Panasonic / Fluke / Turck / Renishaw … new products and product technology and technology conference 16 starting!

China Science and Technology Association, People’s Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Henan Province People’s Government guidance, China Instrument Society of the United Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government jointly sponsored the “2019 World Conference & Exhibition sensor” on November 9 – 11 in Zhengzhou international convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted a wide participation of hundreds of sensors and enterprises, research institutes, universities organizations related fields. Many companies have chosen to release new products and technologies at the show earlier in the industry in order to achieve maximum economies of scale. To speed up the advanced sensor technology and related new products, new technologies, promote the use of new solutions Control Engineering Copyright , to promote the downstream industry chain enterprise collaborative innovation, the China Instrument Society, Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government sponsored CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , smart sensors innovation Alliance Henan Province, instrument Society of Henan Province, Zhengzhou national Hi-Tech industrial Development Zone management Committee, Newell industrial contractors [123 ], God as Panasonic Corporation organized the “new products and technology conference” was held in Zhengzhou activities over the same period. Deputy Mayor Zhengzhou City Shizhan Yong attended the meeting and made wonderful speech, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Party Working Committee, the CMC director Wang Xinting the beginning of the session of the “China (Zhengzhou) Intelligent Sensing Valley Plan” and “Sensor ten” policy to interpretation. Guests
Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, vice mayor Shi Zhanyong
Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Party Working Committee, the CMC director Wang Xinting
to attend the conference are: Army Institute of General Cao Hou, China Instrument Society General’s special adviser Wuyou Hua, China instrument Society of supervisors Li Mingyuan, deputy mayor of Zhengzhou Municipal people’s government Shizhan Yong, Zhengzhou High-tech zone Party Working Committee, the CMC director Wang Xinting, Yong Siew May, director of the Institute of Army equipment, Service College Professor Lu Junqin Tu Yaqing, China Minister in the United States and Chi Mei instrument Society push Director, China instrument Society experts, researchers Yan Ze Cheng, executive director of Japan’s Matsushita Group, Matsushita SUNX Co., Ltd., the global sensor Director Hisashi Imai teach, God as Panasonic Corporation and Western marketing Shigeki, the sixth of Machinery industry design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhu Kai true, UFIDA network Technology Co., Ltd. chief Internet industry expert, vice president Yang Baogang and so on.

in new products and technology publishing areas, a total of 16 achievements latest blockbuster release: Panasonic SUNX Co., Ltd. – high-performance digital displacement transducer HG series. Fluke test equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. –8270A and 8370A is a high-pressure pneumatic automation controller. Turck (Tianjin) Sensor Co., Ltd. – PS + series of pressure sensors. Sensor Technology Ltd. on Highland Po –PDA precision laser ranging / displacement sensor. Renishaw (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – Ultra-compact optical encoder ATOM DX. Elco (Tianjin) Electronics Co. –OSM70 laser sensor. Han Weike Technology Group Limited – handheld laser telemeter methane gas. Ltd. Xi’an satellite monitoring and control – Differential Pressure Transmitter CS-PT501. Hangzhou Mei Yee Automation Co., Ltd. – ultrasonic level meter. Jinan think of a Technology Co., Ltd. –DS sensor series. Hefei, Anhui Branch of Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. – Brass ceramic capacitive pressure sensor. Shenzhen deep sensor technology Limited – may be zero blind photosensor (sunlight and artificial light sources) and a working diffuse reflection type photoelectric sensor for detecting technique in bright light. Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Bai deep – fiber optic temperature and pressure sensor. Germany EC Sense gas sensing technology – formaldehyde detection sensor module and application technology. Haupt Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong visual –SciSmart V3.0.1911.0 software version. Senis AG– FAMAS speed motor angle sensor chips and the like.

can be said
, in the manufacture of eco-focused Internet search of all things in CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the sensors will play an increasingly key role , while new products and technologies in the field of sensors, will directly determine the degree of intelligence industry of the future. World Sensor Assembly “new products and technology conference,” Sony will continue to provide value to the sensor tip!

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