heart is in Noah, embodied as a bond, or culture. “ The heart is gone, or missing, the company has a problem.

Noah has been expanding at a high speed these years. At some point, Wang Jingbo suddenly discovered that everyone in the team is very busy and very tired, but there is no sense of value or accomplishment. And there are more and more customer complaints: old customers complain that they can’t buy products, new customers complain that they are forced to sell, “just like you can’t buy tickets on the airline, but when you get on the plane, you find that there are vacancies everywhere.

Subsequently, Wang Jingbo suffered the biggest crisis in entrepreneurship.

Noah recruited an executive with Morgan Stanley’s background and led a team of elites to work as real estate funds. The risk management of this airborne team was completely out of Noah’s past track, and almost all the problems were solved, and even involved in a fraud case.

Afterwards, Wang Jingbo reflected: When the company culture is still immature, excessive expansion is actually diluting the culture, and mastering the rhythm and balance.

In order to shape this heart, at the dominant level, Wang Jingbo introduced the McKinsey team to help the company organize organizational structure and staffing.

On a more flexible level, Noah refines five core values. In addition to “professional” innovation “integrity “love customers, etc., there is one is “heart.”

The third-party wealth management industry is a bit special. The objects it serves are often smashed in the sea of ​​business for many years. One wealth, half life, and the most exciting money on both sides of the link. “Immature, people think that you are staring at his money, there is no way to talk on an equal footing.

Wang Jingbo believes in the power of the heart. She has posted photos of the company’s most popular financial planners on the wall, looking at it every day, and watching it repeatedly until she has the same temperament, she can identify it for the first time. Wang Jingbo, who was recruited by this method, once occupied the total60% of the number.

Noah has always insisted on introducing a humanistic spiritual growth curriculum. This is commonly known as the “three-stage training course”, which is held twice a year and employees volunteer to participate. To this end, Noah invested millions of dollars each year. Coupled with other diverse spiritual and business training courses, Noah spends tens of millions of dollars each year on employee training.

Leading Noah, from a startup company with only a dozen people, to a financial giant with 2,800 employees, Wang Jingbo also needs to constantly review his own heart.

Recently, Wang Jingbo adjusted his schedule, went to the company at 6 in the morning, and started working 80 minutes earlier.

After 11 years of business, she <; to compete with the nanny for the love of the 11-year-old son. At the end of the interview, she jumped into the car and left in a hurry. “My son has already arrived home!”

—— At 6:30 every night, Wang Jingbo will appear at the table at home on time.

(The original is published in the January 2017 issue of Business, which has been deleted in this publication)

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High-grade aluminum alloy door and window hardware accessories correct maintenance method okorder

Hardware accessories are not only the necessary parts for aluminum alloy doors and windows. All the doors and windows need to use hardware accessories to complete the installation. The hardware accessories used for different doors and windows are also different. The maintenance methods are also different. Hardware accessories The life span also greatly affects the service life of the furniture. Let’s take a look at how to properly maintain the hardware of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Before doing the maintenance of hardware accessories, you must first understand some of the basic components of hardware accessories. Only by understanding some of its basic properties can you better maintain your work. Hardware accessories refer to machine parts or parts made of hardware, as well as some small hardware products. It can be used alone or as an aid. Furniture hardware accessories are an important part of furniture. It holds the throat status of furniture life, so it is a top priority to maintain the work.

The number of windows that are opened and closed during the day is generally not less than twice, or even more, the hinges of doors and windows, Moving parts such as hanging wheels often work. In the long run, it may reduce the flexibility and other performance due to the adhesion of dust. It is best to regularly wash a few drops of lubricating oil, usually once every six months, not too often. Special attention should be paid to the direction in which the handle is rotated or stretched. Violence cannot be used frequently. Some children often hang themselves on the door handle or hang on the door when playing, which is dangerous and puts a lot of pressure on the connecting parts of the door. It is not advisable.

Secondly, when you find that the lock cylinder of the aluminum alloy door is not flexible before, you can use a pencil, scrape a small amount of pencil lead powder from the pencil lead and put it in the lock hole. In the hole. This is because the stone grinding component in the pencil lead is a superior lubricant, and it is not recommended to drip the lubricating oil, so that it is easier to stick dust inside the lock cylinder.

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Is it good to push the model? Chu Chu push Shenzhen team okorder

1 minute introduction to Chu Chu push

Chu Chu push is the preferred platform for global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship

Through Chu Chu push, buy yourself to save money, others buy to make money, beautifully promote all materials Get ready for you, move your fingers, and enter the moon.

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The core executives are all from well-known Internet companies and top micro-brand traders, and 2,000 professional teams are escorting your business. The sales director is one-on-one, with the hands to get you started, and the business school to help you grow quickly.

Excellent VIP shopping guides sign up directly with the company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonuses. It is not a dream to enter the million in a year.

[Video] Chu Chu push platform reliable? Chu Chu push official website background query! Chu Chu push shareholders situation! Chu Chu push Relationship with Tencent! Take you to understand Chu Chu push!

The first contact with Chu Chu push friends must have many questions!

Is Chu Chu push platform reliable?

What is the background of the Chu Chu push? Will there be a longer-term development?

How is the shareholder of Chu Chu push? Is it like everyone said? Tencent, Softbank Capital strategic investment? ?

What is the relationship between Chu Chutui, Chu Chu Street, and Chu Chutong?

Today, we will take everyone through the video to understand the story behind the Chu Chu push, really understand the Chu Chu push , better to do the market.


1, Chu Chut is the preferred platform for global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship, invested by Teng strategic, and is also the only e-commerce investment of Softbank in Alibaba and Pakistan.

2Through the Chu Chu push, I buy and save money, others buy and make money, the beautiful promotion materials are all ready for you, move your fingers, and the monthly income is over 10,000.

3 tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected products, the world’s top buyers, first-hand supply, genuine protection, commodity commissions up to 20%-80%, truly self-buy, save money, Promote making money.

4 core executives are all from well-known Internet companies and top micro-brand traders, and 2,000 professional teams are escorting your business. The sales director is one-on-one, with the hands to get you started, and the business school to help you grow quickly.

5 excellent VIP shopping guides sign directly with the company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonuses.

Tencent has a 10% stake in this project. It has been verified! Be confident and bold.

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[Target: Host two or more small-scale business invitations in a week to assist partners. All major businesses are welcome to work together. 】

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You can also have a high-quality water purifier: brand water purifier purchase strategy okorder

Now the water purifier has become a must-have artifact for the family, but there are so many brands of water purifiers. I think everyone is guilty of purchasing the water purifier brand. Then, Xiaobian will introduce some brands to everyone. Water-selling tips, hurry to collect!

First, the selection of water purifiers

First of all, the first point to pay attention to when purchasing is whether the water purifier contains a nanofiltration membrane or a reverse osmosis membrane. Because of the complicated water environment in China, the water in the home is rich in water and scale and heavy metals, and the water also contains bacteria. Harmful substances such as viruses, and the use of nanofiltration membranes or permeable membranes can filter these harmful substances to achieve the effect of drinking water directly, but some microfiltration and ultrafiltration water purifiers cannot filter these harmful substances at all.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water purifier is a barrelless design. Because of the long use time, the bucket is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria, and the barrelless design can better avoid this situation because it can Filter out fresh, pure water at any time, and avoid buckets occupying room space.

Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water purifier saves water, because the purifier is used at a high rate. If the water is treated, there is too much waste water and too little pure water, the purpose of saving water resources cannot be achieved. Sometimes it seems that there is not much water to be wasted, but it will accumulate in long-term use, so everyone should pay attention!

Second, the correct use of water purifiers

1. The water purifier is deactivated for a long time (more than 3 days), when it is turned on again, you need to rinse the water purifier for 5 minutes before you can Normal use of water purifiers to produce water.

2. When the water purifier has a poor water quality, water volume and water volume, please cut off the water source of the water purifier immediately, contact the after-sales service or find a professional. It cannot be disassembled by itself.

3. The longer the water purifier is used, the more water is produced, and the life of the filter element will be shortened accordingly. To avoid secondary pollution and prevent water purifier failure, please reach the life of the filter. Replace the filter before.

4. Clean the water purifier filter once every time. The cycle of cleaning is related to local water quality, usually about 30 days.

5. On the scale problem, many consumers responded to the installation of water purifiers and scales, and that the water purifiers have a role to play, especially in rural areas. Because most of the rural use is groundwater, there is more scale. I am here again to remind everyone to go to scale, please buy a double water purifier or RO reverse osmosis water purifier. Ultrafiltration water purifiers are not capable of removing scale. The inability to remove scale is not a problem with the quality of the water purifier, but some water purifiers themselves cannot remove scale.

6. In some areas where water pollution is serious, it is recommended that you use a combination of water purifiers instead of just purchasing one type of water purifier, otherwise the life of the household water purifier filter will be greatly reduced and the net The life of the water.

Finally, remind everyone to try to buy a big brand of word of mouth, so as to avoid problems in the later water purifier.

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