Not just a mask, Honeywell’s strong industrial decoding devices help businesses return to work by pressing the “fast-forward button”

Return to work the complex production needs masks epidemic prevention materials, but also need to accelerate the construction of automation. But the wisdom of building the plant, enterprise digital transformation and upgrading not just say that the introduction of several automated production line to complete. In order to ensure normal operation of the pipeline, but also solve the problem of accurate identification and location of each product. That’s where the bar code information technology, to the surface of the parts on the assembly line labeled unique DPM (direct part identification) bar code, supplemented by reading devices, in order to achieve real-time tracking of components and accurate positioning. Honeywell’s strong industrial decoding device HF800, DPM decoding capabilities not only strong, but also can accurately identify bar codes in high-speed operation of the pipeline.
Honeywell Industrial DPM code reader HF800
different from the common square or rectangular member, in a well-known brand of China brewery production line , a high speed winged various cylindrical bottles, attached to the bottle cap or bar code always displaced, the conventional code reading device not do a scan job production line. After the introduction of Honeywell’s industrial DPM reader HF800, problem solved! By networking scanning, HF800 very effectively solved the leakage problem sweep on line wine prone, multi-angle, multi-distance quickly and accurately read the bar code, to ensure efficient and accurate operation of the pipeline, reducing operating costs. While Copyright Control Engineering , and networking to ensure wine bottle barcode pairing transmitted together, to avoid the non-network bottle / cartridge mixing misalignment problems. HF800 supports not only the mainstream market of industrial equipment, but also the space reserved for the upgraded production line , fear changes in customer demand. High adaptability also allows manufacturing companies need to re-purchase of equipment can be upgraded production line, reducing the cost of upgrading the production line, so that the road company of digital transformation of the more cost-effective. The throes of the epidemic is a challenge and an opportunity, it allows to accelerate the intelligent manufacturing plant construction, supply chain digital transformation and upgrading is imminent. Labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises can seize the opportunity of growing pains for the transformation and upgrading of the golden period , will be able to gradually shift to build competitive differentiation from low-cost competition to technology-intensive enterprise development , improve risk response capability and competitiveness. Future, Honeywell will continue to provide the market with end to end supply chain solutions wisdom from the manufacturing plant to the retail end, to help companies accelerate the pace of wisdom to build the factory, which clearly grasp the system of raw materials, labor, production, logistics, marketing demand situation, to achieve precise calculation, reasonable scheduling, tight butt demand. We are always committed to helping businesses improve the management capacity of the supply chain, to achieve digital transformation and upgrading, enabling enterprises to improve their ability to resist risks, the crisis into an opportunity.

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