Winter comes, how Chinese industrial robot business for the winter? Enter “China Time” also how long?

“Winter” seems to be synonymous with 2018, China’s industrial robot industry is also difficult to avoid the cold. Sino-US trade war affected the overall economic downturn and other macro-environment, industry respect, 2018 is an industrial robot industry a relatively “low tide” of the year, influenced by the macro-environment, the industrial robot market slowdown, not small manufacturers capacity expansion risks behind labor surplus, coupled with the spread of low-cost competition in the market, the financial pressure throughout the industry chain. Nearly 2019 Control Engineering Copyright , how companies deal with the current domestic industrial robot winter? Whether the industry can usher in a turning point in the coming year? Recently, the Securities Times reporter interviewed several people in the industry, they said, although currently in the winter, but industry prospects, future industry needs to tap more demand, investment in research and development of original technology, to catch up with foreign brands. 2019 is an excellent business opportunity for development from the production point of view, Institute for Industrial Engineering (called “GGII” under) statistics show that the first quarter of 2018, China’s industrial robot production 32806 units, up 38%; the second quarter China’s industrial robot production 40932 units, up 26%; the first half increased by 31%; the third quarter, China’s industrial robot production 39185 units, an increase of 4%. Visible, in 2018 the growth rate of decline in output of industrial robots, the market was Gaokaidizou trend, coupled with domestic manufacturers of “low prices”, import robot “on sale slip amount” of the situation or will continue. From the capital perspective, GGII statistics show that as of the end of September 2018, China’s industrial robot industry investment and financing 6.03 billion yuan, of which merger cases involving 12 cases, 52 cases from financing, compared to 2017, 2018 industrial robots vote financing scale has decreased, fewer cases of large mergers and acquisitions, capital markets gradually become more rational, they tend to look for segments of the hidden champions. GGII believes that the 2018 robot industry “cold” and return to the rational capital, indicates that the test of time already coming robot manufacturers of internal strength, which includes and combines many elements of technology, products, strategy, channels, cost control, and service in the “low tide” of the industry’s more to see who is swimming naked. But no doubt, “the better the long-term, short-term maintenance of stability” is the core element. Ai Fute believes, although in 2019 the overall macroeconomic environment may notIt is very optimistic, but for the robotics industry has been optimistic about the company. At present, many industry automation upgrade is still optimistic attitude, and after the current national policies came out, many SMEs will be Forced to do automatic upgrades, so for the whole industrial robot market in 2019 is more optimistic . Hua pointed out that the number of robots, even though the market is in a state of winter, but some of the industry to tap new hidden demand. To see the whole winter there, many industries are still developing, the industrial robot industry is an emerging industry, just find a new point of development, mining automation industry demand inside, technological breakthroughs, the industry will have a new breakthrough. As the new army collaborative robot industry’s Day card robots that they deal with winter mainly two measures: first deep plowing advantage of the industry, such as consumer lithium batteries, auto parts, chemical fiber, food industry; second positive to do in the winter inside their own internal strength, enhance performance. Senior engineer Zhang Xiaofei, chairman of the robot represents the , in the case of the winter, the terminal enterprise application with system integrators still need to do more in-depth cooperation, external time in increasingly high demand to sink in the heart tap the potential productivity benefits. In fact, the industrial robot industry itself is no big problem, nothing more than the core components made in China in terms of the number of bodies are still increasing, but the number increased to cope with the future demand is not an exaggeration, because each requires a different field the robot, which space is very large. The problem over the larger environment in which the terminal application companies are now cash flow, profitability was seriously affected. In this environment, the government should introduce policies supportive, give guarantees, financial support, so that enterprises can get some self-transformation in the economic environment is not good. Expectations for 2019, Xiao-Fei Zhang believes that some companies may slow the pace of development, but for a very good businesses , the market environment will be more likely to share occupied. The future of domestic brands and foreign brands will be full competition for a long time, the topic inside and outside the industry are competition between domestic and foreign industrial robot industrial robot of particular concern. Green harmonics noted that the harmonic reducer, from a technical perspective, the first CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the biggest gap with foreign brands, domestic brands is the accumulation of time. Foreign brands have four or five decades of time and the accumulation of a large number of applications, but in recent years we have thousands of customers and also with the harmonic reducer applied to different areas, product series, the type is also very rich. Second, the customer is good and bad test product last word, only their own original, continuous innovation to manufacture the layers from the theoretical level, it may be the fastest speed to catch up on foreign brands. Third, in terms of industrialization, the domestic intelligence in the capture of large-scale manufacturing problems harmonic reducer, but we have plenty of confidence. Xiaofei think, first, foreign brands, especially the core component of their capacity expansion capability is extremely small, any foreign-funded enterprises, whether in Germany or Japan, their way of thinking, not like the business model of domestic brands, do not plan ahead good larger capacity. Second, domestic brands is the closest domestic users, especially mutual support between domestic brands and domestic parts of the body is very high. In addition, foreign brands in terms of the speed reducer or other parts, their transformation space has been very small, so when the domestic brands in the fast catch-up time, improve performance, quality, stability, reliability can quickly approaching, and in some these performance indicators have been more than foreign brands. So no doubt the prospect of domestic brands is very good, not to mention the cost in terms of manufacturing, domestic brands have a huge advantage. In this case, many domestic robot is currently walking the road of competitive differentiation. Bo Kente side said that the current domestic robot with foreign countries in terms of performance there are still gaps. Many current domestic brands, foreign brands in the domestic market to seize some segments do not pay attention to R & D investment from marketing investment are increasing by more than the difference in some segments of the foreign brands. Eston side pointed out, first of all, the difference of domestic and foreign robot robot is definitely focused on service, domestic robot robot as a local brand, we must better support local business, close to the customer’s needs, so that all customer issues can get the fastest answer, which is inherent advantage of domestic robots, we must make good use of. Secondly, the future of China-made robot is a robot must keep up with foreign competition on the same stage, so in addition to competitive differentiation, the domestic robot can not have a short board, must maintain all the technical research and development, as soon as possible with foreign machinePeople are able to compete on the same stage in all content. With days of robot pointed out that if the domestic brands do big, it is actually the final competition of foreign brands are universal model, the competitive differentiation will become increasingly weaker, the same type of product competition will be more direct. Now many brands are doing the difference of development, when in fact for some application areas of the country, these foreign brands to enter these areas in response speed is not fast, domestic robots have an advantage in this regard, it is a short-term competitive differentiation of features. With the domestic brand quality is getting better, the domestic brands compete with foreign brands will be fully competitive, then the real competition. Artificial intelligence applications will be more in-depth in the outside world, domestic industrial robot industry is currently in a “strong demand, but profit below normal” situation. Rio Star respect, but demand less than normal profit, is a phenomenon of automation. The reason is that the customer needs to be a comprehensive automation solution to enhance all aspects of production and changes in production processes, but they automation standard that defines the requirements there are some deviations, because automation is not a panacea, it will lead to supplier receivables there are some problems. As a supplier to change the manner described above, so that customers can return this year, can afford to pay, this is a solution. Second, do financial leasing to customers, integrators also do some strategic shift , which will conduct the service for the industry’s leading customers. Star Parker pointed out that customer requirements for system integrators is the overall solution, in the cooperation process may encounter some of the pain points, resulting in delays in the disbursement of funds with relatively. Standing on the perspective of system integrators, suppliers can keep up with the body downstream cooperation will be a good ecological cycle chain, hold together for warmth, cooperation can also take a number of third parties. For the future development prospects of China-made robot, robot, deputy general manager with day Soli Yang said, the future industrial applications of industrial robots will be further broken down, but the hardware or data communication interfaces will further unify the application of artificial intelligence will be more in-depth. In terms of segmentation of industrial applications, the first industrial robot applications now have infiltrated from traditional industries to the automotive industry, as labor costs increase, all industries need to achieve industrial robots machine substitutions at 3C, automotive, metalworking , logistics, ceramics, sanitary ware, household, clothing, food, medicine, etc.,There is a need of industrial robots. Second, or a little nuances of difference is actually present, China’s special application for special market product structure of many companies made more suitable for application of mechanical product structure, better able to meet customer requirements. Third, the convergence of hardware development, in order to meet the overall product mix and general hardware modules, hardware interfaces are now on the convergence trends, with industrial buses, etc. There are also some standardized industrial bus. Fourth, applications enrichment, in order to use a variety of industries and processes, many companies have different packages robotic applications. Fifth, in the industrial field of artificial intelligence have been preliminary application, the most typical is machine vision. He said that from a technical system for the robot, in fact, from the bottom of the core components to the basic theory, system technology and integration technology to the robot, intelligent manufacturing to the final, which is very much related to the technology. But each layer application software and algorithms are inseparable from the future of industrial robots compete mainly on software and algorithms, if the control accuracy and efficiency has reached the international level, the remaining work is the software and algorithms, which include the basic motion control, human-computer interaction. Specifically, a product price is lower, and the other is whether they can meet the user’s requirements.

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