Enhance your meditation practice with a comfortable meditation mat

If you meditate every day, you will know how difficult it is to find a quiet, comfortable place, especially if you are always on the go. These are meditation cushions, they are portable and they help to support your body so you can focus on your practice. If you have browsed online, you know that the options are quite limited. Enter Project Full, a San Francisco-based company founded by architects and industrial designers who are also dedicated to meditation and intellectual life.

After the successful Kickstarter event in early 2018, they launched a series of 100% organic modern meditation mats. They come in a kit that includes a bottom mat and a top support mat in five colors. Triangular cushions provide a comfortable sitting, relaxing or mediation place at home, in the office or on the go. Each mat is equipped with a handle that allows you to carry them easily or hang them on the wall when not in use.

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Small houses in Sao Paulo, Brazil

A small house in São Paulo, Brazil, built by the collaborative creation process of FelipeHess Architects, ensuring complex execution, exploration of physicality and space through sketches, prototypes, models, 3D images and extensive detailed design The relationship between sex.

Therefore, this apartment perfectly combines the collection of artwork and furniture from the client, with a focus on creating a clean, diverse background to accommodate the ever-changing collection of large and special collections.

In order to achieve greater spatial integration, the four bedroom and separated rooms have been completely reconfigured and open. In order to combine the space, a whole piece of floor throughout the apartment enhances the continuity of the space.

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Melbourne villas in the 1960s got much-needed updates

This 1960s villa is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and requires a necessary update. After it was completed, it remains as it is. The task of SWG Studio is to design an open, modern room within a fixed budget, with most of the money being used to remove walls.
In order to save costs, the original wooden floor hidden under the carpet was reused and became more lustrous. Existing windows have also been refurbished as another way to control the budget.
The new open living floor plan creates a large, light-filled space that includes a kitchen, dining and living room, and even a table. The restored floor is complemented by white walls and furniture, wooden cabinets in neutral tones, and eclectic accessories, resulting in a comfortable and contemporary interior.

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Monk lights definitely have a strong sense of presence

Monk lights definitely have a strong presence. Designed by SKELD, this lamp is short and thick, which makes it look very cute. At the same time, it has a concrete lampshade that hides the light bulb and gives the lamp a mysterious charm.
The stone texture of the concrete and the beautiful gray tone are subtle. These are actually the characteristics of the Concrete Ball chandelier, which was designed by German Gonzales Garrido.
When combined with other materials, concrete will get beautiful properties, but also bring some new features. The exchange of such elements always has a unique result. Concrete and wood complement each other in the most beautiful way.
These two concrete lamps come from Renate Vos and combine with silicone rubber. The result is a translucent lampshade. The effect is really beautiful, especially the warm light contrasts with the concrete shade.

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Natural food mixer

Every household produces garbage, but most of the waste is preventable organic waste, which is converted into nutrients using a Bono mixer.
Bono was designed by Polish designer Ala Sieradzka and is efficient, convenient and easy to use. Bono spends very little effort on it to turn your organic waste into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used to feed your home’s plants.
This mixer has a lid and a base, as well as a complete draw-out tray that is used to collect nutrients. The top hole provides ventilation and also increases air circulation.

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Modern holiday house near Bordeaux, France

Located in Bordeaux, France, this project was designed by Atelier du Pont as a holiday house with a swimming pool. Like most homes in the area, the house is situated on a piece of land on the hillside to the sea, and its geometry mimics the cabin.
The house is situated in a forest, making its cabin-like exterior a perfect design that coexists with the surrounding landscape.
Irregular layouts are designed to limit damage to existing plants and trees.
The exterior is covered with horizontal pine boards, referring to the pine forest around the house. The house was full of hard angles, so they designed a curved staircase in the center of the house.

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Smart Hotel in Istanbul

locatedAtaköyMarina, this new hotel is Cloud7The brand entered Istanbul for the first time. Their concept is to design a hotel for young, active and tech-savvy travelers.
The lobby is open for communication, this is a place to share snacks, talk and do some work. They also removed the reception area and let the guests share The tablet chooses to check in and check out.
Brand wants to open15Home New Hotel Come fill the gaps in this new affordable hotel.
If you see artwork on a wall you like, you can buy it right away from your phone.
Every room is like a cloud, and I hope to give you a comfortable place to end the long day. The overwhelming sliding windows and large mirror give you the illusion that you are floating in the air.
The largest room name is CumulusTerrace, located on the top floor, with a large open-air balcony with views of the Marmara Sea.

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Modern Courtyard Residence in Phoenix

In Phoenix, ArizonaWillohistory block,The Ranch MineDesigned a modern house. 2300square feet house is inspired by the southwestern courtyard, bringing a modern design.
The front door is embedded in the cornered wall facing the street, imitating Open arms.
Residential Reference17The courtyard of the late century. Its design is a utype quadrangle, with a wide roof extension structure, outdoor The living space creates a occlusion. The cantilever structure blocks the sunlight while allowing air to flow to the pool, helping to cool the air into the room.
The hidden stairs behind the courtyard lead to the roof terrace. The curved walls around the courtyard provide privacy and create a seating area.
In the interior, the wooden beams of the main living area extend through the glass and extend to the outdoors.

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Bring beautiful staircase design in every home

The house was built in a steep place in São Paulo, and throughout the process, they connected the space to the surroundings and invited outdoor activities as a vision. All of this is a success, and you can witness that it is a combination of stairs in the design of a two-story space. Here, the full height windows allow you to see the beautiful scenery, let the lights of the wooden and metal stairs shine, let you feel the pleasant atmosphere.

The beautiful and elegant staircase seems to be the heart of the design of this house. They create a dynamic feel and ensure continuity between all spaces. In terms of design, Gabellini Sheppard Associates chose a combination of American and Scandinavian elements that meet customer needs and style. The loft in Soho, New York is a truly harmonious family home, simple and refined.

As far as the house in Leuven, Belgium is concerned, the stairs are quite inconspicuous. It tries to integrate rather than stand out. Focus on the view below the stairs and the comfortable reading corner. Storage under the stairs is one of the smartest configurations.

This residence is located in Seattle, Washington, and was designed by David Coleman Architecture in 2011. Stairs play an important role in the overall design and configuration of the house, in part because of its aesthetics. We found that the combination of wood and metal is very suitable for stairs, and we especially like the railings of stairs.

When they redesigned the Villa Carlotta Hotel in Ragusa, Sicily, Architendend Architecture had a daunting task to rebuild a historic building from the end of the 19th century and change it. Into a contemporary building. They don’t want to deprive it of its fascinating architecture, so they retain some of the elements of the past, such as wooden ceiling beams and stone walls. An elegant glass railing staircase complements them in a way.

This is the interior of a renovated home in 2012 by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes. The goal is to make it brighter and give the interior a more open feeling, without completely depriving the original country of charm. The house is completely new, the large windows fill the living space with natural light, and the stairs can filter the light without hindering the landscape.

It used to be an old and dilapidated building, but now it’s a beautiful modern home with a cool bookcase-staircase combination With polished concrete floors and white brick walls. The transformation of this space in Rotterdam is part of a series of transformations in this particular area. Each is tailored to each customer’s needs.

This is more than just a simple staircase. It is also a striking design feature, like a sculpture designed by architects Edouard Brunet and François Martens for a renovated house in Brussels, Belgium. The steel staircase hangs from the upper ceiling and extends almost all the way to the underlying floor, making the last few steps a wooden storage unit.

After the extensive redesign of Maxwan Architects, an old barn in the Netherlands became a comfortable home with a new contemporary look. It has a lovely kitchen with open space and a living area on the first floor and a comfortable top floor, which is mixed through a staircase-bookcase and partially suspended from the ceiling with metal bars.

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Gorgeous mountain hotel

Beautiful views and beautiful sights are appreciated, and the AtraDoftana Hotel in Romania knows how to achieve it all. The location has a gentle hillside, a flat hillside, close to a mountain lake, and panoramic views of the valley and surrounding mountains and forests. Tecon Architects took the time to explore the land before making plans. This is the design they eventually created.

The hotel was completed in 2011 to make the most of its location, attractions and landscape. The building is divided into two parts. One has a room and entrance, while the other has a dining area, living room and lounge area, as well as a common area such as a kitchen.

In order to make the most of the view, the architect designed a series of underground and above-ground spaces, as well as a set of cantilevered areas. This also enables them to establish a good dialogue between the building and the surrounding environment.

The rooms are strategically located to take full advantage of the landscape. They are arranged along a green roof, each with direct access to the outdoors, with a small wooden deck and full height windows that bring the outdoors into the interior.

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