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Nowadays, many people put carpets on the entrances of the entrances and indoors, which not only can play a decorative role, but also can effectively prevent a large amount of dust and debris from being brought into the house. The role of the transition, and even some can play a non-slip effect. The carpets on the market are dazzling, and the plastic carpets are more popular among the owners. So, what is a plastic carpet? What are the types of plastic carpets? What are the benefits of using plastic carpets? Let’s take a look at Xiaobian.

 1, Introduction to Plastic Carpet
  Plastic carpet is a very long history carpet, it is mainly The name of the handmade carpet, to understand it will be traced back more than 3,000 years ago. According to the literature, in the Tang and Song Dynasties to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are more and more kinds of carpets, and the carpets produced are generally made of cotton, wool, hemp and paper ropes. In the production of carpets produced in China, high-strength veil strands are used as warp and ground weft yarns.
  2,What are the types of plastic carpets?
  The ground can be divided into soft and hard. Soft refers mainly to laying carpet on the ground, hard is referring to It is a floor tile, wooden floor, etc. The floor mat is a new product between soft ground and hard ground. It is mainly used in hotels in many high-end places, such as hotels, hotels, restaurants and offices. There are also some high-end venues that place more than 75% of the total carpet, which also creates a unique corporate image and style for these venues.
  3, the benefits of using plastic carpet
  a, very stable during installation, will not slip because of some wheel rolling, become wave The shape, the product is buried in the ground, the surface is flush with the ground, the pedestrians will not trip over, and the sliding of the sliding door is also very convenient, and it is very safe to use.
  b, the material of this carpet has a good function of dust removal and non-slip, which can effectively organize the sediment and some dust into the room, and keep the ground clean. Effectively avoid dust, impurities and ground friction, protect the surface smoothness of the ground stone, the surface layer can be selected from a wide range of materials, decorative is also very good, very gorgeous and beautiful, which is why it can be So many reasons to like it.
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